Westchester County Corrections Officers Love Triangle Leads to Murder / Suicide in Yonkers

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5:30pm Update: The tragic circumstance that culminated in the shootout yesterday night actually began its stirring of anger, passion, and desire for retribution at the well-known Valahalla eatery known as The Cabin Bar/Restaurant. It was at the Cabin that Ed Quinoy learned where his former girlfriend Nichole Nivaha, at one time referred erroneously referred by the Yonkers Tribune as “Nazarrio”, and her boyfriend Robert Reed were that night. And so Ed Quinoy drove to the home of Robert Reed. As the Yonkers Police Department press release noted, Ed Quinoy broke through a sliding glass door in the back of the house to gain entry. The noise alerted Robert Reed and Nichole Nivaha and they each pulled out their firearm. Ed Quinoy shot Nichole Nivaha in the face and stomach, and shot 4 to 5 bullets into Robert Reed’s stomach. Both are in critical condition, Robert Reed slightly more so than Nichole Nivaha. It was either Nichole Nivaha or Robert Reed that was able to shoot Ed Quinoy in the stomach. After Ed Quinoy’s attempted murder, he departed the house the same way he entered. This time he shot himself in the head; evidently his suicide effort would eventual culminate in his being declared deceased at Jacobi Medical Center in The Bronx.

Where the wounded were initially taken for medical treatment is unknown to the Yonkers Tribune. Both Nichole Nivaha and Robert Reed were transported to Westchester Medical Center for treatment where they are  receiving continuing medical attention, while Ed Quinoy was taken to Jacobi Medical Center where he was declared deceased.

Not only had Nichole Nivaha allegedly suffered abuse by her former boyfriend Ed Quinoy, but additional corroboration of Ed Quinoy’s conduct to other women with whom he had a relationship have alleged that he was abusive to them as well, but none had ever filed a complaint against Ed Quinoy fearing the worst form of retribution might be exacted by Ed Quinoy against them.

Yonkers Tribune’s sources advise that Ed Quinoy was known to have long suffered from anger / management issues. He was known to have such issues in his personal relationships, with his peers at the Westchester County Department of Corrections, as well as with inmates incarcerated at the facility. Ed Quinoy was designated to be suffering from J.I., known as a “Job Injury”, which pertained to those issues and was the rationale and basis for his hiatus from presently reporting to work. 

11:25am Update: Statement Regarding Fatal Correction Officer-Involved Triple Shooting By Westchester County of Corrections Deputy Commissioner Justin Pruyne…

WHITE PLAINS, NY —December 8, 2018 — On December 7, 2018, three Westchester County correction officers were involved in a violent domestic incident with one party sustaining a fatal gunshot wound.  The incident occurred at approximately 11:30 p.m. inside a residence on Buckingham Road in Yonkers, New York.  The City of Yonkers Police Department is leading the investigation into the incident.  Edward Quinoy, age 40 of Tarrytown, a ten-year member of County service, was declared deceased at Jacobi Hospital during the overnight hours.  The two additional involved correction officers — one male and one female — are receiving treatment at another area hospital as the result of injuries they sustained in the incident.

County Executive George Latimer stated “Our thoughts and prayers are with these two correction officers and their fellow members of service during this extremely difficult time.  We request that their privacy be respected as they valiantly attempt to recover.”

11:22 am Update: By Yonkers Police Department … The Yonkers Police Department  issued the following notice for the first time at 11:22am Saturday, December 8th informing the following information:

“On Friday, at approximately 11:32pm, Yonkers Police responded to a single family residence at 82 Buckingham Road on a report of a shooting incident with multiple victims. Upon arrival at the scene, Police Officers discovered three people on the floor with multiple gunshot wounds, and an uninsured person. The crime scene was secured and members of the EMS rendered aid, and all three persons were transported to local area hospitals for medical attention. The area was cordoned and a criminal investigation was initiated. 

“Detectives from the Major Case Squad and Crime Scene Unit responded to the scene. Investigators are actively interviewing subjects, canvassing for surveillance video, and processing forensic and ballistic evidence.

“Investigation has yielded that the home was occupied by four persons; a male victim, a female victim, the male victim’s mother, and an uninvolved family member living Ina separate part of the home. The male victim and female victim were involved in a domestic relationship; her ex-boyfriend, a male suspect who was armed with a shotgun, approached the residence from the rear and forced entry through a sliding glass door. Therein, the male suspect engaged the male and female victims firing multiple shots at them. There was an exchange of gunfire, with the victim(s) firing shots at the suspect. Both victims and the suspect were incapacitated at the scene. The male victim’s mother who was in a separate room was alerted by the commotion  and called 911.

“The male and female victims suffered multiple gunshots to their persons. The male suspect suffered multiple gunshots to his person, including a gunshot wound to the head; the gunshot wound to the head may have been self-inflicted in an effort to commit suicide. All three parties were conveyed to area hospitals. The male suspect was subsequently pronounced deceased. The male and female victims are in critical condition with life-threatening injuries.

“All three parties were known to each other and were employed as Correction Officers with the Westchester County Department of Correction. The deceased male suspect is identified as Edward QUINOY, a forty-year old resident of Tarrytown, NY. The shooting incident was limited to the residence and no additional suspects are being sought.

“Investigators have recovered several handguns from the scene and it is undetermined at this time which victim fired at the suspect. The Yonkers Police Department is working closely with our Count law enforcement partners, and the investigation is on-going. 

“No additional information will be released at this time pending investigative progress.”

10:20am Update: The names of the three Westchester County Corrections Officers are: Ed Quinoy, Nazzario, and Robert Reed.

Ed Quinoy, previously referred to by the Yonkers Tribune as Quincy was incorrect; Ed Quinoy was the former boyfriend who attempted to murder his former girlfriend Nazzario and her new boyfriend Robert Reed. Ed Quinoy, a Westchester County Corrections Officer was out on some undisclosed disability. Those in the know advise that Ed Quinoy threatened to kill Nazzario oftentimes, and that he exhibited difficulty on the job; threatening inmates and fellow corrections officers. Ed Quinoy committed suicide after shooting Nazzario and Robert Reed. Nazzario is the daughter of a former Westchester County Corrections Officer, as well as a Westchester County Corrections Officer herself. She is presently recuperating from surgery, as is her boyfriend, Robert Reed, who is also a Westchester County Corrections Officer. They are both in critical condition.

10am Update: Despite prior reports, the two lovers shot have after all survived the shooting by the former boyfriend who was successful in committing suicide after his attempted murder of the former girlfriend and new relationship. The two shot by the perpetrator have undergone surgery and are physically and mentally traumatized!

YONKERS, NY — December 8, 2018 — Tragedy befell the residence on Buckingham Road at approximately 1am this morning. A Westchester County Corrections Officer showed up at the door of his former girlfriend. Upon arrival, he found her and her current “beau”. He shot them both dead, and then turned the gun on himself committing suicide as penitence for his two murders.

The names of the three corrections officers are: Ed Quinoy, Nazzario, and Robert Reed.

More as it becomes available.

eHeziWestchester County Corrections Officers Love Triangle Leads to Murder / Suicide in Yonkers

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  1. Best wishes and prayers for these officers. Robert Reed was the gay father on the Brady Bunch. It was probably a platonic relationship.

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