Westchester County District Attorney Anthony J. Scarpino Jr. Must Investigate Felony Perpetrated by County Board Minority Leader Legislator John G. Testa

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The Hezitorial Exposing Non-compliance of Election Law

John G. Testa Election Banner

WHITE PLAINS, NY —December 7, 2018 — There are seventeen Westchester County Board Legislators. Only one, re-elected to a fifth term, representing District 1, comprised of the communities of Peekskill, Cortlandt, and Yorktown uses the Westchester County Legislator’s website  (https://www.westchesterlegislators.com/district-1) as a springboard that exposes the felony charge therein. The hyperlink from the above listed web address informs the reader by stating: For more information on Legislator Testa visit: www.johngtesta.com. Once a reader accepts the invitation to learn more by clicking onto the hyperlink, the felony is revealed.

Minority Leader Testa attributes the following in his name: “Thank you to all who have supported me to return as County Legislator. There is still much to be done in Westchester and I am anxious to continue to work for the residents of District 1.

“Your support and contribution to Citizens for Testa Committee would be greatly appreciated. Please sign up for email updates and newsletters and please don’t hesitate to contact with any questions or concerns. Thank you very much. — John G. Testa, Westchester County Legislator, Minority Leader.”

By asking for one’s support and showing the “$ Contribute” banner button in green to contribute to Citizens for Testa Committee, Testa has revealed how he committed the Yonkers Tribune’s contention and assertion that a felony was indeed committed as noted in this article’s headline.


The felony committed is straight forward. No one can use a government website to solicit for contributions to his campaign committee, that is only permitted if/when an individual or group have set up a campaign committee soliciting for campaign funds through its own website. The government entity cannot be used to solicit funds and the Westchester County Board of Legislators (WCBoL) website was not scrutinized for compliance to election laws. The WCBoL should never have authorized, much less permitted acceptance of funds benefitting Citizens for Testa Committee by allowing the hyperlink to exist on the government website (https://www.westchesterlegislators.com/district-1). When accepting the suggestion to learn more at the www.johngtesta.com website, one arrives at Testa’s Website with his election banner headline at the top of the website page and a listing of corporation sponsors who support Testa’s past and present campaign efforts and get a free ride from any readers tat arrive at the Westchester County Board Website in search of more information about District 1. That too is illegal to be accessed from a government website, that is, the taxpayer funded website.

The www.johngtesta.com website must be immediately de-linked from the https://www.westchesterlegislators.com, website address.

At issue is how many years has this felony been permitted? Let us not forget that Testa has been in office for almost 8 years and will continue to serve at least another 2 years. What repercussions does the law require be suffered by this egregious conduct, whether intentioned or not?

Yonkers Tribune expects an answer from Westchester County District Attorney Anthony Scarpino as to what remedy will be arrived at, who, besides Legislator Testa is responsible to follow the legal standards demanded by election law, and if there is even an oversight structure that is or was responsible to maintain compliance by all those people linked to the Westchester County Board of Legislators’ website and if not, why are the defined and delineated Election Laws on the books but compliance receives an “I don’t know” shrug of the shoulders. If the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office cannot demand compliance, who can, and how long before a remedy is exacted, and the illegal, offending links and websites are disengaged from one another?

If all elected government “servants”, for lack of appropriate terminology, were forced to comply by laws that they swear to uphold, voters would more readily trust a system of governance that continues to fail them and us to this day. It would be unseemly to contemplate that was and still remains the intent of the law and those that defined it into law.

A Special Thank You to the person(s) who appraised the Yonkers Tribune of this illegal outrage!

eHeziWestchester County District Attorney Anthony J. Scarpino Jr. Must Investigate Felony Perpetrated by County Board Minority Leader Legislator John G. Testa

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