BREAKING NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Mount Vernon Immersed In a Political Meltdown as High Profile Individuals Jump a Sinking Ship

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The Hezitorial Exposing the Alleged Illegality of Governance at the Mount Vernon Industrial Development Agency

MOUNT VERNON, NY — January 17, 2019 — Maria Donovan, Esq., Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas’ spokesperson, adept at damage control, has resigned. Brian Finnegan, chief of staff for Todd Shapiro Associates, a public relations firm quit representing Mayor Thomas in May 2018 advising they no longer saw eye to eye with Mayor Thomas.

In January 2018 Mayor Thomas appointed  Eileen Mildenberger, an attorney, to the role of executive director of the Mount Vernon IDA (MVIDA). Prior to accepting her position to the MVIDA, Mildenberger served as director of Economic Development for Westchester County, and before that as executive director of the Westchester County’s IDA. Yonkers Tribune is uncertain if she too has stepped down. Yonkers Tribune’s presumption is that she likely has as well.  Whether she has or not as of yet, she is likely to step down very shortly. An explanation delineated below.

At the same time Ms. Mildenberger ascended to executive director at the MVIDA, Mayor Thomas appointed Edwin J. “Ned” McCormack to serve as communications director of the MVIDA and as senior advisor to Mayor Richard Thomas. People may be familiar with Ned McCormack who served eight years as director of communications for Westchester County and senior advisor to then County Executive Robert P. Astorino. Mr. McCormack who worked closely with Ms. Mildenberger steped down today.

The basis and rational for Maria Donovan and Ned McCormack stepping down, as we await a similar move by Eileen Mildenberger is that only a few days ago the Yonkers Tribune learned that Mount Vernon Corporation Counsel Larry P0cari, Esq., in response to New York State Attorney General Leticia James, admitted to her by letter that he advised and informed Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas that he could legally use MVIDA funds specific to economic development for the City of Mount Vernon in defense of his personal legal concerns and that Mayor Thomas was entitled to do so legally. 

Pocari’s very admission, judged by many legal minds to be judged erroneously, is the reason one can expect an incendiary meltdown in governance in the City of Mount Vernon to be as desperate as people fleeing a burning house. Simply stated, legal eagles advise that funds allocated to the MVIDA cannot be used for Mayor Thomas’ personal defense.

While Mount Vernon will await judgement by Attorney General James, expect more people to jump ship.


eHeziBREAKING NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Mount Vernon Immersed In a Political Meltdown as High Profile Individuals Jump a Sinking Ship

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  1. Did anyone hear about the alleged melee/ riots that occurred at Mount Vernon High School this week due to Mayor Thomas and some Rap performer. There were random fights going on throughout the school. I’m hearing the mayor created the dangerous raucous.

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