Election Law Timeline Holds Huge Political Prospects, Ramifications, and Outcome for Mount Vernon and Yonkers for Disparate Reasons

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The Tale of Two Cities

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The Hezitorial Analysis 

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MOUNT VERNON, NY and YONKERS, NY — January 20, 2019 — One election for municipalities, county, state and federal elections has become the rationale for getting more people to participate in upcoming elections, as well as reducing the cost of holding elections. The petition drive to qualify for party affiliations will begin on February 26th. This process will lead toward the validation of gathered signatures on or about April 1st, that is, April Fool’s Day. Raising recognition of one’s candidacy, divulging issues that credibly resonate with respect to voter’s concerns, initiating a successful fundraising campaign effort, as well as having or procuring a get out the vote strategy are issues that weigh heavily on the political standings of people who are considering entering the incendiary realm of politics.  

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano and Chairman of the Yonkers Industrial Development Agency.

Richard Thomas, City of Mount Vernon Mayor and Mount Vernon Industrial Development Agency Chairman.

The first step in acceding to office is only a few days longer that a month away. To dawdle or worse trip over a petition drive effort will be the first issue to smite would be contenders. Moving toward the next stage is the process that requires one to surmount all challengers within one’s chosen political party. The battles lie ahead. Either no challenger exists, or a challenger or a few challengers will engage in exhibiting their unique abilities to vanquish all other contenders or continue their effort to the party primaries that will be designated in June. The winner will have then exceeded his/her challengers to stand as the party designee. Succeeding to win the party designation catapults that candidate’s effort to square off against all other party designees in a contest of political prowess, leadership, and persuasiveness to arrive at the final November General Election vote. The voters will have made their decision and the election results will trickle in after ballots are tabulated; usually within a few hours after 9pm that day.

Launching a campaign effort has been contemplated in Yonkers by Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. He and his team of advisors read the tea leaves and realized that extending term limits worked to their template to maintain their political vision for Yonkers. Aiding and abetting their effort, albeit from a passive-aggressive contrarian perspective was the failed petition drive that would have called for a Special Election to rescind the Yonkers City Council super majority approval of extending term limits for another term. It does not take a crystal ball to recognize that Mayor Mike Spano is in a superior position to all would-be challengers to his again receiving Yonkers City Democratic Party designation as their favorite for re-election. It may actually be too late for any challengers other than those with a hope and a claimed prayer to eclipse Mayor Spano to succeed by the newly adopted elections timeline to be able to mount a credible challenge of any kind to meet the truncated demands of the political timeline now in place. No challengers have come forward. Not even one. 

The naysayers are entitled to their perspective. The fact that Chuck Lesnick, timidly advised all political wanks of his intentioned candidacy for mayor of Yonkers has been outwitted by Mayor Spano. The prospect for extinguishing Mayor Spano’s third term re-election win are none. The only arbiter left to deny Mayor Mike Spano a re-election win are the voters. Yonkers Tribune suggests that Mayor Mike Spano wins a third term handsomely. 

Mount Vernon, on the other hand is fraught with other concerns.  Mount Vernon is embroiled in a fight for political domination. The battle lines have been drawn. Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas has failed to fight for Mount Vernonites. They have become the vanquished fodder yet to comprehend that the politcal prowess and demeanor that governed the city, failed as it was, has been replicated after the two decades long legacy of Ernest Davis. All who followed did not posses an all encompassing and ingratiating demeanor other than their individual gift for feigning respect and sensitivity to the voters. That may have been the game plan for some, while for others, it was their inability to hold onto the reign of serving the public interest that would lead to their eventual demise. In time the electorate recognized such failings in Ernie Davis, and Clinton Young. They would eventually come to elect now Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas whose fight for The People has proven ineffective, wanting, uninformed, and deleterious to his political prospects and more importantly to Mount Vernon residents. Davis, Young, and now Thomas, are the autocrats that betray their use of language, asserting they are fighting for the public interest, when time has revealed they intended to serve themselves as attested by the present. Were that not the case, the statement that has revealed itself between Mayor Richard Thomas, The Mount Vernon City Council Membership, and Mount Vernon Comptroller Deborah Reynolds how have the  residents been kept at bay with promises unkept or the good fight lost?

Mount Vernonites have glimpsed the debauchery of Mount Vernon governance, but only when they can be used to further the prominence of one politico over the other. That is Mount Vernon’s present reality. Mayor Thomas’ prospects are waning, the Yonkers Tribune sees no capacity to ward off the legal system nipping at the mayor’s heels for past and present questionable conduct and deficient leadership. The undoing of Mayor Thomas’ has become the political epitaph which is defining him, albeit not in every dimension; more time will remedy that eventuality.

The autocratic sycophants that aspire to be the next Mayor of Mount Vernon intend to rule from that bully pulpit, instead of leading residents with credible leadership capacity that responds to the issues specific to Mount Vernon. Those who became powerful by winning the electorate’s vote, have squandered their opportunity to serve by disrespecting the very electorate that cast their respective vote for the office holders. Mount Vernon’s governance is an insult to its constituency. 

Mount Vernon is a city whose demographics have shifted to presently comprise a majority population  of people of color. The hierarchy is also of color. Were one not to know, one would surmise that its populace was trampled by bias and bigotry to its people. Mount Vernon will rise above the burning political cinders and ash about its very existence when it demands respect of those for whom it casts their vote whether of color or not.  Mount Vernon cannot afford to suffer another term by an ill-equipped mayor, however seemingly well intentioned, when the voter now knows better. Mount Vernon has so far chosen innocuous and meaningless words to captivate them and thereby gained their vote; sold on the window dressing of men and women alike. Mount Vernon will get what it deserves when it learns to differentiate and decipher the lyrics “hip hop” promises, and the legacy of accomplishment earned and delivered by credible candidates that can stand before Mount Vernon with their head held high by the gravitas of their achievements in life.

There is only one fills the bill. He is revered by all who know him, supported by Mount Vernonites in the past, unblemished by the political vicissitudes of political operatives. He is Justice Sam D. Walker, who took the oath of office for the New York State Supreme Court serving the 9th Judicial District on January 11, 2007. Holding The Bible for Judge Walker was his wife Marie, and his mother Gloria. The swearing in ceremony was held at the  Westchester County Courthouse, in White Plains, NY, under the auspices of Judge Francis A Nicolai.

Justice Walker served as a judge for more than 18-years before receiving voter support for the 14-year term. He served as an acting Supreme Court judge and presided over the Integrated Domestic Violence part of the Supreme Court. Judge Walker also served as an acting Family Court judge in Yonkers, and a City Court judge for Mount Vernon.

“The grassroots approach was a major contribution to the success of our campaign,” Walker said at the swearing-in ceremony.

“I was truly overwhelmed with the support from the community and the level of volunteers that came out for us. They are a tremendous group of people who gave so much of themselves to ensure my victory. It will be an honor to represent them for the next 14 years.”

Yonkers Tribune has learned Justice Walker is seriously contemplating launching a campaign effort to represent the people of Mount Vernon. His time on the bench attests to his skill, compassion, and humanity. He is sensitive to the issues exhibited by domestic abuse, informed on the diminishment and challenges that came before him in Family Court. At every turn and every challenge, he served The People with his intellect, heart, and knowledge of the law.

Justice Sam Walker is the next Mount Vernon Mayor.

eHeziElection Law Timeline Holds Huge Political Prospects, Ramifications, and Outcome for Mount Vernon and Yonkers for Disparate Reasons

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