Message from Mike
By Yonkers City Council President MIKE KHADER

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YONKERS, NY — January 26, 2019 — I continue to be incredibly excited by the work of our state legislature in the current legislative session in Albany. In a month where our state lawmakers have made tremendous strides in election reform, expanding higher education financial aid, and more, I am even more thrilled that our state lawmakers are now looking towards education as their next issue to tackle.

This week the State Senate and Assembly reached an almost unanimous bipartisan agreement to scale back the use of standardized testing in evaluating teacher performance. I believe that this is incredibly important, because just as we recognize that a student’s performance on a standardized test doesn’t necessarily reflect that student’s natural ability, teachers’ job performance should not be wholly judged by these tests.

This is just one small step in our shared mission to improve the state of education across New York, and I am very happy that our state legislature adopted this important policy in a bipartisan manner. I believe that no matter one’s political beliefs, we all share the goal of giving our teachers and students the resources and support they need to be successful. Our children deserve nothing less than our absolute commitment to their education, and I am proud that our state legislators are recognizing that in order to move New York forward, we must work together to guarantee their success.

Next month, the Yonkers Council of PTAs/PTSAs will be holding a Rally in Albany to advocate for increased funding for Yonkers schools. These latest education reforms are an example of the progress we can achieve when we come together and prioritize the welfare of our children, and I look forward to standing as a proud Yonkers Public Schools parent in support of our students and educators.

If you are interested in joining us in Albany to fight for our schools, please contact, or call 914-295-2454. There is nothing more important than the fight for our children’s future, and I hope that you will be able to join me and other Yonkers residents in advocating for our schools.


SOURCE: Briggette Sayegh, Communications Director, Yonkers 6City Council President

eHeziMessage from Mike
By Yonkers City Council President MIKE KHADER

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  1. Does everyone get this guy yet? Say something really nice about the delegation and in next breathe say that I’m going to Albany to fight them for more aide. This guy can’t make up his mind on anything. Chick Lesnick was on target about Mr Khader. While I was a supporter of Michael, I have always worked hand in hand with Chuck. Chuck told me “khader doesn’t like to take a stand on something and it will hurt him eventually” I think he was right.

  2. The Federation of Teachers have the politicians in Albany bought and sold-Khader seems to overlook that fact-another one of his empty rhetorical press releases; all talk-no action Khader.

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