Musical Chairs and Politics

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The Hezitorial

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YONKERS, NY — January 22, 2019 — Virginia Perez, Westchester County Legislator (District 17) advised yesterday she will not seek re-election. Her announcement is certain to interest those vying for elected office. Those likely to contemplate a run for District 17 are London Reyes, who lost to her in the last election, and former Westchester County Legislator José Alvarado. Rumors that Yonkers City Councilwoman Corazón Pineda Isaac is thinking about relinquishing her responsibility to serve (D-Yonkers District 2) for another term pragmatically seem faulty on many levels besides a diminution of her earning capacity, as well as reduced influence overall.

Also in Yonkers, rumors long held close to the vest, have surfaced suggesting that Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Michael Sabatino will not seek another term. Speculation that Sabatino is in search of employment with Westchester County / City of Yonkers government are rife, but have yet to be realized. Sabatino is in search of employment because he is skeptical of his own capacity to win a re-election effort. Steven Simpson, Deputy Chief of the Yonkers Auxiliary Police has been contemplating to run for the Yonkers City Council seat that Sabatino is ready to relinquish for a job somewhere. Time will reveal where Sabatino lands. 

There are other aspirants who have been talking a good game. Expect them to retreat as they have repeatedly in the past when deadline thresholds need to be met. It is at that point that they drop out again, and will do so this time around as well. It is a sort of game seeking adulation that has become tiresome and lacks credibility. Other than Steven Simpson, that is presently evident in District 3.

Sheila Marcotte, employed by the Westchester County Board of Elections, has been contemplating  challenging Westchester County Legislator Damon Maher (D-District 10) who defeated her in the last election. Yonkers Tribune has now learned that she is no longer contemplating challenging Legislator Maher.


eHeziMusical Chairs and Politics

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    1. Corazon Pineda Issacs has a job with the County Executive who shows his true colors by pandering to the Hispanic vote in Yonkers-what two hypocrites.

      1. Since when did not being qualified bar appointment to the scores of political jobs in the county/city – check out the board of elections for example…

        1. Tubiolo’s mother is a shinning example of someone who could not pass a Yonkers Civil Service exam yet lands a $115,00 job in the Westchester Election Board-these have no shame what so ever.

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