New York State Owned Roads in Westchester In Horrible Condition
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor PAUL FEINER

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State Legislature Advised to Require An Annual Inventory / Road Conditions Report

Allocate Funding for Infrastructure Upkeep and Maintenance

Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner

GREENBURGH, NY — January 31, 2019 — I testified before Westchester’s State Assembly delegation budget hearing this morning regarding the deplorable condition of New York State owned roads located in Greenburgh.  I urged the delegates to beseech the State Legislature to mandate the NYS Department of Transportation to conduct an audit of all New York State roads under their jurisdiction and present the Legislature with an annual road report of conditions of each of those roads.

Members of the New York State Assembly pointed out that Greenburgh is not alone; other communities are experiencing similar problems with state owned roads. Assemblyman Tom Abinanti suggested that NYS pay local governments to repave and maintain roads that the state owns. Assemblywoman Sandra Galef asked if the time has come to ask voters to approve a road repaving bond act; a suggestion that I have previously endorsed.

I have highlighted, in the past, the deplorable conditions of NYS roads located within the town of Greenburgh. NYS  owned roads located in localities within Westchester County  are full of potholes, craters, and bumps. Motorists have shared horror stories with me, such as tires destroyed, and the need for wheel realignments.  It could be dangerous for motorists and motorcyclists.  The NY State Legislature needs to appropriate significant additional funding to address these conditions on roads that they own but are ignoring.

I asked the Greenburgh Town engineers to evaluate road conditions and they informed me that some of the roads that NYS owns are beyond repair: milling and repaving won’t do the trick. The roads have to be rebuilt.  By delaying infrastructure work the costs increase.

I believe that an annual inventory of all NYS roads will provide the Legislature with important information that will help them during the budget process.   It would be interesting to compare roads that NYS owns that are located in Westchester with roads located in other parts of New York State.

The following is a link to a report that Greenburgh public works department published last year about NYS roads in Greenburgh.

Read: New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) Roadways Within the Town of Greenburgh Pavement Condition Index Report

eHeziNew York State Owned Roads in Westchester In Horrible Condition
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor PAUL FEINER

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