The Blue Wave is the National Response – Fleeting at Best, Whereas Yonkers is Purple

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Federal Government Divided; Yonkersite’s Aspirations Still Beyond Reach, But Less Than Ever Before

The Purple Hezitorial

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — January 5, 2019 — The Democrats’ “Blue Wave” has consumed many citizens among disparate municipalities with promises that are ill-defined, worse, often undefined, to an electorate disgruntled by an unresponsive leadership on both sides of the political aisle. Government by edict has ramrodded agenda that has missed serving the very voters that have supported POTUS despite his diminished and meandering expressions of purpose. While his many disillusioned supporters are desirous of a responsive POTUS delivering on Making America Great Again, the majority of those who cast their vote for President Donald Trump in November 2017 suffer the same ills they endured then with little hope, holding onto their deluded hopes for an anticipated “glory hallelujah”.  Their prospective savior, who has yet to deliver on issues that specifically affect them, as opposed to those already served, who had the means, await attention, as evidenced by their financial capacity and ability.

While some are successful at the upper end, many more languish at the lower end, fearful of losing employment with firms who are at or near economic collapse, exhausted by the pressure of evolving businesses changing the prospect for those seeking employment for which most are ill-equipped due to a lack of education and/or skills.

The campaign for 2020 will be won or lost in 2019. It is in 2019 when the voters learn who the candidates are, what they believe in, if they are responsive or dismissive of the constituents they serve or intend to serve. Adversaries will be successful if the integrity of incumbents or those vying for elected office reveal the gravitas of their conviction by past action or by the gravitas of their conduct and historical legacy. Yonkers has too often forgotten to revel by revealing  who they are to an electorate blinded by sloganeering of feigned concern, in other words, their telling and their concern cannot be proven. Beginning a campaign for any office will not gain legitimacy or traction if / when begun in September 2019 for the battle for office that will culminate in a win or loss in November’s General Election. A campaign launched and laden with vigor in September 2019 is nothing more than a shallow attempt to subvert and undermine a voter thirsting to cast their ballot armed with forethought and understanding as best revealed by the candidates that will beseech the voter for their support in 2019, and arrive at an expectant electoral win in 2020. 

While mainstream media is captivated by the bickering on the national stage that has implications on the international landscape as well, voters are first and foremost gasping for relevance and pertinence on the hyperlocal landscape, not over the the chatter, bickering, and dismissiveness defined by hyperlocal concerns.  Politics is local, an adage worth remembering lest failure becomes the outcome. While there are many relevant lessons and similarities of the human condition across borders close and far, people are people no matter their venue, their ethnicity, religion, or political dogma. The central theme everywhere is defined by the hyperlocal human condition, that is the ability to earn a living, marry (straight or gay), raise a family, educate one’s children, plan for a future based on pride and remuneration of effort, and involvement in community.

Omnipresence can and does diminish anger that can and does accrue for not engaging the very voters one intends to woo for elected office for the first time or growing the support for one’s candidacy for another term. The solution can be found in sharing “a cup of joe” with constituents who are invited to attend such gatherings. The caveat is that too often candidates only ask what people are concerned about and do not share their perspectives on those very issues. The voters know when their openness of expression is not met by agreement or additional discourse leading to direction and conduct over an issue. 

Outreach over “a cup of joe” is also best complemented by an Op-Ed in media. Past elections have proven that those who are dismissive of one media outlet or another because they believe a media outlet is biased in some fashion or another undermine their own effort and outcome. Even if there are media who are biased in some degree or another, being mentioned eclipses not being mentioned. Even if one person is convinced by the integrity of a candidate, it is one more vote that otherwise would not have been cast were all media outlets not engaged.

Media has integrity often considered easily dismissed by candidates and their respective campaign teams for the environment of Facebook and WhatsApp where candidates gain little traction other than a wave here or there. Those waves do not translate into ballots cast because the forums chosen are not part of the political landscape and therefore not an avenue for gaining votes. More often than not, those venues diminish voter turnout because the personal touch is missing. Pressing palms is best. Expanding what one learns when pressing palms can thereafter be given expression and validation in Op-Ed articles that engage readers through media outlets.

Reaching women is accomplished by a non-misogynist demeanor, facilitating the embellishment of an educational environment for their children. Most importantly, people, especially those vying for elected office must listen to women, learn their concerns and be responsive to them.

The demeanor suggested herein are neither a formula of success exclusive to Republicans or Democrats. It is a successful strategy fewer and fewer engage to their own demise.

There was a time, when I first arrived in Yonkers that I discerned the unique political demeanor that was expressed in Yonkers. In a sense, one can define Yonkers as a “little bit country, and a little bit Rock ‘n Roll”. Yonkersites where neither one or the other, but an amalgamation, a marriage, if you like, of both Democrat and Republican dogma. The difference was the hierarchy and pecking order that individuals graded issues in degrees of importance. 

While Yonkers and Yonkersites seemed to abide by a contrarian demeanor by standards from 20 years ago and beyond, I believe that the nation may have come to mimic the balance of political dogma known to those who live, work, and play in Yonkers.

In fact the discord between Republicans and Democrats has long ago been eclipsed by Yonkersites, though unrecognized by outsiders who define Yonkers by antiquated standards that are irrelevant today. The Yonkers Tribune suggests Yonkersites get it, though perhaps subconsciously. Our collective failing, is that we still have not gained enough self assurance to recognize that Yonkersites have been trailblazing the road that many have come to recognize is the template for creating visions that can be realized with integrity of honest leadership. Yonkersites have moved the equation toward outcome despite often lacking in ethical standards that perhaps Yonkers government over many administrations have forgotten. Yes, there have been failings, what has become evident is that ethical standards forgotten must be retaught. 

That said, Yonkers has taken the lead because the collective demeanor is pre-eminent and the very precursor to a successful outcome by 2030, give or take a few years either way. 

Yonkers is neither blue or red, no matter the present political punditry; it is purple, and always was. While the politcal conflicts exist elsewhere, Yonkersites are at peace with whom they are. The rest of the nation will eventually catch up. In the meanwhile, Yonkers must learn to celebrate who they are because the Yonkers Tribune believes in Yonkersites are the only relevant power to drive the political outcome for which Yonkersites hunger.

I am getting old, but thankfully not too old to function with integrity and relevance. Before any diminution of capacity strangles my voice and intellect, I thought you needed to know my perspective on how I define Yonkers. I hope you concur. If not, leave an anonymous comment or direct an email to or or call or text: 347-415-4326.


eHeziThe Blue Wave is the National Response – Fleeting at Best, Whereas Yonkers is Purple

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