The Hezitorial Telling Exposing the Failure of Mount Vernon

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Failure of the Mount Vernon City Council Will Result in Dire Consequences Within Days!

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MOUNT VERNON, NY — January 29, 2019 — The conduct of elected Mount Vernon government officials has played out before its residents in an attempt to deflect attention and responsibility of one protagonists after the other. The finger-pointing blame game has been delinquent in complying with the tenets of public servants, that is to serve The People. The debauched antics of Mayor Richard Thomas, the entire Mount Vernon City Council membership, and the sycophants that relish the public in-fighting may have had a laugh or two at the expense of the City of Mount Vernon since the Thomas Administration acceded to office. 

Even before taking the helm, one scheme after the other was intended to undermine the administration. Mayor Thomas and his staff, presiding over responsibilities at City Hall and those presiding at the Mount Vernon Industrial Development Agency pretended to have capacity to undertake their respective responsibilities. Three years into the failed governance of the Thomas Administration has proven their expressed intention swollen with bravado. Alas that is all it ever was. One protagonist after the other asserted their competence in one discipline after the other. Truth be known and proven over time to be nothing more than feigning capacity to govern only to have failed even before being sworn into office. The disappointment in each and every protagonist cannot be dismissed or forgiven. Not only have each brought the city and its residents to their knees, they cannot fail to likewise delude themselves that their telling, bolstered by words that rang true, but was instead removed from competent action needed and demanded to serve the public interest. Double speak, double meaning, double entendre. They have each individually and collectively cut their adult prospects in life to some time under incarceration by skirting their fiduciary responsibility to the residents of Mount Vernon.

One project after the other recognized as a mirage rather than a vision. Memorial Field a pipe dream; public safety and the lack of capacity of emergency services to communicate among one another is a failure. So are vehicles needed by one department over the other that are unsafe and barely functional. Legitimate bills, and those alleged to be unsubstantiated without proof, go unpaid. And Mayor Thomas the lone individual asserting he will continue to fight for the citizens of Mount Vernon but has yet to succeed on any level toward winning any of the fights in which he is embroiled. So Thomas resorts to engaging in a public brawl that began with Mount Vernon Comptroller Maureen Walker and continues with her successor Deborah Reynolds. There were allegations meant to besmirch Ms. Walker, yet I cannot attest to her failing to ascribe and abide by her responsibilities. Ms. Reynolds has been lethargic in meeting her responsibilities to pay vendors in a timely fashion. She also challenges the rationale requested of her to pay specific bills. Neither Reynolds nor Thomas have explained the basis for their action or the basis for their contention. The takeaway is that three years and-a-month into this administration, the only word that describes and defines the elected officials their individual conduct, their designated supporting staff, and their professional experts is nothing but an abysmal failure.

Circumstances are now only two days away from compliance or deleterious outcome. It is in fact too late for remedy

The precipice will come before the Mount Vernon City Council this Thursday. They have yet to adopt the Mayor’s FY2019 Proposed Budget. Even if they approve the budget this Thursday, government will be late in sending out notices to residents requesting payment of real estate taxes. Not one elected office holder has explained the ramifications The People will have to endure for the Mount Vernon City Council’s lack of will or interest to pass a budget in a timely fashion. There will be only one outcome, that is, the State of New York will impose a financial control board over the City of Mount Vernon.

If anyone imagines the slugfest has been over the top until the present, await the third and final act that will eviscerate any capacity Mount Vernon might have contemplated to survive its fate. Failure will be exacted upon all office holders, their staffs, Mount Vernon’s Corporation Council, and the Mount Vernon Industrial Development Agency. 

And the Dole Senior Center will have to open a Go Fund Me Page to collect money to pay for toilet paper.

The promise Mount Vernon was promised was sold as a vision but it has proven a mirage, only the contaminated rubble will be left behind.

Mount Vernon’s failure will cause the city to stagnate for a generation in time, even more. That is the unexpected result and the disappointment revealed by every protagonist noted by name or responsibility.  

While one accusatory finger ncastigated the mayor or the comptroller, the failed body that culminates in New York State’s imposition of a Financial Control Board is the responsibility of the Mount Vernon City Council.

With this respect, the issue of which came first, the chicken or the egg, it is clearly the Mount Vernon City Council Members in tandem with and non-compliance by Mount Vernon City Government.

eHeziThe Hezitorial Telling Exposing the Failure of Mount Vernon

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  1. The City Council members are either incompetent parrots, lifers-looking for their pension, or self-serving egotists, trying to line their pocket with back room deals.
    Thomas is a combination of all of the above, and the the only thought that comes to mind about reynolds is the quote from the movie, Forest Gump, “are you crazy or just plain stupid?”
    The lack of accountability and finger pointing is evocative of grade schoolers. One wishes for far better for a once beautiful and financially solvent City.

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