Year 2018 in Review
By Yonkers City Council President MIKE KHADER, Esq.

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Happy New Year!

YONKERS, NY — January 5, 2019 —I would like to thank you for everything that we were able to accomplish together in 2018. As I look ahead to 2019, I cannot help but be proud of what we achieved last year. In my first year as your City Council President, I am proud to say that I have emphasized community input above all else, and your support, encouragement, and inspiration over the past year have been vital to the success of this office.

I am proud of our community’s fight against illegal dumping, and the work that we have done to call attention to this important quality of life issue. In 2018, the City Council imposed increased penalties on illegal dumping, and this office is continuing to press for measures that will expand code enforcement on vacant buildings and lots which frequently become a magnet for dumping and other illegal activity.

I am proud that we were able to alleviate parking shortages around car dealerships and garages throughout Yonkers. My office has also introduced a bill calling for a study on implementing angled parking in certain parts of the city so as to increase our city’s parking stock, and will continue to seek to address the parking shortage across Yonkers in 2019.

I am proud of the way that our community stood against the proposed hotels on South Broadway, both of which have been recently stalled by the Planning and Zoning Boards. In 2019, we must continue to fight for smart development, and listen to the concerns of residents who will be impacted by it.

I am proud of the countless cultural celebrations, charitable activities, community meetings, and other outreach efforts my office has organized, including regular town hall meetings across the city so I can hear directly from you. Yonkers residents deserve constant outreach and attention from their elected officials, and I plan to continue this practice in 2019.

In November of 2018, our community came out for respectful dialogue regarding the extension of term limits, and I am proud that my “no” vote was the result of the hundreds of Yonkers residents who contacted me to express their concerns.

My office will always be open to the ideas and input of every single Yonkers resident. If you have ideas for how we can make our city better, do not hesitate to reach my office at 914-377-6060, or by directing email to:

From my family to yours, I wish you a happy and healthy 2019, and I look forward to all that we can accomplish together in the New Year

SOURCE: Briggette Sayegh, Communications Director, Office of the City Council President


eHeziYear 2018 in Review
By Yonkers City Council President MIKE KHADER, Esq.

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    1. I have no use for Khader but I am unsure as to why he lost favor with you in the ONLY thing he did right, voting against the term limits extension which the rest of his city council colleagues supported. It was a good vote – voting for it was a slap in the face to the voters, i.e. TAXPAYERS, who twice voted for a TWO-TERM MAXIMUM. But, his vote was for show. When asked on a radio show if he would, in fact, seek a third term as CCP if he reached milestone, he would not say ‘no’ which would have been the only answer if he truly voted no for the right reasons. That other one – Corazon pinhead – voted no because she already was given a County job – assuring her of another two years in order to receive her pension. It is all about the pension. In all my years of watching elected officials, I have never seen anyone become a typical politician quicker than Khader. Just keep shoving feel good crap down the public’s throat and they forget the important issues. Mass hypnosis.

      1. He lost favor with me because the budget approved last year needed to be remedied by doable fiscal means that the city council membership would not approve, even though there were suggested remedieds by the administration. I was pleased to see him taking an independent perspective and vote with respect to the term limits extension. Whether one agrees or disagrees with his stance, it is important that all our elected officials weigh with clarity and sincerity what will best serve the public interested. I cannot and do not have the capacity to place my head on anyone’s shoulders, but I respect independent thinking and commensurate conduct and for that reason I applaud him.

        Mr. Khader knows he has a standing invitation to resuscitate a bi-monthly schedule on radio so that he can make people more aware of the City Council President’s position. He has advised me personally that he wants to get on a regular schedule. I await his timeline and timeframe so that his ideas, concepts, reservations, and demeanor may be shared with Yonkersites who will surely tune in, so important is his input.

        Thanks for your inquiry.

        Kindly, Hezi

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