Yonkers Police Department Hires 25 Police Officers

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YONKERS, NY — January 3, 2019 —  Mayor Mike Spano and Police Commissioner Charles Gardner were proud to swear in twenty-five Probationary Police Officers earlier today at the Riverfront Library in the presence of family and friends. The new recruits are scheduled to enter the Westchester County Department of Public Safety Police Academy where they will attend Basic Recruit School, a 20-week program including courses in police science, law, physical fitness training, and more. Upon graduation the new officers will attend secondary training, including field training with a certified field training police officer, at the Yonkers Police Department before being assigned to their patrol commands. The addition of these new officers reinforces the City’s commitment to public safety.

Probationary Police Officers sworn in on Thursday, January 3, 2019.


Probationary Police Officers’ shields present to 25 Probationary Police Officers sworn-0n to duty on January 3, 2019 at the Yonkers Riverfront Library auditorium.


Yonkers Probationaty Officer ascribing his signature to ID papers.


L-R: Mayor Mike Spano attended the Swearing-in ceremony inducting the Probationary Police Officers. unknown, Yonkers Police Commissionaer Charles Gardner, and a second unknown person.

The names of the new hires are as follows:

P.P.O. Matthew Berni 

P.P.O. Edward Byrne, Jr. 

P.P.O. Dean Campana 

P.P.O. Marc Caro

P.P.O. Frank Cimadomo, Jr. 

P.P.O. Christopher Cooney 

P.P.O. Kevin Dempsey 

P.P.O. Filipe Fernandes 

P.P.O. Max Gonzalez 

P.P.O. Thomas Gray

P.P.O. Kaitlin Hold 

P.P.O. Luke Kusick 

P.P.O. Adam Leddy 

P.P.O. Joel Lozada

P.P.O. Katerine Mata 

P.P.O. Paul Meara

P.P.O. Nicole Molinaro 

P.P.O. Michael Olijarczyk 

P.P.O. Joseph Pasciotty 

P.P.O. Dana Pierdiluca 

P.P.O. Rachelle Sainten 

P.P.O. Johnathan Soto 

P.P.O. Dylan Thomas 

P.P.O. Juan Vasquez 

P.P.O. John Wilt

SOURCE: Det. Sgt. Dean Politopoulos, Yonkers Police Department Communications.

eHeziYonkers Police Department Hires 25 Police Officers

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  1. Wow the money and overtime sounds good but how about the guys that get hurt or suffer from ptsd , depression or the higher divorce and suicide rates for police officers and firefighters. Save some of that money cuz you’re gonna need it for the therapy , doctors and lawyers. There is a reason these men and women are paid well. MOST OF THE TIME THEY EARN EVERY CENT AND VERY OFTEN THEY DESERVE MORE

  2. …and they all will probably be laid off come july 1, 2019, when the city budget defecit is reported to be over 100 million.

  3. Lol wonder who the fool is that thinks that the city pays for the nys pension of a police or firefighter. Lmao!! That was hysterical. Thank you for the left, needed that today lmao

  4. There’s nothing “pleasant” about this story as someone suggested below. Yonkers is broke. Schools are literally falling to pieces, the roads look like something out of Afghanistan, taxes have gone through the roof, and yet somehow the mayor can find roughly $2 million for 25 more cops (another $2.3 million to renovate a skating rink and $10 million for a new fire house). Why isn’t Mayor Spano hiring 25 more teachers or 25 more social workers or 25 more building inspectors (how many more fires and displaced families do we need each winter)?

    And those saying that it balances itself out when cops retire are wrong. When a cop or a firefighter retires, their salary (now in the form of a pension) remains part of the City’s annual budget. That pension will be in the City’s budget spreadsheets until the day that cop or firefighter dies. Like someone else wrote, you’ve got pensions AND new hire salaries (and their eventual pensions). It all compounds itself year after year. Nothing is subtracted – only added to the budget.

    The simple fact is that the pension system in Yonkers is a scam. Everyone knows it’s a scam, including the police and firefighters who knowingly game the system. National media have even written about how much of a scam it is.

    The New York Times has written about it: https://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/21/business/economy/21pension.html

    Business Insider has written about it:

    So you’ve got early retirement plus padded pensions and the fact that these early retirees are exempt from NYS, NYC, and SSI taxes. While Yonkers taxpayers pay these ridiculous salaries and pensions, most of these “public servants” don’t live in Yonkers, don’t pay Yonkers property taxes, don’t spend their money in Yonkers, don’t send their children to Yonkers schools, and don’t have any investment in Yonkers other than draining the City budget and taking their money elsewhere. Nice racket, huh?

    1. You couldn’t be more wrong. While a police officer is employed by a municipality, that municipality AND the individual police officer contribute towards their pension, which is part of the NY State Police & Fire Retirement System (NYSPFRS.) Once the officer retires his pension is paid from the NYSPFRS, 100%. The municipality no longer contributes to that officer. He/she is COMPLETELY off of the municipality’s payroll.

      1. Sorry, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Yonkers (i.e. Yonkers taxpayers) pays into the pension scheme. Try reading CoY’s own website:

        “The City of Yonkers and NYS Retirement System pays most of the cost of providing your pension benefits.”


        It’s time to break these unions before they break Yonkers irreparably with their greed.

  5. $65,872 average salary & $57,943 to start.
    But, also, Yonkers will spend a minimum of one million dollars per P.O. per 20 year career.

    1. And I suppose those pensions for 25 retired Yonkers cops just magically disappear from the City’s budget sheets. Any guesses as to how much OT those retired cops milked taxpayers for in their final year in order to pad their pensions? So you’ve got padded pensions plus another $2 million more added to the budget. Moron.

      1. Post

        The truth is that many who retired were selected to earn 60 hours of overtime every two weeks. That has in the last few months been reduced to 40 hours of overtime every two weeks, again for the selected few and was a process to pension pad though many were reluctant to define it that way, but it is what it is.PBA Pres. Det. Keith Olson is advising that the 60 hours of OT will be made available for the select insiders so they can pension pad. What is unsustainable if the pension padding and its cost on the taxpayers. There is a solution to this issue. I will attempt to decipher it so you can have a definitive understanding of how it worked by the end of this month. Kindly, Hezi

      2. This appeared to be a pleasant story about the CoY swearing in twenty-five new police officers. It looks to have been highjacked by a few posts, that make very little sense. I do not understand the point of stating, “Yonkers will spend a minimum of one million dollars per P.O. per 20 year career.” Is this an observation on your view of their salary? If yes, I feel sorry for you, bc if you think being a law enforcement officer in 2019-2044 is worth $50K a year, then please post your contact info, bc I am looking for some cheap help, and I am pretty sure you have no concept of the value of money.

      1. Post

        There were 26 police positions lost to attrition, that is, retirement, illness, et al. 25 positions were hired as noted in the press release. Sadly, the press release did not contemplate that Yonkersites are watching and counting. Without knowing the full story, as was stated by another person commenting, they believed the City of Yonkers, with respect to the Police Department, I am totally unaware if Fire Fighters have recently been hired as I have never received a press notification from the Yonkers Fire Commissioner. So, that person believes that an additional $2 million dollar burden was added to a budget already in arrears. But that is not the case. Attrition was comprised of older police officers who retired. Those replacing the retirees will be replaced by younger Officers upon the Probies completing their training. They will be earning less that those who have retired. The sum effect is that these 25 Probies will be saving the city money in the aggregate. The conclusion would never have been deduced had the press release noted how many of the 25 were in addition to the force who turn out to replace those who retired. That is the the whole story. Kindly, Hezi

  6. Budget deficit? What budget deficit? With the stroke of a pen Spano just added almost $2 million more to a budget that he can’t pay for. Great job. Let the homeowners pay for it next year once again. Yonkers gets what it deserves.

      1. Post

        That is not the average salary. Perhaps someone in the know can advise what the average salary has been to date. I do not have the time today, it may take me until next week to get the figures. Kindly, Hezi

        1. Hezi, that $175,000 is with overtime. The older guys are pension padding. I am hoping these younger officers reduce overtime. The Mayor’s driver makes over $225,000 per year.

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