Young@Heart: Are You Satisfied Where You Sit?

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Pam Young is wiz at getting organized; from a reformed slob’s point of view. Her latest book. The Joy of Being Disorganized”, is a must read.

I meditate every day and have since I was 30. It’s such a personal aspect of my life I rarely share it because to write about it is akin to telling you how often I have sex. Ahemm, with that said, I’ll tactfully move on to why I’ve shared my spiritual practice with you today.

Lately I’ve been practicing being satisfied in every moment I can. Because I’m an optimist, I expect everything to work out and when I bump into problems, they’ll often throw me…for a while, until I can get back to practicing being happy moment-by- moment (or as many moments as I can consciously collect in my waking hours).

After meditation this morning, I opened my eyes and the thought came in the form of a question (God works with me that way. When I was in such a fuss over my finances many years ago, God asked me, “How old have you been acting when it comes to your finances?” The answer was, “Nine-years-old.” That sent me on the most marvelous journey out of debt and I subsequently wrote, “The GOOD Book: Get Out Of Debt.”). But I digress! Today, my Questioner asked, “Right where you sit are you satisfied with your chair?”


“Your chair, are you satisfied with it?”

“Well, yeah, I love my chair, it rocks and swivels and I can look all around our living room, out at the view and the birds, into the kitchen where I smell coffee brewing, I’d say I’m MORE than satisfied, I’m actually joyful about this chair!” I felt goosebumps swirling around as I jacked up my appreciation for my chair. It was Grandma Dot’s chair and I had it reupholstered to match my color scheme in this house and it’s the most comfortable chair in the house (except for its twin who lives with us too).

Then my Questioner asked, “Are you satisfied with your living room?” “Oh, don’t get me started!”

“Go ahead.”

“Satisfied isn’t near how I feel about this room! I love everything about it from the vaulted ceilings and the view of the Lewis River Valley, to the woodwork, and fireplace to the warm carpets and I love living in the Pacific Northwest!” Just as I finished my rampage (which went on far more than I’ve shared here) Terry walked into the kitchen from being outside and began pouring our coffee.

So I went off on him with an extreme, high voltage dose of appreciation.

This was all done without saying a word, but thoughts are energy and they’re like email, they go out into the universe with your name on them.

I recently heard Abraham Hicks say, “Putting your attention on anything is a request for it.” So if you’re worried, sad, angry or frustrated about something then that’s where your attention is and that’s your request for more worry, sadness, anger, or frustration.

That’s why I really seek to watch my mood and make sure I’m AT LEAST satisfied, because being satisfied opens a spiritual door to the energy that beats your heart, runs your organs, keeps the planets in perfect order and brings to me what I need for the solution to any problem I can burp up or bump into.

What’s your problem? How about giving it a rest, and getting satisfied in this moment about something in your life that’s really good.

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I’d love to hear what new habit you’re going to do just for today. Please email me at For more from Pam Young go to You’ll find many musings, videos of Pam in the kitchen preparing delicious meals, videos on how to get organized, lose weight and get your finances in order, all from a reformed SLOB’s point of view. Pam’s books are also available on Amazon.


eHeziYoung@Heart: Are You Satisfied Where You Sit?

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