Dennis Robertson: Poster Child of the Failed “Family and Friends Network” Returns Seeking Elected Office Once Again

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YONKERS, NY — February 12, 2019 — Dennis Robertson continues to clamor for and hopes to gain acceptance from the Yonkers City Democratic Committee for elected office. He comes with a long list of caveats and an ultimatum. He seeks the party endorsement for Yonkers City Councilperson to represent District 3. Present incumbent Majority Leader Michael Sabatino is presently serving the last year of his second term. He has advised he will not seek a third term. Speculation and conjecture is that he has lined up a prospective position but he is tight lipped regarding the responsibilities it would entail and even the name of this mysterious employer. Yonkers City Council District 3 is in contention and many candidates have timidly expressed their interest, while others await the last minute before throwing their name into the hat. 

It is most curious to contemplate Robertson again vying to represent District 3. He served one term in that capacity and refused to seek a second term explaining that the “strong mayor form of government” practiced in Yonkers precluded any leadership capacity ever emanating from the legislative body, better known as the Yonkers City Council. To some extent Robertson is correct about that reality. What has always been troubling about Robertson is that rather than attempting to lead by presenting rational, deductive reasoning, and study to issues that came before the Yonkers City Council when he was a councilperson, he chose not to explain his rationale. He preferred to stew and smolder at not being recognized by his colleagues as worthy of taking his lead and advice. Robertson created that outcome because he was terse and never fully forthright in explaining issues that would have won him accolades and respect for giving expression to his concepts. Rather than being determined to convince his fellow councilmembers  to the integrity of his rationale, and the negative resultant outcome should remedy not be be instituted, Robertson chose the lazy way out. He recoiled from the necessary discourse demanded that was and still remains the passport to building a coalition of like minded and even people of disparate vies in a legislative body of 7 people.

When questioned last night about the conduct of the Yonkers Industrial Development Agency (YIDA), Robertson advised that the YIDA did not function sufficiently well for the benefit of Yonkers. It may be worth noting that Dennis Robertson sat as a member of the YIDA Board years back. He did so because he could be counted to raise his hand in unison and agreement with the mayor at that time. The “get along to get along” demeanor Robertson adhered to sapped Robertson’s capacity to cajole and massage projects that would have embellished projects toward better outcomes. Instead, he kept quiet. Robertson’s silence over issue after issue that came before the YIDA eviscerated his own self respect, which in turn was recognized by others, further exacerbating the diminishing respect of anything he said. Had he been proactive, he could have suggested inducements be tempered by claw-back mechanisms for developers’ promises not delivered. Instead he simply raided his had in agreement or exclaimed a hearty “Yes!”

His conduct was not conducive to a group setting. He was a loner and his efforts of outreach were distracted and often termed as smarmy by colleagues. Issues that could have and would have been mitigated were he more open to what he believed in and shared the vision he visualized in his mind. Robertson was hobbled by insecurity. Truth be told, had he worked harder on being open with people, he would in time win their friendship and support. 

Time revealed that Robertson had a “Plan B” with respect to his conduct on the YIDA Board of Directors, and as a Yonkers City Councilperson, and presently. “Plan B” was his way of angling for a job. It is a Robertson template. The remuneration of a job seems to validate him, while others were derisive of him. His present position as a liaison between the Yonkers City Council and the Office of the Mayor is laughable. Twice a month he attends the council meetings. He presents a written or verbal synopsis. The taxpayer forks over $40,000 for his acumen, such as it is. 

Robertson has never learned how to serve the public interest. He only knows how to serve himself. He threatens that he will remove himself from running for Yonkers City Councilperson (District 3) if the Yonkers City Democratic Committee does not designate him as the official candidate, and precludes any other Democratic candidate challenging him in a Primary contest. In other words, it is Robertson’s way or he is out the door.

Robertson’s antics are repeated over and over again over many years. The game plan is the same. He has been able to milk the system for crumbs. He is either crowned a “prince”, or he won’t make a showing. Where is the “love” of and for Yonkers Mr. Robertson? 

True to form, Robertson is looking for something at the end of this theatrical soliloquy. It behooves Yonkers to walk out of the theater so that Robertson can gain the applause of a few stage hands, if at all.

Sad, but all true!

His daughter is employed at the Office of Finance Commissioner John Liszewski at $82,000 per annum. The adage that it is not always what you know, but who you know that still rings true!

He has been afforded a slew of “no show” jobs:

The Journal News reported in 2004 that the building maintenance firm Skyscraper Cleaning Service where Dennis Robertson served as an Executive Vice President with his partner, John Spencer, a former Yonkers city mayor, received a $250,000 two-year “no bid”  cleaning contract.

Under Mayor Phil Amicone’s Administration Robertson received a contract valued at $86,000 to lobby for Louie Cappelli’s Minor League Baseball Stadium to be located at Chicken Island. This was was accomplished By Robertson with the help of Al Pirro, Esq.

Robertson is also reported to have met Westchester County Conservative Party Chairman Hugh Fox, Jr. to discuss the prospect for the ConservativeParty endorsement in exchange for jobs and contracts; all at the expense of the Yonkers taxpayer.

In 2009 Dennis Robertson placed his name in nomination against Chuck Lesnick for Yonkers City Council President. Robertson withdrew his candidacy at the Yonkers City Democratic Convention. The question raised at that time was what was Robertson allegedly offered or allegedly paid to back out of the race?

In 2011 Robertson ran a second time for Yonkers City Councilperson after garnering the nomination for his candidacy at the Yonkers Democratic City Committee. He bowed out once again but his name remained on the ballot, creating chaos for the Democratic Party by splitting the vote.

One can only conclude that Dennis Robertson’s known alliances and connections, and alleged and dubious conflicts of interests make him unfit to be considered for any elected or political office.

Dennis Robertson has bilked  Yonkers taxpayers of hundreds of thousands of dollars, has deceived and lied to Yonkersites for years, and cut deals behind closed doors that benefit no one but himself.

It is time that the Yonkers city Democratic Committee wake and and smell the coffee and deny Dennis Robertson and similar riffraff from hijacking Yonkers’ future prospects.


eHeziDennis Robertson: Poster Child of the Failed “Family and Friends Network” Returns Seeking Elected Office Once Again

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  1. Dennis the mennis!! But has anyone bothered to look into the background of the person that is in a primary with the mayor of Yonkers?! Hezi, I habe so much to tell about her and her children’s dad. It’s pretty interesting.

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    2. Listen Yonkers you get what you ask for-you have nobody to blame but yourselves-you continue to vote for these slimebags then stop the bitching and moaning.

    1. Robertson gets paid $40,000 per year to attend Yonkers City Council mtgs-thats approximately 20 mtgs per year-thats $2,000 per mtg which usually last 20 mins-thats $100 per minute for those 20 minutes-you get what you deserve Yonkers.

  2. actually the most important post in this entire thread is the poster who said that robertson’s kids bullied his kids…Now if true and Dennis knew about it, from my vantage point it would be a disqualifier for Dennis…Any parent who knows his kids bully other kids should not be allowed to hold public office because the apple usually doesn’t fall far from the tree. It has been my experience that the school yard bullies are usually the smaller kids who hang with the bigger kids in order to be able to bully and to be protected against retaliation. Steven Tyler (tallerico) was a school bully, but as he admits in his book “does the noise in my head bother you”he only did it to make an impression on the ” tough gang of kids in walt whitman and roosevelt” My son was taught at an early age that regardless of the fact that he was a terrific athlete and a strong kid, he was under no circumstances to pick on any one…One day we were at Carvel on saw mill river road in ardsley after he had graduated…An older couple pulled up to us and thanked him for protecting their son against bullying while in high school…That is the least we should expect from our elected officials….let the facts come out….

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      I will create a list of candidates that had shown interested in becoming a designer and those that assert they will become involved in getting signatures to challenge Robertson in a primary on the Democratic side of election and also if there is a Republican challenger.

      1. Who is Karen Beltran? Heard she’s running for Mayor. Would love to see a list of all candidates, all parties, running for all open seats in Yonkers.

  3. Just a rubber stamp candidate, stamping the party line.
    Denis, good to see what you have amounted to.
    Always saw you as the guy who couldn’t leave the neighborhood.
    Protected from reality.
    Keep up the great job.
    Nothing like a Irish Catholic, North Yonkers, Yes Man, Coward !
    Denis Robertson;
    ” The Coffee Boy Candidate. “

  4. Isn’t Denis the Menace a Republican ?
    I mean really Denis ?
    You have so many kissing you for favors……..
    keep up the con…….
    Bully em into extortion by always throwing your North Yonkers privileged
    ass into the ring.
    Denis, get me a sign for my lawn. I need a job…….

  5. Yonkers is full with dems- qualified ones. Why a Spencer guy again?

    Spencer is stealing our tax money and spending it in bars!

    Robertson has a contract for doing what! The IG is sleeping in city hall and we are being robbed by these people.

    Why was the IG appointed by the mayor to begin with?

    Revisit the charter those in power who are reading

  6. I am a Democrat and I will be voting for the republican in the 3rd if Robertson is nominated as a Democrat.

    He is a bully. His kids bullied my kids just because they are the Robertson.

    I am done with these people.

  7. Come on?? What’s wrong with you people!

    Why bring this guy back into power? Where are the real Democrat? I am not sure who heads the Democratic party but running this guy makes me lose faith in the Democratic Party.

    You have to be a real Democrat to run on the Democratic line and Robertson is not.

    It’s all a joke!

  8. he should give up his contract on the city council if he wants to run for city council

    I hope Mike Khader, Shanae Williams, and Corazon Pineda Issac look into this. Its no issue mentioning Sabation the guy hasn’t done anything for 8 years why would he start now.

  9. I hope he does run. This way he will see how much we are on to him.
    Strange guy to say the least. Glad his deviousness is being exposed.
    All know his intentions are completely SELF -SERVING.
    oh yes, Johnny Spencer, LONG LIVE THE KING…..

  10. Man oh Man !
    This guy is too much. I mean really !
    He has the Yonkers Racetrack Cleaning contracts.
    He has two sons and his, brother in ,on the Yonkers Police job.
    This is mind boggling.
    I guess since Liam lost, Denis has to step up as the new John Spencer
    insider shill.
    Yonkers deserves much better than Dinny Robertson
    “The Lake Ave Insider Hack.”

  11. The old Robertson is back!

    Didn’t he get enough? Why is he even allowed to consider running?

    Yonkers will always be corrupt as long as we keep recycling the same garbage “corrupt politicians”

    1. Evidently Denis is representing a inside faction that cannot let go
      of the Yonkers job machine.
      It is criminal.
      What has this chump ever done ?
      Just was John Spencer’s business partner.
      Insider’s forever.

    2. Robertson no different than most sitting on the Council now. The same jobs and nepotism exist with Corazon, Sabatino, Breen and newbie Rubbo. They are adept at serving their own interests, while inept at serving the interests of their constituents. Williams is a puppet and the jury is still out on Merante. Think Khader is the last man standing with integrity. Hopefully, that will prevail. Please bring on some credible candidates, Democrats or Republican, for the open seats!!

  12. It’s so sad that the same corrupt politicians come back for more!
    It seems that this guy sucked the blood out of our city and he is coming back for more.

    Who is behind him? I hope not the Spano! He is already running for a third Illegitimate term.

    We shall see….

  13. IDC all over again. Robertson will form an IDC in the city council considering his cozy relationship with Republicans.
    Robertson is a DINO- Democrat in name only

    Indivisibles be aware of this wolf in sheep clothinh

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