EXCLUSIVE: Yonkers City Democratic Committee’s Executive Committee Has Made Its Decision

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Consider listening to thw Westchester On the Level Internet Radio broadcast that was heard on Friday, February 15, 2019. The discourse took place between Yonkers Insider Publisher / Editor Delfim Heusler and Yonkers Tribune Editor-at-Large Hezi Aris.


Yonkers Politricks: The Valentine’s Day Hezitorial Edition

Democratic Designees for Elected Elected Office Noted Herein

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

Yonkers City Democratic Committee logo.

YONKERS, NY — February, 14, 2019 — The Yonkers Executive Committee issued a stern warning that no person(s) that were not ward leaders need attend the choosing of the Democratic Party designations, that is should they dare. So naturally this intrepid reporter did just the opposite. It is unfathomable that the Yonkers City Democratic Committee, the Democratic Party, hold a closed meeting to designate its designees. This sort of conduct is unheard of. Their conduct smacks of their fear that their process of elitist privilege  will go unnoticed. It will not. One may infer and thereby surmise that the fix was in. At issue is why the need for secrecy? Is the Yonkers City Democratic Committee embarrassed to allow the press, as well as interested and involved voters the opportunity to learn from the “democratic” process? Evidently so. 

Rather than infuse a sensibility over what occurred onto interested voters, we leave the outcome in your hands. At issue is whether these designees will come to face formidable competition from the Republican slate of candidates? Have Dems inadvertently invited GOP challengers an opportunity they had not contemplated, even if they concocted this outcome on their own? Will the designees be able to win the day in November 2019? Time will tell. It is up to the voters to cheer or jeer, swallow the gruel or barf.

A note: The executive committee had intended to hold their “exclusive” gather at the Castle Royale. The tragic loss of Hon. Leonard N. Spano caused a change in venue that was noticed to the ward leaders on Tuesday. This reporter did not learn about the change until the late in the day yesterday. In fact I was on the bus headed to the Castle Royale only to be notified of the change and needed to reroute my efforts to arrive at Post 375 Empire Post, located at Huber Place by 6:00pm. I got there by 5:50pm. It seems only by the grace of the power from up high.  

The results:

Mayor Mike Spano designee for Mayor.

Elena Goldberg Velazquez designee  for Yonkers City Court Judge

Terrence Miller designee for City Council District 1

Dennis Robertson designee for City Council District 3

A designee for City Council District 5 was tabled.

A designee for County Legislator District 14 was tabled.

Ruth Walter designee for County Legislator District 15

Christopher Johnson designee for County Legislator District 16

José Alvarado designee for County Legislator District 17

The designees have each gained clout and prospect for being designated. Their gaining designation does not preclude any challengers from launching a primary challenge.

Happy Valentine’s Day. The only question now is who’s got their back and who’s the amorous supporter(s) / defender(s)?


eHeziEXCLUSIVE: Yonkers City Democratic Committee’s Executive Committee Has Made Its Decision

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  1. I was just googling why I ( a registered Democrat and active voter) never receive any information about choices of local candidates but I get all this unnecessary information about outside candidates plus whoever is the candidate who is running never shows up in my area at all. I was assuming that my area doesn’t grease the hands well enough. Because of this lack of care for the real voters—I purposely voted for any candidate who is not endorsed plus whom I have made contact with via their sites. I am not looking to get “free “ handouts, I just want the candidates to work for us voters not the powers that be.

    1. The newspapers and the parties do a very poor job in making available information about the candidates. Meaningless door visits and postcard platitudes are also a waste of my time.

    2. Because Democrats like Hillary are miserable people who stole the nomination from Bernie with phony endorsements by Special delegates. But she LOST anyway because there were more than 53% votes against her with 2 million votes for the Green Party, 4 million votes for the Libertarian Party and 63 million votes for GOP Party which equals 69 million votes against Hillary’s Democratic 67 million votes. She was not America’s choice PLUS she lost the Electoral College to Trump! So stop crying and work with Trump to make America Even Greater. But you don’t, you never in the last 3 years even uttered the word ‘AMERICANS’! All you care and talk about are the illegal immigrants. Go and run for office in Central America, Cuba, Somalia (‘where Ilhan should have stayed’- my chant), China, Russia, North Korea, or Iran where you will be beheaded for your stupidity. You abort fetuses, and babies born at 9 months but you cry for illegal children. The aborting of 40 million Black fetuses since Roe v Wade is ;VOTER SUPPRESSION. The Black Population could be 80 million higher today. You want 16 year olds to vote which is insane. These teenies only care about their zits and making it with a girl. Give back our tax dollars which we paid for your salaries which you racist morons and former KKK goons like Dem Senator Robert E. Byrd WVA was. Why don’t you take down Byrd’s name from 50 WVA buildings? Why don’t you take down the name of Richard Russell, a Segregationist from the Senate Capitol Building which the Damnorats named in 1972 when they controlled both Houses. You ran my hero Jackie Robinson and his family from Georgia. You even treated Italians in the same way and hung both Blacks and Italians. The GOP is the friend of Blacks. It was Rep President Eisenhower that desegregated the Southern schools over fierce objections from Damnorat Governors Wallace and Faubus. It was Rep Congressman Everrett Dirksen that rammed the 1964 Civil Rights Act into Law, not LBJ. You call your selves Democratic Socialists. Socialism is the same old trick of Communism like The Nazi Socialist Party, Union of Soviet Socialist Russia that promises Everything to the citizens but take back Everything when you come to Power. You are doomed to fail.

  2. The thought of Meier getting his *ss kissed by these phonies is too much to bear. I hope it’s worth whatever they get to have to deal with this *ssh*le. Anyone who has ever been in this man’s company for more than five minutes can’t stand him.

  3. Tom Meier can take his city committee endorsements and shove it up his *ss.

    I plan on supporting anyone who is not endorsed by this committee that is filled with political hacks who are on the taxpayer tit.

  4. It keeps getting worse. First they rammed that ridiculous tax increase through by buying off the council with jobs. Then they abolish term limits so they can keep their jobs and get medical insurance and pensions. Then they secretly move up the primary so they can continue to serve themselves. Finally, they lock everyone out of the party designation meeting. These people are disgraceful. They should be ashamed of themselves but we know that would never happen.

    Everything is for sale……………….
    Bag ah Moolah………………………..
    Gets it done…………………………….

  6. Word is the republicans had their meeting today and had 3 interviews for Mayor. One is a guy who doesn’t live in Yonkers. One is a 22 year old kid with no experience. And the last is a relative unknown who’s only experience was taking a beating in a council race.

    Congratulations Mayor Mike!

    1. And there was a push by some Rep leaders to cross endorse Dopey.

      Imagine how Nick has destroyed the Reps through Tubiolo, his pal.

      But now the “Tubes” has to know that his son is in danger. There will be very little Rep turnout

  7. Imagine they nominated José Alvarado who was soundly rejected by the voters 10 years ago. Lucy Casanova will defeat him handily, this election would begin the end of Terrero, Alvarado and Pena.

      1. It is foolish to blame low turnout on the electorate when the parties and candidates do such a poor job in stating their opinions on real issues instead of mouthing meaningless generalities.

      1. Post
    1. Yonkers is so so corrupt, it’s beyond belief, from top to bottom. Both parties. Every election we should have an opportunity for positive change. But in the City of Hills it’s always more of the same. When will it end?

  8. when will those old farts Borelli and Robertson retire from politics. They’ve been losing for 30 years you would think they’d give up by now.

  9. Dennis Robertson somebody please tell the old guy to give it up
    And who is terrance miller I’ve been living in yonkers for a long time and never heard of him

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