How to End the Border Wall War!

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY —  February 7, 2019 — Citizens of the United States, YOU, are the superglue that binds the most powerful, influential nation YOU have achieved this lofty status by always, somehow, finding the COMMON GROUND among legions of cultural, linguistic. religious, and racial differences. Ending today’s bitter Border Wall War, requires YOU, once again to unmask this Common Ground.

Most Americans are in agreement that we have to:

1.    Defend and protect our borders

2.    Demonstrate compassion for immigrants in need

3.    Prevent border crossings for those with criminal records

The great majority of Americans support these immigration values and will agree to Common Ground solutions. But, ending the Border Wall War requires a unique structure to acknowledge the will of the American people.

A Cadre:  The President and Congress Must anoint a Citizen’s Cadre to identify Common Ground illegal immigration solutions to include:

·         The Vice President

·         Two peer selected representatives each from the Senate and House of Representatives

·         A Military Leader

·         A Supreme Court member selected by their peers

The Cadre would evaluate:

Technology:  Evaluating innovative technologies, humanoids, unmanned air and land vehicles, vision systems, body recognition, human obstruction techniques, etc.

Natural Barriers:  Utilizing mountains, terrain, vegetation, water and other barriers

Physical Barriers:  Prioritizing existing barrier enhancement and the construction of new ones.

Private support:  Authorize tax incentives encouraging one hundred firms each to donate $10 million instantaneously generating $1 billion.

No Quarter for Traffickers and Terrorists:  Implement aggressive incarceration procedures to obstruct criminal activity while simultaneously encouraging immigration, the cornerstone of our Democracies success.

Fellow American’s we must find our Common Ground and end the Border Wall War!

# # #

A “Short” Biography ofTom Kline

Tom Kline received an Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where he served as Student Body President and was selected by the faculty as recipient of the Alumni Achievement Award. He earned an M.S. degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Missouri and was selected to Tau Beta Phi. His Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree was awarded by Saint Joseph’s College, Brooklyn.

As a Platoon Leader during the Vietnam War Tom was awarded the bronze star twice, and the Army Commendation Medal. The Vietnamese people also presented him with their Vietnamese Civil Works Medal

In 1970 Tom joined the pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc. He helped design and start-up Pfizer’s first manufacturing plant in Puerto Rico and then led engineering, field service and manufacturing operations in the production of Computerized Axial Tomography [CAT] Scanners.

In 1975 he was selected in a national competition as a White House Fellow serving in Washington D.C. as a special assistant to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.

In 1983 Tom became the youngest Plant Manager of Pfizer’s sprawling manufacturing plant in Brooklyn, New York where the work force exceeded 1000 colleagues. At Brooklyn he achieved national recognition for his leadership in improving public education, reducing crime, creating employment and building hundreds of residences for the needy. He is author of the related book The Golden Hand Grenade – A Lifetime Fighting to Rebuild a Tiny Stretch of Urban America.

Tom later was responsible for Pfizer’s world-wide logistics, and manufacturing procurement operations. He has held leadership positions in many community organizations.

Tom is also a competitive race walker and author of the book Stride To The Top. He has completed more than 100 marathons and ultra-marathons and has walked across the Sahara Desert. In November 2015 he completed a stage walk of 6,500 miles from Point Barrow Alaska, the northernmost point in the U.S., to Key West, Florida in an effort to help rid the world of the killer disease Malaria.


eHeziHow to End the Border Wall War!

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