John Bailey, White Plains CitizeNetReporter Publisher/Editor, Michael Edelman, Esq., National / International Political Analyst, Hezi Aris, Yonkers TribuneEditor-at-Large, and David Rubin, “Trump and the Jews” Author on Westchester On the Level – Monday, February 11, 2019th @10am EST

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Topics of discussion are defined herein…

John Bailey, White Plains CitizeNetReporter Publisher/Editor and Westchester On the Level Monday C0-Host opens the broadcast day. Listen from 10-10:30am.

We delve into the following issues / concerns:

  1. The New York State Public Service Commission last week authorized Consolidated Edison to immediately begin implementation of a $223 million initiative aimed at reducing demand for natural gas in the utility’s supply-constrained areas of its gas distribution system. We learn the approached expressed by White Plains Mayor Tom Roach, New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson, and Westchester County Board Legislator Chairman Benjamin Boykin.
  2. What is Westchester County Executive George Latimer’s perspective?
  3. The Business Council of Westchester brought together more than 50 leading developers with projects planned for Westchester to a top-level briefing and discussion with representatives of Con Edison of the utility company’s announced March 15 moratorium on accepting new natural gas customers.
  4. Con Ed admitted that, “A lack of pipeline capacity necessary to supply the gas to the utility to meet increased demand is the root cause of the problem”. Does anyone know why Con Ed first said they had runout of supplies for natural gas. Why did they waffle on their explanation?
  5. A Memorandum of Agreement was reached between the White Plains Board of Education and the White Plains Teachers Association. We get an update.

Political Analyst Michael Edelman, Esq., tackles the issues that revolve about and around President Trump.

We explore the following from 10:30-11am:

  1. How The Saturday, February 9th edition of Washington Post  exposé  edition details an alleged decades long multi-state criminal conspiracy perpetrated by the President of the United States to violate immigration, visa, and trafficking laws.  As POTUS demonized undocumented immigrants as a candidate, Trump was in the midst of an illegal scheme to recruit, employ and exploit undocumented workers. We learn that Trump personally benefited from his own private caravan of undocumented workers, which led directly from Costa Rica to the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ. Are these serious felonies  as postulated by WaPo? that demand full federal, state and congressional investigations. 
  2. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northamp (D) has yet to explain how the photograph of a person in blackface and another in Ku Klux Klan robes wound up in his yearbook page, and why he originally took responsibility only to deny it later. When the photograph was taken this conduct was acceptable. Standards have changed. Is it appropriate to demand his stepping down? What parameters of judgement are appropriate?
  3. Virginia Democrats Dump Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax on the basis of learning of his alleged rape. This is a crime defined as such in the past and the present juxtaposed to the issue of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northamp acting in a manner at one time acceptable. Is demand of both stepping down from their respective office a just circumstance for one, both, or neither
  4. The president, congressional negotiators and other lawmakers are sending conflicting signals about whether a deal to fund border security and avoid another government shutdown is possible before a Friday deadline. Will the continuing discord undermine the Democrats / the Republicans. Each asserts their perspective is just. Who is responsive to the electorate? Does either party care? If so, who?
  5. The Trump administration’s reported plans to pull out all U.S. forces from Syria by the end of April has put key anti-ISIS allies on high alert, with many now worried that a hastened withdrawal will leave Washington’s Kurdish partners without any protection. Will the withdrawal undermine America’s word to its allies? What are the ramifications for America’s future in international affairs?
  6. Gov. Andrew Cuomo was fuming and warned on Friday that the effort to undermine Amazon’s interest to set up a secondary headquarters in Long Island City, Queens, New York initially agreed to with a $3 billion inducement to Amazon was illogical as the return from Amazon to the State would garner a return or $27 billion. Is Gov. Cuomo on target? Has NY State Senate Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and NY State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie setting themselves up for failure?  Friday about what he called “political pandering” to critics of Amazon’s proposed secondary headquarters amid a report that the company is reconsidering its planned New York City headquarters.


Yonkers Tribune Editor-at-Larger Hezi Aris follows thereafter with the latest hyperlocal, county, state, national and international news with commensurate analysis. Listen to this segment from 11am-11:30am.

David Rubin, former Mayor of Shiloh Israel, author of the new book, “Trump and the Jews” is our guest today. He debunks Congressperson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s passion for socialism that seems to be taking Democrats by storm. It is also causing moderates to question their long-held beliefs and trust in America’s free-enterprise system. In his President Trump’s SOTU address he vowed that the USA “will never be a socialist country!” 

In juxtaposition to the socialist activism in America Rubin explains the State of Israel establishing a socialist economic system in 1948 to transform itself in 1980 to a free market economy.

For those Americans recently enamored of socialism, are there lessons to be learned from Israel’s bold move from socialism to freedom?

We ask the following:

  1. How did it happen that Israel established a socialist society?
  2. What were the effects of the socialist system on the Israeli economy?
  3. As he explained in his book, “Trump and the Jews”, Jews have have historically always been successful in the free market world of business. How does he reconcile that with Israel’s socialist past?
  4. How and when did things start to change and why?
  5. What were the changes and what have been the results?
  6. Are there relevant lessons Americans can learn from this historical perspective?

Listen to this segment from 11:30am-12Noon.

eHeziJohn Bailey, White Plains CitizeNetReporter Publisher/Editor, Michael Edelman, Esq., National / International Political Analyst, Hezi Aris, Yonkers TribuneEditor-at-Large, and David Rubin, “Trump and the Jews” Author on Westchester On the Level – Monday, February 11, 2019th @10am EST

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