Kenny Belvin Proudly Announces His Candidacy for Congress in New York’s 16th Congressional District

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Kenny Belvin for U.S. Congress (NY-CD16)

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — February 4, 2019 — A New Rochelle native, Kenny Belvin grew up seeing the wealthiest and most powerful elite play by different rules than the rest. He saw wars that never ended. He saw an economy that didn’t work for the majority of Americans. He saw first hand what a lack of a progressive vision has done to our politics in Washington and how it has disenfranchised communities all over Westchester and The Bronx. Kenny knows that the time is over for ideas that have been tried and failed; he knows that we need bold solutions to our problems- solutions like a Green New Deal to tackle climate change and cancelling student debt to release millions of people from an insurmountable burden, thus revitalizing our economy.

We don’t need more of the same in Washington, and the incumbent representative for CD-16 has served in Congress for 30 years with the same results. Kenny believes that the change required in Washington is a generational change; one that elects true progressives who see a bold vision for our future, for our party, and for all people.

Kenny looks forward to sharing his vision of progressive change with the people of NY-16 and building a movement to work for that vision collectively.

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Randon Sprinkle, Communications, Kenny Belvin for Congress Campaign


eHeziKenny Belvin Proudly Announces His Candidacy for Congress in New York’s 16th Congressional District

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