LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Resolution For A Green New Deal

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Dear Editor,

THE BRONX, NY — FEBRUARY 24, 2019 — I am very worried about how the rest of my life on this Earth is going to play out. I fear that at the rate we are going, there will not be an Earth for long. The Earth is getting warmer and warmer, and our government is doing nothing to stop it. 

There is so much that we can do to help our Earth but we need to be the ones to do something. The air is full of carbon and is polluting the Earth and our government knows that. However, they still decide to do nothing for us. They know that the oil companies are harming our environment and that the money they give them just makes it worse, however they continue to do what is wrong for our world. 

The Green New Deal will help to get rid of fossil fuels and create more renewable energy. If we are able to get the government on board then we will be much safer on Earth. I can do nothing by myself, but together we can make the world a better place.



Rachel Mafuru 

Rachel Mafuru is a 13-year-old Bronx resident


eHeziLETTER TO THE EDITOR: Resolution For A Green New Deal

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  1. Brilliant, Indoctrinate the kids through fear. The Democratic Party leftists know no boundries. The leftist adults can’t debate this baseless argument using facts, so now they use kids to spread this alarming falsehood. SMH.

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