Ossining Children’s Center Goes Out of This World!

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Ossining, NY – February 5, 2019 — Children from the Ossining Children’s Center’s (OCC) after-school kindergarten program enjoyed working on a Solar System hands-on learning kit that was generously donated to the center.

Raul Saez and Dashiell Mauriello are excited to open a Solar System hands-on learning kit that was donated to the Ossining Children’s Center. The donation sparked a series of activities for the Center’s after-school kindergarten program.




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After learning about the existing planets in the solar system and creating models of them, the children are now creating their own imaginary planets with specific ecosystems. Pictured here Raul Saez is creating his “sand planet.”

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The children learned that constellations were imaged by ancient peoples who “connected the dots” between stars. Here, Dashiell Mauriello is learning that creating your own constellation is harder than it looks.

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The Ossining Children’s Center creates a foundation for children’s lifelong intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth. OCC provides care and education for children in a safe, nurturing, and enriching environment. OCC also serves as a community resource and advocate for families.

eHeziOssining Children’s Center Goes Out of This World!

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