Statement From The Office of Mount Vernon Mayor Thomas

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Richard Thomas, City of Mount Vernon Mayor and Mount Vernon Industrial Development Agency Chairman.

MOUNT VERNON, NY — February 5, 2019 — The Wallace/Reynolds budget is illegal and full of “phantom figures.” The tax rate does not add up and the State Supreme Court ordered they cannot un-fund occupied positions.  “Walkout” Wallace and “Reckless” Reynolds real tax rate is 2.60% NOT 1.93%.  Wallace and Reynolds are breaking the law and the tax cap. They legally cannot take any further actions until these fundamental flaws are corrected.

Specifically, a total of 16 positions will be impacted by “Walkout” Wallace’s and “Reckless” Reynolds’ budget cuts. Approximately 6 (six) positions were cut from existing operations that are currently occupied by real people. In effect, 6 (six) people will lose their jobs at the hands of Wallace and Reynolds. This defies existing State Supreme Court Orders prohibiting the City Council and Comptroller from obstructing the Mayor or his appointees.

With respect to the math, once the 6 (six) positions are added back to the budget, the “Walkout” Wallace/“Reckless” Reynolds rate increases to 2.60%. This is up from their “phantom figure” of 1.93%. The fact is Wallace’s/Reynolds’ budget breaks the tax cap.

If the entire “Compliance Positions for the Clean Water Act” are restored, then the tax rate increases to 3.87%, virtually double the tax cap.

Walkout Wallace and Reckless Reynolds do not believe in Mount Vernon. Mayor Thomas is calling another Board of Estimate and Contract meeting and urging the City Council and Comptroller to reconsider Mayor Thomas’ 1.95% under-the-tax-cap budget which addresses all of their many concerns raised since September 2018.

SOURCE: Lou Migliore, Communications, Press Office of Mayor Richard Thomas


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eHeziStatement From The Office of Mount Vernon Mayor Thomas

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