Steven Simpson Considering Run for Yonkers City Council District 3

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YONKERS, NY — February 6, 2019 — I’d like to begin by thanking Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Michael Sabatino for all the efforts he has put forth over the past 7 years in office. 

He has been a good partner to me as a resident, community leader, business owner and volunteer in police service. 

We have been able to get a lot done for the area where I live;  north west Yonkers, much more needs to be done, as more challenges are recognized on the horizon.

Following Majority Leader Michael Sabatino’s announcement last week that he would not seek another term, I was prompted to take a more serious look at a possible run for office. 

I am confident that I would be a strong candidate and know that I would work hard for the best interests of the residents of the 3rd District. 

There are many issues at hand and I feel that a fresh perspective from a non-career politician would be valuable. 

Someone who embodies community and public service and is willing to take a stand for our neighbors defines my past and informs by intended service to the 3rd District.

We need a motivated solutionist who is out there in the community,  ready to take on the challenges and willing to put in the required effort to do just that.

Mr. Simpson advised, “I’ve launched an exploratory committee to report back to me on the feasibility of my run for office and the prospect of earning enough support to win the trust and vote for City Councilman to Yonkers City Council District 3”.

eHeziSteven Simpson Considering Run for Yonkers City Council District 3

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  1. Sebastian is right this Tasha Diaz is manipulative and has no regulars for no one. I met her some years ago and left a disgusting taste in my heart. From lying to bullying to threatening people she has done it all. NO TO TASHA DIAZ! From people who personally know her!!!

  2. Anyone but Tasha Diaz! Please people don’t make the mistake and pick Tasha Diaz. She may seem nice but honestly she the worst. She has her interest in her self and only that. She is belligerent at its best. She has no respect for anyone and to be someone who needs the support of every single voter she can convince, she is here arguing and with the nastiest mouth one can have. I don’t know much about the other runners but I sure know about this one. DO NOT VOTE for TASHA DIAZ!!!

    1. There is no Steven Simpson listed as ever collecting a paycheck in Yonkers. He is listed as a Deputy Chief in the Yonkers Auxiliary Police.

      1. That is correct. Thank you for posting it.

        Kindly, Hezi

        P.S. Assertions or allegations that are unfounded will hopefully be challenged with valid and proven ways to confirm or deny any and all allegations and assertions. Doing so creates the discourse that proves itself informative.

      1. Understand Simpson holds a volunteer position in the Police Auxiliary but I do not know him, nor do I know of the responsibilities for which he volunteers. I have heard from many people that he is engaged in community projects and people are familiar with him. Perhaps there will be other readers that can share more light on what he does in the district.

  3. Based on this announcement, I can assure you that Mr.Simpson is uniquely unqualified to be the City Councilmember for the 3rd District.

    We don’t need complete outsiders with a “fresh perspective” who will learn on the job, we need people who can operate the levers of government on behalf of their constituents for the betterment of this city from day 1. It appears Mr.Simpson is an automotive technician, would he invite a lawmaker to diagnose and repair something on his vehicle based on their “fresh perspective”? I don’t believe we should disregard outsiders, or succumb to entrenched individuals fetid from pestering in the proverbial Yonkers political swamp. We need someone who demonstrates that they have a fundamental understanding as to what the problems in this city are and has both the tenacity and self-determination to solve them.

    We don’t need more people pandering. Mr.Simpson selected a picture of himself beneath the campaign banner of deposed Republican Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino for a campaign announcement for which he spends the first four paragraphs gushing about the seat being vacated by Democratic Majority Michael Sabatino. Hopefully, the verdict returned by his parenthetical exploratory committee is in the negative.

    1. The campaign banner was one that I had in my archive and was not taken from that used by the Astorino campaign. That is my fault and should not detract from the potential candidate’s prospects.

      We each have a perspective of what may be best for Yonkers. And I held the idea that you expressed herein. That was some 20 years ago. It seems to me that the many people who held office in Yonkers, no matter the title, were often unprepared for the task at hand. Collectively and individually the pursuit of elected office was intended to serve the mayor, whoever he was. The reality is that in most cases serving the public interest should have fallen likewise in support of the mayor. Yonkers has failed itself because to many of those elected, and the ones that challenged them, were in it for the money. And can we agree that that is likewise the reason for many today?

      There have also been elected office holders who earned the most envied degrees in the land only to prove themselves inept. They pandered as well. They would abide to the adage to “get along, to get along”. Don’t get me wrong, it is never “easy” to contend with issues of import. Yonkers fails in this regard because almost to a fault, those who may not be totally on board are afraid or cower from giving expression to their concerns in a lucid and cogent manner. There is too much cover-up when the best antiseptic for best practice all around is to bring “light” unto a subject by explaining it and proving the value of one’s position. It is not always an easy task but it is the heavy lifting that must be conducted in order to abide by The People’s trust. Instead, we have elected the sychophants that have deceived the voters by expressing platitudes that are the opposite of what they have proven after a term or two or more is lacking. Yet we vote these people back into office. We get mesmerized by the theater and drama of it all, not ever fully delving and studying the issue; and too little even gets outside assistance to reach a best practice from experts in the field. Yonkers have many people of such caliber yet they are never made welcome to the discourse. The same “players” enter race after race after race. Most are simply puppets told what to do or else, others enter to undermine a front runner by challengers that are so many in number to allow the least popular to eke out a win. Then there are the challengers whose only outcome is to enter a race in which they are mentioned as challengers to another office but they do not have the support from enough people, not the capacity to raise funds for a credible challenge to anyone, and those that only seek the spotlight of fame despite knowing they will recoil from the effort at the last moment denying another person to enter the race. There are no coincidences. I know that and so must you because historically these circumstances are repeated one campaign cycle after another. Today they run for dog catcher, tomorrow they will seek another position. They seek fame, money, or both. Yes, they do not do the heavy lifting.

      There have also been business people with past responsibilities that would put others in the same field to shame, but they do not share it with the public, nor do they explain their role in the business world so the public may appreciate their accomplishment. Worst of all, many in Yonkers believe Yonkersites are unaware and undiscerning; far from it. Too many in Yonkers have been told to “wait their turn” yet never permitted to do just that.

      Lest we forget, while a degree from a school of higher learning is ever more the norm, those who may posses a sheep skin to that affect are often not qualified. Even so, they posses a degree. Their capacity to translate something of pertinence for the City of Yonkers escapes them because they have no interest even to learn on the job. You can easily recognize the platitudes repeated ad nauseum in government, even in the corporate world today. Yonkersite have been weaned and now believe they must vote a certain way. Elected office is a job for most, replete with respect, a high remuneration, a vehicle, reduced cost for gas, health insurance and a pension that if we look at those who have served in the past, so as not to disparage those in the present is shameful. Yet pangs of shame are rarely recognized.

      We also have people in government who wait out the clock and then warn that deadlines must be met, yet where were the very people that delayed an issue until the deadlines were too near to come to a worthy decision instrumental to serve the public interest?

      It’s time we contend with the grave issues that impact the majority of Yonkersites. It’s time to hunker down, learn what is required, get accomplished experts for guidance, and validate or invalidate that which is suggested is the direction best for Yonkers. Nothing else is good enough.

      SO are there people who do not posses the college degrees of which you suggest. There are many. That does not make them ignorant. And why are some people entitled to learn on the job, and lest you have forgotten, or anyone else forgotten, everyone learns on the job. Even doctors learn on the job, same for lawyers , and so many other professions.

      I suggest before anyone is trashed, demeaned, shamed, of denigrated by what some will suggest doesn’t meet the bar of excellence, we all look inwardly to who we are and if we are to judge ourselves, we too may not not cast a vote for ourselves. That is for each of us to decide.

      I suggest with all due humility that while my head was swollen by believing I had it all going on, I am not embarrassed to admit that I have learned more in the last 30 years that the 39 years before that. Each day is a teacher.

      Thanks for listening. Respectfully intentioned. Perhaps it is time for all Yonkersites to consider running for office to infuse something positive to this wonderful city along the majestic Hudson River. One need not know everything and every subject to serve the public interest.

      One only need to conduct themselves with humility, honesty, a thirst to undertake the task at hand, and to give everyone a chance by affording all a leg up.

      I wish all those who vye elected office the capacity to endure the challenges in seeking elected office.

      The fundamental issue is what are the three most important aspect of their vision; can they implement it; and how?

      It is time for Yonkers to no longer be mesmerized by promises that are oftentimes unkept. But it is also time for candidates to ascribe their name to ideas that go toward afforing Yonkers better reality than it is presently. There is always room for advancement. That is the challenge.

      There was a time I thought Yonkers needed just five righteous people to do what must be done. It was a biblical concept. Alas, it need not be 5 such people. Yonkers needs leaders at every department in the city: in government, schools, departments, emergency services, you name it. Individually time may be short for some more than others. Still, while some will be lost within minutes or years hence, the City of Yonkers will survive. Perhaps we need to be reminded what Yonkers is, what it can evolve to be, and thereby we will come to know what the challenges are.

      Many have said I am “smart” with respect to some discipline or another. What I have learned is that there is something pertinent in every person by which one may learn something. It is also time to respect all we may meet in life and celebrate what they bring to the table rather that to thwart their interest to serve a city that gave them an opportunity. All they want now is to give back. That to me Sir is the most compelling aspect that defines capacity and integrity of purpose and intent for me. The glitz and the double-speak belong on Madison Avenue and not in the City of Yonkers.



      1. Hezi,

        You appear to be confused. It’s not the “Campaign Trail” banner atop the page which I am referring to. I’m referring to the image of the candidate himself. Within it, in the top right corner, there’s a Rob Astorino for County Executive banner.

        I’m not suggesting that sycophants be elected, nor am I suggesting wordsmiths gifted with prose as eloquent as yours be the only ones eligible for ascending to elected office. I’m stating that if candidates like Mr.Simpson are to be elected, they must be prepared to combat the gravity of the issues that you report on this website on a regular basis. The implication that I suggested only people with envied degrees be permitted to serve is preposterous. This ad-hominem attack on Mr.Simpson or any of the thousands of blue-collar workers who call our city home should be and must be rebuked.

        Even by your own standard in analyzing someone’s worthiness of elected office (what are the three most important aspect of their vision; can they implement it; and how?), Mr.Simpson falls short. He fails to cohesively attack one issue in this ramble of an announcement. While you have grown apathetic and yearn for a departure from the status quo, this person will not be your champion or mine Hezi.

        All the best,


        1. Thanks for your response. The way I hear it there are many who intend to run for third district and I for one have not chosen among all who intend to enter the the campaign trail. I leave that to learning more.about all whi throw their hat in the ring.

          Until then, I will keep an open mind and after gaining more info on the candidates, I may make a choice, but that is not always the case. I have often avoided endorsing candidates for one reason or another. But some proved to be compelling in a good way and I thought validating my perspective might make a difference for some people who may have been unaware of the candidates.

          As you noted, there was a sign behind Mr, Simpson’s head. I did not notice it until you advised a second time, but I could not make out the Astorino name. But I remember the colors used in some Astorino banners and they fit. So I have taken it down. I thought he was a Democrat.

          I have heard of Steve Simpson, Dennis Robertson’s interest, Michael Ramondelli, and rumors suggest a few more. We will learn something more next week.

          Thanks again.



    2. Really what exemplary skills did Shanae Williams bring to the table other than being a flunkie for Mayor Spano and utilizing the identity politics card.

  4. Really? “Exploratory Committee”?? Is he running for president? Just run, for God’s sake, and take your chances. What do you need, a cheer leading squad? Jeez.

  5. What are any of these councilmembers’ qualifications? Zero. Zilch. Nada, execpting falling in line and doing what the mayor tells them. Leave this guy alone and let him run for office in peace.

    1. Asking for qualifications is NOT disrupting this candidate’s or any other potential candidate’s “peace”. It’s our right to know to make an informed decision at the ballot. The council should be comprised of folks who are competent, and possess relevant experience, critical thinking and other skills that will serve the city well. Having more of the same is not the answer!! The bar needs to be raised!

      1. Most of the district leaders have no idea who is running, except those candidates they are told to get signatures. So give me a break with your righteous talk about an “educated electorate” and raising the bar in Yonkers. It doesn’t exist.

  6. Hezi, chad Johnson is said to be challenging chris Johnson. What a mess that will be with two guys running for same office with the same names in a primary. That should be fun. Chad is the head of the African American advisory committee I believe, not sure but think it’s with the county.

  7. How about fixing the roads buddy, they are in the worst shape sine Spencer and Amicone regime.
    It’s like thenfriggin third world

    1. Hmmm auto mechanic or recycled Yonkers political hack? I’ll vote for the auto mechanic who by default has more in common with the average voter!

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