Stewart-Cousins’ and Heastie’s Need to Define Their Independence of Cuomo Vis-à-vis the Amazon HQ2 Inducement Will Exact Detrimental Consequences for the New York Metropolitan Area

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The Not In My Back Yard Hezitorial 

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YONKERS, NY — February 14, 2019 — Amazon representatives attended a hearing in Albany yesterday at which Senate Deputy Majority Leader Michael Gianaris was in attendance. His demeanor was judged by attendees to be combative  and desirous for Amazon’s HQ2 to be undermined. Amazon HQ2 had initially intended to build a campus employing 25,000 jobs at $150,000 per annum and thereafter, over 8 additional years expand the workforce for an additional 15,000 more people. Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie had railed at the $3 billion inducement to Amazon for building HQ2 in Queens. Governor Andrew Cuomo, supported by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, advised that the $3 inducement would return an additional $27 billion. Stewart-Cousins, Gianaris, and Heastie. Railed at the inducement offered Amazon, disgruntled over the $3 billion inducement offered the firm owned by Jeff Bezos, said to be the richest man in the world. He is said to have a net worth of $108 billion.

Whether the owner of a firm is worth $108 billion or an owner of a firm worth $108,000 the difference is numerical in nature. They would each be afforded an inducement to invest. The return on a $3 billion inducement was $27 billion; the return on a $300 inducement may return $3,000 over time. If the formula is correct for one, is the only effrontery suffered by Stewart-Cousins, Gianaris, and Heastie the fact that Mr. Bezos is the richest man in the world. What is their rationale for who should get an inducement and who should not? Or is the only pushback that Bezos is worth $108 billion?

Scuttling the deal, that was supported by New Yorkers in a recent poll by over 70 percent goes to the public’s capacity to appreciate the mathematics and the logic for such an inducement. Or is it that Stewart-Cousins, Gianaris, and Heastie only able to manage inducements valued in the millions? They individually and collectively cannot understand that the future will demand inducements of such grand scales. 

Last week Cuomo said, “It is irresponsible to allow political opposition to stop sound governmental practice!”

While many will focus on the devastating blow suffered by Cuomo and de Blasio, the people who will suffer the most are the citizens who reside in the New York Metropolitan area. Gentrification will displace people with or without Amazon. Job opportunities will not be embellished as proposed. Like job prospects will decline because investors from through the world with nor suffer the pushback Amazon had to endure? 

It seems the troika believed the only way for them to assert their independence of Gov. Cuomo is to scuttle the Amazon deal.

The conduct of the troika will soon be recognized as their individual and collective death knell; their political Waterloo. The Battle of Waterloo marked the final defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte, who conquered much of Europe in the early 19th century.

The Yonkers Tribune predicts Sen. Gianaris will be the first to falter. Sen. Stewart-Cousins will suffer the consequences of losing her majority leadership role and eventually her seat itself. Heastie may be the only person of the Troika left standing but it will be a precarious outcome for him as well.

The most to suffer what was judged to be positive residual affects are Westchester County due to Stewart-Cousins repeated public insults of Gov. Cuomo. In December 2018 she said, “You look at me, Mr. Governor, but you don’t see me,” she said. “You see my black skin and a woman, but you don’t realize I am a suburban legislator.”

If Gov. Cuomo is defined as vindictive, and some do, Westchester County will suffer. Yonkers will likely suffer the most because Yonkers is in a fiscal hole that is facing an egregious $65 to $85 million financial shortfall.  Perhaps it will be then that Stewart-Cousins will get a tin cup, fly to Amazon Headquarters, and beg for a couple of bucks.

“For Amazon, the commitment to build a new headquarters requires positive, collaborative relationships with state and local elected officials who will be supportive over the long-term,” the company said.

Amazon thanked Cuomo and de Blasio who were said to have worked tirelessly to promote the project. Amazon advised they will abandon the Queens, NY site known as HQ2 and proceed with their plans in Virginia and Nashville.

A source of the New York Post was quoted: “It’s a sad day when a minority of loud voices can rule. This was something to help diversify the city from its reliance on finance jobs.”


eHeziStewart-Cousins’ and Heastie’s Need to Define Their Independence of Cuomo Vis-à-vis the Amazon HQ2 Inducement Will Exact Detrimental Consequences for the New York Metropolitan Area

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  1. This is great. I am moving down south. I am enjoying what New York has become.
    Way out of step with reality.
    Good Luck New York.
    You are going to need it.
    Lost Prestige, Mismanaged Monies, Bridge Named After Pop-Pop, No Clear Visions.
    I can hear the fat lady singing .
    Rejection of Reality is called Dementia !
    Haaaaaahaaaa !!!!!!!!
    Rose colored Democratic World.
    Collectivism led to Millions dead.
    See Yah !

  2. The Democratic Party is having an identity crisis! Chaos reigns within the ranks of NYS democratic politics and the DNC. Lets vote all these looney Democrats out. We need to start at the local level.

  3. In their zeal to mollify the most extreme elements in the democrat party….andrea stewart cousins cost new york billions of dollars in revenue and the multiplier effect from those 25000 plus workers spending money with the small businesses both in and around what would have been the Amazon Long Island city headquarters as well as in their own neighborhoods…wrong decision at the wrong time for the wrong reasons

    mike edelman

  4. The far left is controlling New York. This should be a warning. The financial health of New York is under a attack by the Democratic Socialists. Remember, that when given the choice between Gordon Burrows or Ruth Walter. Gordon has been a sane voice for Yonkers and Bronxville.
    -Ron Matten

  5. Omg! Disgusting to let all these jobs and economic watershed not come to NY!!! For what reason? The tax incentives??? They would be recouped in one year with 25k jobs. Do the math!!

    Don’t get these extremists, the few who illegitimately overtake the voice of the silent majority. Politicians who opposed Amazon, what do you have to offer instead? Bring it on or resign!!! You have let NY down!!!!

    1. Andrew Cuomo said about the failed movie bldg up Syracuse that it would create 300+ jobs-it created exactly 2 jobs which were both maintenance jobs-then Andrew sold the bldg for $1 despite the fact that it cost $15 million to build-show me line by line the 25,000 jobs that Amazon was going to create-another pipe dream by the Democrats.

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