STOP! Please Read BEFORE Signing a Democratic Designating Petition for City Council

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eHeziSTOP! Please Read BEFORE Signing a Democratic Designating Petition for City Council

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  1. I met Dennis, my opinion is he cares for the city. Nobody is perfect at what they do. He will hopefully represent the middle democrats that are still around.

  2. I’m sick and tired hearing about this re-tread wanting to run for Mayor,
    This upcoming election will be the 3rd time he loses.
    Amicone Defeated Robertson
    Sabatino Defeated Robertson (that tells you how weak he is)
    Diaz will Defeat him June 25th.

    He won’t be running for Mayor anymore!

    1. Believe me, I am sick of him, too. It is always a ‘let’s see what he is angling for this time, to back out’. But, I have to say that Sabatino did beat him but Dennis sat the race out and did very well. The sad thing is that the northwest corridor of the Third District will more than likely produce the winner in November. It is really the heart and soul of the District, since it is so unfairly divided, running from almost the Hastings line to the Bronx. I, myself, would like to see anyone BUT him win, but I am not holding out much hope. Even bad name recognition is name recognition and he will have that, to be sure. But, I believe he is a lazy candidate and either Ms. Diaz or Ms. Maccauley, if they campaign hard, might overtake him. I hope so.

  3. The whole American political election system is antiquated and corrupt. Until this system changes, which will never happen, we will get the same old corrupt candidates whom are bought and sold by corporations and lobbyists. The banking system which is corrupted by wall street and owns all of the politicos needs to be controlled and tamed.
    Yonkers is just a microcosm of the same system.

    Anybody who wants to run for any office should be allowed to. Any law or rule that stops this is just like the “hostage” tax on homes only in Yonkers is unconstitutional. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fascist.

  4. He does cozy up to Republicans, at the council meetings he’s sitting with Republicans..
    Robertson a wolf in sheep clothing!!

  5. The Yonkers Democratic Party has reached its lowest point with the candidates its supporting.
    It’s clear Tommy Meier is getting his marching orders from the Mayor.
    Democrat voters are a lot smarter..

  6. Vote for Scott Dennis for the 5th Council District. He is the a real Democrat with real solutions. I call him the original solutionist. HE’S NOBODY’S MAN. He will hold Republican Spano accountable.

    1. NO to Robertson! Democratic Party should be ashamed.

      Who is Scott Dennis? Where can I find out his bio or is he another flunky?

        1. That’s all you have on Scott? Has a blog for displaced tech workers!! Never heard of the guy? What’s his platform to run? Tasha and Robertson we’ve heard of.

          1. Scotty is the husband of a professor. He is the father of a marine and an avid bird watcher. He believes in providing a livable wage of $24,600 to every Yonkers resident regardless of status or employment.

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