The Virginia Irony

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YORKTOWN, NY — February 7, 2019 — Several years ago I made a proposal to fill a vacant seat on the Yorktown Town Board by pulling names out of a hat. I was ridiculed in public for such a “ridiculous” idea.  I have often repeated that proposal. You can’t do any worse with my proposal than compared to some of the people we have actually elected. Think about the “three men in a room”. Only three elected men ran the State of New York for years; Silver, Skelos, and Cuomo. Where are they now? One in prison, one on the way to prison.

SO now let us turn to Virginia. We have the governor who may have used black face OR he may have dressed as a clan member; the cry is for him to resign. He has to go. Well, not so fast; but maybe he has to go.

If he goes, the Lt . Governor takes his place. But he is now accused of sexually assaulting a women  By all recent standards we have to believe the women. He is toast and should just resign. Maybe.

If the Lt. Governor is out, then the Attorney General is next to become governor. BUT he just announced that he used blackface in college. So he has to go. Maybe.

I know this is complicated but stay with me…..

That means the Speaker of the Virginia House becomes the governor. BUT all of the above positions are filled with Democrats. The Speaker of the House is a Republican. For some reason that may that may not fly.

The irony is that the Republican Speaker of the House became the speaker of the house because there was a tie vote in the election for the last seat in the House. To break the tie they put the names in a HAT!!!!!. They could have started with that process and saved a lot of time and campaign money.

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Gary Ajello, Esq. represented Yorktown as its Councilman from 1983 – 1999. 

eHeziThe Virginia Irony

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