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YONKERS, NY — February 8, 2019 —Yonkers Tribune was hit by one lawsuit over a month ago and again only days ago, another lawsuit, brought forward by the best of friends using the same lawyer. One has been launched by Yonkers Police Deputy Chief Mueller and the second one by Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Det. Keith Olson. The Mueller case has been received and responded to but the initial court hearing is not expected until the first week of March 2019. The second case is understood to be based on the same allegations, that is, that Hezi Aris, the Yonkers Tribune Editor-at-Large, engaged in malicious conduct which I unequivocally assert never existed and did not encroach into the demeanor of my reporting. The issues brought forward were corroborated through multiple sources and written under a series of articles that took place over 5 years in duration. The series of articles are part of the Blue Truth series. The two individuals are suing,  upset over the comments posted. People are entitled and guaranteed to express their opinion by the U.S. Constitution and by New York State Law. No one threatened either of the two people mentioned, who it must be noted are public figures.

The need to raise funding is to fight off what many legal minds have expressed as frivilous lawsuits in nature. The second lawsuit should it likely prove to be similar in gist to the first, and because the same law firm is representing both parties, suggests that the lawsuits are intended to shut down the Yonkers Tribune operation by exhausting the capacity of the Yonkers Tribune. We were named the acid-tongued bloggers of the Yonkers Tribune by The New York Times for good reason. Our reporting has proven to be tenacious, clear and forthright;  totally devoid of malice.

The funds are requested in order to maintain our ability to sustain our solvency despite the challenges posed  by the two lawsuits.

Our lawyer is thankfully working with us. We will need to compensate him for his work that from my layman’s perspective seems brilliant in vindicating our reporting integrity, capacity, and demeanor as has been stipulated correctly and abiding and adhering to long-standing legal precedence. We await Judge Gerald Loehr’s ruling in March. And expect the second lawsuit to reveal the issues presented in the second lawsuit.

Personally, I have been reluctant to ask for assistance, but I cannot function without legal counsel direction. The first case seeks $7 million in damages. We will soon learn what the second case will seek.

If you have the capacity and inclination to support an independent perspective on a disparate range of issues, please consider supporting the efforts to fund the Yonkers Tribune Legal Defense Fund. The GoFundMe campaign can be reached by way of this hyperlink: .

Thank you in advance for your consideration, good will, and  generosity.



Hezi Aris

HeziMedia, Inc – Yonkers Tribune

Yonkers Tribune Editor-at-Large

Westchester On the Level Internet Radio Host

eHeziThe Yonkers Tribune Legal Defense Fund

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  1. Let the State or the Fed’s come into Yonkers and free us from this
    corruption of our justice system.
    Is there any oversight by Yonkers City Hall ?
    Tax money is being misspent by hoodlums with gun’s and badges.
    Spencer started this ball rolling. Amicone man continued the thuggery.
    Spano, you want another term.
    Take em out !

  2. Hezi,
    If these guys did , and we know that they did, what is posted.
    Then let the federal justice department put an end to this corruption.
    There must be a Justice Dept Investigation.
    Towns a mess.
    Jokers really a serious felon, if what is here is true.
    LOCK EM ALL UP !!!!!!!!!!

  3. No one believes you KO. You and that Cracker Jack police Chief Mueller screwed a lot of people besides yourselves. Setting up others was not the path to the top. Two zeros.

    1. Agreed, he is unethical and does not even offer members of the YPD legal protection if he does not get the nod from the fat lying union shameless thug

      1. Yet he take their biweekly legal fund cash. The Yonkers PBA has yet to reimburse one of its members for legal expenses incurred during the Vera Investigation. YPD members have the legal right to be represented regardless if the union prez does not allow it or not. Quinn has a legal obligation to inform Olson that a member can choose his own legal representation if he does not want Olson’s personal attorney. That is how the Quinn Legal Defense was sold to the members. Very unethical to say the least.

  4. Office of the Yonkers PBA Andy Quinn was retained by Johnny Mueller the promoted Police Chief, Johnny Mumbles Mueller the Pleasantville Community Activist, Johnny Mumbles the Precinct beer-fest party animal, Johnny Mumbles Mueller the transfer refuser, Johnny Chef the hamburger flipper, and Johnny need to be a PC and Jon the Joker the screen play writer who reports incidents and affirms the Olson chronicles, Johnny my reputation is shot because of Free Speech now where is my hair gel?
    Co starring in this comedy suit is the Yonkers PBA President Keith the Tough Man of Yonkers wearing his Elastic PAL satin shorts with an old pair of his mother’s hunting wool socks who said he is a punching machine just ask Mingy when he is not looking , Keith I did not threaten or punch anybody who was not looking, Keith the woodsman who patrols the Yonkers forests at night with his smelly vest, Keith who uses profanity toward politicians and others and also gives classes to the new rookies about his famous Greenburgh night fight with Rui and six other Alamo fighters, Keith I did not threaten any civilians, Keith I don’t write Parking Summonses anymore, Keith I have used the Quinn Law Fund more than any other cop except Neil Vera who pleaded guilty to perjury. Now Andy, can we put more of my ToughMan photos in the Civil Suit? I like to scare my prey.

    1. Ha, ha, ha, so so true, not like the site Olson started “ Yonkers isn’t Safe” where Olson posted his own comments. Keith is that protected speech? We know Montero got every law official in the State protected speech. You call your grimy self a union President, ha, ha, ha. Fool

  5. Maybe Quinn can ask where Wayne’s cash went and for the years of receipts at the cash only Toughman contest started by the hurt sisters.

  6. Keith the union rat uses the Quinn Law Fund as his personal attorney against other members. Andy if you are choosing NOT to represent cops that were punched out by that lying union rat then pay for their defense since you have been taking their money biweekly.

  7. Ask Quinn about Protected Speech. Stay in your lane Andy your no match for the First Amendment. Your only good around Yonkers but in the real world the First Amendment is not pushed around with your frivolous legal briefs. John Mueller and Keith Olson have corrupted your morals.
    You will be dragged down with them.

  8. Hezi, Yonkers has always been a mud hole. It is clear that Quinn is touching the First Amendment wire again and like before will get another zap by the Court. Sorry but Mueller and Olson created their own reputations. The Yonkers Tribune will continue to report news to the public.

    Perhaps they should have not lied and set up others.

    1. Someone one should look to do an audit into the Yonkers PBA and Olson. Did he ask the membership to pay for his past and current personal suit now?

  9. Hezi, please don’t do a glowing story about Papa Spano’s death because they are ones behind empowering the likes of the element in this City especially PBA that would like to see you go out of business

  10. Hezi not only will this be tossed out on the State and Federal Laws but someone should call for an independent outside investigation of these so called cops

  11. Hezi, any thing that comes out of the mouth of John the Joker Mueller or Keith I did not assault anyone is a lie. Quinn sees both of these lying saps as cash cows…

  12. Your attorney should counterclaim to both lawsuits for the total demanded by the two plaintiffs – your assertion of freedom of the press and your blog’s allowance of comments on your articles are an absolute defense and basis of countersuit for harassment and obstruction of you freedom of speech and of the (commentary) press…

  13. I thought you were protected under freedom of speech and that there are lawyers who will represent you free under constitutional law?

    1. He is Mr Moquette, the curb runner. Oh, that’s right, you can’t run anymore. You usually sneak up on your victims then lie about them with your nut job Police Chief .

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