A Hierarchy of Power Brokers Have Gained Total Control of Every Aspect of Governance In the City of Yonkers

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The Russian Connection Was a High Tech Hack Job; the Yonkers Connection Is a No Tech Inside Job

The Russian Connection Hezitorial


Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — March 12, 2019 — Domination led to submission and now exacts total control and outcome within the political landscape. Outcome was decided before closed meetings were held illegally, before even one vote was cast for the pre-ordained office holder to be. Some have thought themselves among the political “friends and family network” to only now realize they have lost favor despite decades of service and loyalty to the power brokers they served. The debauchery began under the likes of former Mayors John Spencer and Phil Amicone, each ratcheting their capacity to control behind opaque plots and ploys. Those loyal to the power brokers gained no-bid contracts, jobs for which they have and continue to be inept in serving the public interest, but adept at taking advantage of a citizenry unaware of what transpired behind closed doors. Yet every now and then a door is left inadvertently ajar, and the likes of the Yonkers Tribune recognize the skullduggery for what it is, unbridled control of people, money, power, and outcome. Little is ever above board. And so again, the door was left ajar.

The Yonkers Democratic City Committee held a closed convention at which district leaders voted for those they were told to cast their vote. Dennis Robertson got the nod. He served on the Yonkers IDA, twice as Yonkers City Councilman to District 3, won a $250,000 no bid contract, and much more. The Republican turned Democrat is an adept chameleon proficient at lying while looking straight into your eyes. So far no one was the wiser. Then it was learned that this past weekend the Yonkers City Republican Committee cross endorsed Dennis Robertson in an illegally conducted closed convention, evidently following the example set by the Democrats. The Republicans were in such fear that anyone would find out, they did not even issue a press release defining for whom votes were cast and who was the designee for election or re-election to office. 

After the Yonkers Tribune revealed the checkered connivances Robertson engaged, reality eventually set in. The article, entitled “Dennis Robertson: Poster Child of the Failed ‘Family and Friends Network’ Returns Seeking Elected Office Once Again By HEZI ARIS (https://www.yonkerstribune.com/2019/02/dennis-robertson-poster-child-of-the-failed-family-and-friends-network-returns-seeking-elected-office-once-again-hezi-aris] yet is only accessible by subscribers. Then on February 28th the Yonkers Tribune posted a palm card that was released by a candidate for Yonkers City Council District 3 that did not inform the recipient who sent or paid for the palm card. The palm card mailer released had lifted most of what the Yonkers Tribune wrote as an admonition to not ascribe their name to any petition drive underway unless they were familiar with the candidates vying for their signature. That notice, does not require a subscription to access. It was entitled “STOP! Please Read BEFORE Signing a Democratic Designating Petition for City Council” (https://www.yonkerstribune.com/2019/02/stop-please-read-before-signing-a-democratic-designating-petition-for-city-council). 

Interestingly, Republican Dennis Robertson, who changed party affiliation and now claims to be a Democrat, has also been endorsed by the Conservative Party for his stand against Choice. 

As Yonkers Tribune’s  Editor-at-Large, I respect people whether Democrat, Republican, Conservative, or Independence Party member. There is however a dishonesty regarding Mr. Robertson’s political posture. Is he a Democrat, a Republican, Conservative or Independence adherent? Considering he is all over the map, is he true to the dogma of one party over the other? What are his leanings? Perhaps money and only money is his leaning because he believes he is deserving despite giving nothing to Yonkers. He is a taker and will never change.

The politics is however the beard. Robertson has long known that incumbent Majority Leader Michael Sabatino would not exert any effort to seek re-election. Sabatino has scored a job working for Yonkers City Hall. Or is Yonkers City Hall the gravy train for Mr. Sabatino’s yet unannounced employment by Mayor Mike Spano. Mr. Sabatino’s husband Robert Voorheis moved from a $35,000 per annum salary working for then Assemblymember Shelley Mayer before getting a $70,000 offer to which Sabatino demanded $80,000 per annum. He got it! So much will Sabatino get?

With Sabatino already out the door, Mr. Robertson believes as a Democrat he will win In District 3. Yet by accepting cross endorsement from the Republicans, one must wonder if Robertson recognizes he is vulnerable in gaining a sufficient number of votes in the November Elections as a Democrat and for that reason sought cross endorsement. As long as Robertson is against Choice he has garnered the Conservative endorsement, albeit quietly. So Robertson is the Democratic designee, who is now also cross-endorsed by the Republicans, under the radar endorsed by the Conservatives, and the Independence line May also come into play.

Justin Tubiolo, Yonkers City Republican Chair, is Westchester County Legislator David Tubiolo’s father. Justin Tubiolo gave Robertson the Republican endorsement in order to seal a non- aggression pact to protect his son who would otherwise have had to face a Democratic challenger. David Tubiolo is now safe.

CORRECTION: Dated March 13, 2019.

The Conservative Party line is controlled by Westchester County Chairman Hugh Fox, Jr. The Yonkers Tribune  INCORRECTLY attributed a leadership role to Vincent Spano who has advised he is neither a Conservative Party Ward Leader nor a District Leader.

The trifecta so to speak: Yonkers City Democratic Committee Chair Thomas Meier, is also Yonkers Department of Public Works Commissioner, in other words, he works for Mayor Spano and will do what he is told. 

So line the ducks in a row… Tommy Meier, the Dem, Justin Tubiolo, the GOPer, and Vincent Spano, the Conservative … the Trifecta. Robertson is scared to death and is vulnerable. Even so, Mayor Spano wants what he wants. Does Mayor Spano not recognize that Robertson will drag him down, and even potentially undermine the mayor’s capacity to win a third term?

But there is more, Former New York State Senator Nick Spano was the lobbyist for Empire City Casino, but MGM Resorts International will not employ the Hon. Nick Spano because their corporate statement forbids they employ a felon. With Nick Spano gone and Dennis Robertson’s cleaning contract expired and will not be renewed, Mayor Spano deems it appropriate to bail out Dennis “The Menace” Robertson. Why is beyond me, then again, it is the taxpayer who is footing the bill. Why should Yonkers City Hall flinch? So Robertson expects to win a third non-consecutive term as Yonkers City Councilman. The elected office should he win the election is valued over $100,000, includes Medical, a city car, reduced gasoline, and has the potential of running a total of three terms of four years each should these games continue until its time for Robertson to retire, 12 years from now.

The beauty of this all and there is much more to tell, is this all of it takes place under the radar screen before those ignorant of how government really functions in the City of Yonkers, and never verbalized by those hoping to win favor from an administration in a very strong position to win election to office for a third term.

While the games were at play, it seems every Tom, Dick, and Mary, Dennis, Subhomi, Steve, and Tasha, their desire to serve the constituents to District 3 is being intentionally undermined because the focus is on taking care of poor ole Dennis. Some have already relinquished their hopes running for office.

Is this what is meant when people say, “Only in America!” Or is this telling more appropriate in defining the City of Yonkers?

The travesty of it all is that some, but not all, are or were looking for a job, and serving the public interest was not  and remains of no interest.

The most pertinent takeaway is that Yonkers is supreme in and undermining ,the election process. With such proficiency residing along Yonkers’ waterfront, Yonkers should set its eyes on determining the outcome of the next election in Russia. My money is on Yonkers!

What are your thoughts? 


eHeziA Hierarchy of Power Brokers Have Gained Total Control of Every Aspect of Governance In the City of Yonkers

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  1. Karen is a not a bad person but she is being used! Used by a sad few that didn’t have the balls to do it themselves. They hung her out to dry and it’s not cool.

  2. Is this the same Karen that can’t handle her own finances? We all need to pay our rent or our mortgages. Why do you feel you don’t need to? Is that the best we can do for a position of mayor?!! Yonkers has serious issues and we need serious people to help our city.

    1. Are you calling Spano a serious candidate? Let’s see:

      – 6% tax increases last year more increases this year. In addition, the county raising the taxes 10% in 2 years

      – Lay-off threats every year

      – Jobs to family and friend like candy

      – Criticism from State and federal officials of the way he runs Yonkers.

      – He extended term limits because Shelly screwed him on the State senator seat. We never agreed to extend his term limits

      Anyone can do a better job than Mike Spano.

      Karen will be a great Mayor.

  3. Mike Spano will be sending pink slips to 300 teachers, teacher aides, and other schools staff.

    Andrea Stewart Cousins told Spano to raise the taxes since Albany is not giving money! Why would Andrea work hard to make Spano look good. Didn’t they work hard to defeat her and they lost?

    Third Term of Spano will be the worst in the histor of Yonkers.

    Fair warning to all of us.

  4. Dear Yonkers Residents,

    There are three major political parties in Yonkers:
    – Democratic Party
    – Republican Party
    – Fake Democratic Party

    Spano and Meier are the founder of the Fake Democrats in Yonkers.

    Tom Meier is the worst Democratic Party leader in the history of Yonkers. He undermines his own party by supporting republican candidates such as Mike Breen.

    Let’s fire them all. Vote for Karen Beltran and let the party ends for the corrupt politicians.

  5. Dear Fellow Republican’s , this will be David Tubiolo’s last year as a Republican, the deal has been made for him to switch Democrat.


    2. So sick of Yonkers!!! Leaning soon, but have to figure out how to manage the exit tax these corrupt politicians handcuff us with!

      A short recap…
      David Tubilolo is a tool, a puppet, a follower. His father is a F/T tool and bloodsucker. But, it’s all in the family. Much like Tom Meier and his son and family. Different families, same corrupt political entitlements. They follow their heroes the Spanos!

      The incompetent Spano family and friend network espouses the lazy ass Breen, arrogant Rubbo, dumb ass Shanee Williams, incoherent Corazon and liar Sabatino. Make no mistake about it, they are only out for themselves. Anyone that is not in their corrupt circle of influence they try to discredit.

      5 years ago I thought, Yonkers could not get worse. But then these shameless politicians extended term limits, so the corruption could continue. In the meantime, folks in the 4, 5 and 6 are selling homes like lightning. And those in the 1, 2 and 3 are left under served, disenfranchised while developers and politicians make $$$ and unions and working class are left out to dry! Sickening.

  6. Keep our city moving forward Mayor!! Things are looking good. Thank you for all you do sir. We are here for you me and my family

    Randy Santiago
    Carol ave resident

  7. Is Mike Breen running as a Democrat or Republican?
    The reason why I ask is Yonkers Democratic Chairman Tom Meier is working hard for Breen.

  8. Crime is at its lowest, Economic development is at its highest. Schools are being built, pressure from the Mayor to hold Albany accountable for the money due to us. All that and he’s a nice guy. I met him at ShopRite on tuckahoe road. I was a fan from a far but when I met him I was really touched by his kindness.

    1. E. Vasquez- you met the Spano way before seeing him in Shoprite. We can go by hire dates of your family members.

      Spano destroyed the values of Yonkers and sold us to developers and special interest groups.

      What do we get in return? Higher taxes/ crazy rents/ crowded city where you can’t park anywhere. Meanwhile, the Spano family is getting richer.

      The time is now to end this circus and bring checks and balances back to City Hall.

      We don’t care whether it’s Karen Beltran or someone else. Spano must go!

    2. Keep reading Spano’s fairy tales, do you really believe crime is down. They are pulling the same lines White Plains did for years not reporting crimes in the Gaaleria, you want to buy a bridge I am selling.

      1. Nikolai Spano Middle School is being built. They wanted to make it a high school, but they wanted to make sure Mike could graduate.

  9. Another Spano friends and family position was the midget appointed to the office of emergency management. What credentials did he have besides running a jewelry store.

  10. This Spano guy lacks accountability and transparency.
    He is fake and double faced. He came out when the chicken island sale was announced and now he is hiding.

    Hezi- can you give us an update on the Chicken Island sale? The developer changed his/ her mind or what?

    1. Beltran is no threat. The friends and family network is secure. Big brother Nikolai Spano paid the ziti to Justin Tubes. David Tubes is in. Porky Pig Breen also running on the swine party is in. Have you seen his wife Patty? Gordon “Gecko” Burrows will be phoning in his race. And douche Mario the Mouth DiGorgio is selling shoes.

  11. Yonkers has to remember that Spano running for a third term is Illegitimate.
    As far as I know, we, the voters, didn’t vote to extend term limits.

    That would make third term for Spano and Breen Illegitimate.

    Dennis is just Spano’s doggy.

    1. Tubiolo’s mother was a political provisional at the COY and then got a political job with Astorino and now has another political job with the Board of Elections-nothing she has gotten has been on her own merits other than that she is a political hack with absolutely no qualifications. Tubiolo’s son is nothing more than a bumbling idiot.

  12. Vote for a man named Scott Dennis for Council District 5. Scott will stay awake during council meetings. Scott will not expand term limits so he can get a pension. Scott will not get his friends and family jobs. Scott will not make fun of the disabled.

    1. Post
  13. What’s happening in Yonkers is disgusting!!

    Democrats are working hard to protect and give Republican David Tubiolo a free ride (his father is the Yonkers Republican Chairman)

    Republicans Cross Endorse Dennis Robertson who is supposedly running as a Democrat.

  14. Once upon a time, there was a real Republican Party in Yonkers. Justin Tubiolo ruined every aspect of it.

    Does this rise to the level of a criminal act?

    We can start by voting Spano out of office and lead Robertson to the exit.

    Then the federal government can get involved on corruption, Conspiracy, and mail fraud charges.

  15. Tom Meier is a joke. His own daughter hates him. He cheated on his wife and now he is cheating the voters.

    I am not sure how he is the leader of the Democrats. The party needs a whole reform.

    How can a candidate get nomination from all parties! Doesn’t he have beliefs, something to stand for, ideology?

    What is Dennis Robertson? A kiss it all guy?

    Who wants to put a guy like that in office? We have plenty of you buddy!

  16. I thought Vinny is better than the rest of Spanos- I guess corruption is in the blood of the Spanos.

    They just can’t help it.

  17. The Spanos have been making too many mistakes.

    It’s time for a clean house. I am voting for Karen Beltran. I will spread the word to everyone how corrupt the Spanos are.
    That’s enough!

  18. Karen Beltran will be picking the next Democratic City Leader..It’s going to be great when she cleans house. The Spano’s can’t buy there way out of this one.

    1. From what I hear she can’t even pay her own bills and has declared bankruptcy. If she can not manage her own finances how can she handle the finances of a city the size of Yonkers especially with no relevant experience in government?

      1. Well your info is totally FAKE news. Wrong Karen Beltran. Get your facts straight you Spano lackey!

        We need to clean up the Yonkers swamp! It’s not about Dems or Republicans in Yonkers…it’s about corruption, abuse of power, party collusion, pay to play, nepotism, entitlement and screwing in all ways of the taxpayer!

        The Feds need to come to Yonkers to make criminal referrals.

        1. I am just a concerned Yonkers taxpayer. If it’s true, the voters have the right to know to know about such things. Don’t you agree?

      2. ⬆️⬆️⬆️ Highly doubt that, but I’m sure a smear campaign is in the works. What makes you think this admistration understands & manages the budget effectively?

        1. We knew about Trump’s companies declaring bankruptcy before he was elected. He won so, given your reasoning, she shouldn’t be worried if its true. She should disclose it.

          Hezi: this is a legitimate issue for the taxpayers. Can you ask her and report back?

          1. Post

            Who should I be asking? And what is the question; I should be asking? Thanks for your suggestion.

          2. I am asking you to reach out to Karen Beltran and ask her if she has declared bankruptcy. Your remember when Virginia did this and no one knew until she was already sworn in. The voters need to be informed.

    2. You are delusional. No Personality Karen Beltran was put in the race so she and Ivy Reeves can cancel each other out at the polls to ensure another Spano win.

  19. Thank you for connecting the dots on somethings that I was not aware of.
    My thoughts
    This doesn’t surprised me, it all makes better sense to me and should to those paying attention. The voters in Yonkers are either not informed or no longer vote. The corruption, back room deals, late meetings are exactly why Yonkers resident don’t get involved.
    This is not new to Yonkers poltics.
    The only difference now is that is Blatantly done with no shame. It really doesn’t matter if you vote in Yonkers.
    Until all of the recycled politicians are out, along with their entourage.
    There will be no change.

    Elected officials termed out of office or lost a race should not be working in city hall, in addition they should not be appointed to a board of any kind.

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