Mayor Thomas Fires Mount Vernon Police Commissioner Shawn Harris

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City Hall. Mount Vernon, NY.

The Mount Vernon Dysfunction Hezitorial

MOUNT VERNON, NY — March 16, 2019 — Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas dismissed Commissioner of Public Safety Shawn Harris on March 13th for betraying his trust by supporting Thomas’ declared mayoral challenger City Council President André Wallace. Yet Thomas’ ire was raised about five weeks earlier when then Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Spiezio III was apprehended by New Rochelle Police driving a Mount Vernon-owned SUV in a reckless manner and flashing red lights driven and doing so with a suspended driver’s license. Commissioner Shawn advises that should Mr. Spiezio assert that he is acting with approval or authority, or that he is a member of the Mount Vernon Police Department, he will be in violation of New York State Penal Law §190.26, that is, criminal impersonation in the first degree and a criminal complaint will be filed with Westchester County District Attorney Anthony Scarpino.

Joseph Spiezio III

The scuttlebutt on the street today is that Spiezio has sold his home and that he presently resides at the New Rochelle Ramada Inn. Spiezio has held onto the Chevrolet Tahoe for over a month’s time without returning it to the City of Mount Vernon and a formal complaint has not been filed with Westchester County District Attorney Anthony Scarpino. 5his despite the Thomas Administration suggesting the property would be returned in a timely manner. it evidently has not!Why has Mount Vernon Corporation Counsel Larry Porcari, Esq., not acted to legally retrieve Mount Vernon’s property? 

When in Yonkers, and as a staff member of Yonkers Corporation Counsel, Larry Porcari was regarded as one of Spiezio’s boys. It seems their  relationship has not changed. Some may defined their relationship as evolving, but not to the benefit of Mount Vernon. Since it seems Mayor Thomas is in a dismissive rampage, he may wish to focus his attention on relieving the failed and failing Larry Porcari, Esq. from maintaining his hold onto Mount Vernon Corporation Counsel.

At issue now is whether the MVPD will retrieve the city’s property and return it to the City of Mount Vernon and whether “legal eagle” Porcari will assist them in their legally righteous endeavor or their effort will be undermined and thwarted by his attending to issues superfluous to the function, rather than the disfunction he has permitted to transpire without even a whimper

More as this saga continues, mired as it is in authoritative pronouncements devoid of legal standing, and its being derogatory to the City of Mount Vernon’s capacity to move beyond the dramatic off-off Broadway stage show, such as it is.

eHeziMayor Thomas Fires Mount Vernon Police Commissioner Shawn Harris

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