Mayoral Candidate Shawyn Patterson Howard: “The Healing Begins Now!”

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Calls on Mayoral Candidates to Sign a Pledge to Run a Clean and Civil Campaign. 

Shawyn Patterson Howard declares her candidacy for Mayor of the City of Mount Vernon, NY.

MOUNT VERNON, NY — March 7, 2019 — Shawyn Patterson Howard yesterday called on her opponents in the crowded field for Mount Vernon Mayor to run their campaigns based on proven records and ideas for the future of our city. Further, she calls on them to avoid the viciousness and social media attacks so common in today’s campaigns.“

“We face grave problems in Mt. Vernon,” Mrs. Howard said. “It’s time to get serious. On my campaign, we intend to change the culture of the game. We’ll have the honest conversations, with a clear-eyed focus on what we can become, on what Mt. Vernon can achieve. There is no time for drama or theater. Let’s get moving in the right direction.”

In a video posted on her Facebook page, which garnered thousands of views in a few hours, Mrs. Howard pledged to run a campaign based on three guiding principles: be 100% honest and focus on honest and truthful conversations; be transparent on her campaign’s finances and be civil and professional in all of her campaign’s communications and operations.

Citing an untruthful and malicious robocall that went out anonymously, and the day after a heated and troublingly unprofessional press conference attended by the Mayor and President of the City Council, Mrs. Howard called on all campaigns to come to the table to sign a pledge.

“For the past 12 years, our mayoral races have deeply fractured our community,” Mrs. Howard said. “We cannot wait until the campaign season is over to begin healing—we must start today. We must set the tone for our conduct as a campaign, and along the way, take responsibility for the actions of our supporters.”

Mrs. Howard invited her opponents in the race to meet at a neutral location to sign a pledge to run campaigns based on honesty and civility.

“I will call each of my opponents to invite them to meet. I look forward to it. And I look forward to an honest and civil electoral contest. The healing begins now.” 

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eHeziMayoral Candidate Shawyn Patterson Howard: “The Healing Begins Now!”

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