Mount Vernon Residents Opine Over Their Elected Officials

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MOUNT VERNON, NY — March 28, 2019 — Mount Vernon residents shared their thoughts about their elected officials. The polling results are the tabulated results taken on March 21st through 27th, 2019, from 618 participants, gleaning results that may be considered plus or minus 3 or 4 percent either way of those noted herein. The poll was undertaken by Democratic Pollster Tom Kiley of Kiley & Company, a Boston-based polling and consulting firm that offers opinion-research and strategic-consulting services to political, public policy and corporate clients. The firm has conducted political polling, public opinion research and focus groups for more than 40 years, and in that time has worked in virtually every state in the nation.

The poll results are specific to elected Mount Vernon office holders as follows:

J. Gary Pretlow, New York State Assemblyman, AD89

Positive: 71% … Negative: … 9% … No comment: 20%

Lyndon William, Westchester County Legislator, LD13

Positive: 68% … Negative: … 13% … No comment: 19%

Deborah Reynolds, Mount Vernon Comptroller

Positive: 8% … Negative: … 43% … No comment: 49%

Richard Thomas, Mount Vernon Mayor

Positive: 41% … Negative: … 38% … No comment: 21%

Marcus A. Griffith, Mount Vernon City Council President

Positive: 56% … Negative: … 27% … No comment: 17%

André Wallace, Mount Vernon City Councilmember

Positive: 51% … Negative: … 26%… No comment: 23%

Lisa Copeland, Mount Vernon City Councilmember

Positive: 30% … Negative: … 13%… No comment: 57%

Delia M. Farquharson, Mount Vernon City Councilmember 

Positive: 23% … Negative: … 13%… No comment: 64%

Janet Duarte, Mount Vernon City Councilmember

Positive: 21% … Negative: … 3%… No comment: 76%


Is Mount Vernon Comptroller Deborah Reynolds doing her job?

Positive: 11% … Negative: … 68%… No comment: 21%

Is Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas doing his job?

Positive: 63% … Negative: … 18%… No comment: 19%

Does Mayor Richard Thomas have legal issues?

Positive: 0% … Negative: … 87% … No comment: 13%


eHeziMount Vernon Residents Opine Over Their Elected Officials

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  1. I believe data from polling, projected Hillary to win the last Presidential election by a landslide. To the best of my knowledge, that was not the outcome, therefore polls may not always be accurate. However, looking at the poll data from this story, one can not help but realize how out of touch the alleged cross section of the City really is. One can easily surmise from the figures that Vernonites take into consideration robocalls and the myriad of internet based propaganda, when deciding good from evil, while giving high props to the politicians they rarely hear about. The public’s view of the latter, being based on the ease of ability one has to remain out of the public spotlight, when one has done nothing in years to catalyze such scrutiny.

  2. Karen Beltran has the endorsement of the Westchester Hispanic Dems. Soon she will have the endorsement of many other Hispanic groups. Then the endorsements will start pouring in from the Women’s groups. Then the indivisibles. Then the term limit proponents (who are PISSED OFF). And then the unions will be endorsing her en masse. It’s OVER Spano. OVER.

    1. Black Clergy of Westchester will not endorse Mayor for re-election… They will go with Isley or Davis….and that’s the way it is…..

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