New York State Budget Only a Few Items Short of Final Approval

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Sources in the Know Advise All But Public Campaign Financing Reform Is  In Place

ALBANY, NY and YONKERS, NY — March 30, 2019 —  Final  agreement to New York State’s FY2020 is on the verge of winning approval sometime Saturday night. The compendium of items delineated are yet to be divulged. Even so the hundreds of pages that will define the final budget are already being printed. The process of approving item by item will make its final round and are very likely to meet the April 1st deadline, a hallmark of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s on-time budget legacy.

Likely the biggest nut to crack will be with respect to how much to increase education funding and the revised “formula” that would govern its disbursement throughout the state. A permanent cap on property tax  reform, bail reform, and congestion pricing, the first of its kind in the nation, have seemingly won majority support. 

A recognized potential source of revenue will not make it out of committee; there are simply too many issues regarding the use of recreational marijuana that may cause harm should it be mixed with liquor that has caused the Legislators to take pause. For all intent and purpose, it may be said the issues presently is how much, more than what programs will be funded.


eHeziNew York State Budget Only a Few Items Short of Final Approval

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  1. Scott Dennis will get Yonkers back on its feet. We don’t need Albany, we need to charge the rich an appropriate amount of tax. We should charge Yonkersites who make over $75,000 a year a 3% income tax.

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