Tasha Diaz, Community Leader, Announces Her Candidacy for Yonkers Yonkers City Council District 3

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YONKERS, NY – March 22, 2019 — Jefferson Terrance Tenants Association President, and community leader Tasha Diaz announced her candidacy for the now open 3rd City Council seat in Yonkers.

“I am so excited to announce that I am running for City Council District 3,” said Diaz. “I was born in Yonkers, I have lived here all my life. Not only that, I raised my kids here, and I believe firmly in our duty as a community to take an active part in our government.”

Tasha Diaz is well known for her position as the Jefferson Terrace Tenants’ Association President but also because of the community outreach programs she started over many years. She has worked with vendors to provide food to the homeless and hungry in Yonkers and surrounding cities. Most recently, she partnered with FedEx to provide over 300 toys to underserved kids.

“I have made it my mission to provide services to help my Yonkers neighbors,” said Diaz. “I have created partnerships and used my relationships to address problems central not only to the people in my district but across Yonkers and in surrounding cities.”

As an appointed member of the Women’s Advisory Board for Westchester County Legislative District 17, and an active member of ACDY (Dominican Cultural Association of Yonkers).  Diaz has the background to join the Yonkers City Council ready to get to work on day one. Her ability to get things done without a government office only further prepares her to affect real progress for District 3.

“I am excited to launch my campaign and continue to get out there and further immerse myself in the needs of the community,” said Diaz. “See you out there on the campaign trail!”

SOURCE: Campaign Publicist Peter Brown.


eHeziTasha Diaz, Community Leader, Announces Her Candidacy for Yonkers Yonkers City Council District 3

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  1. Meier asked her to be his Recording Secretary on his Executive Committee, as a favor to Virginia. Shouldn’t Meier be endorsing his own hand-picked Committee member instead of endorsing Robertson? Yonkers politricks.

    1. She is probably not qualified to be on the Council. You can see by this announcement that the elevator doesn’t go to the top floor.

  2. Hopefully this time tarshina/natasha used the right first name n the petitions she is circulating and has disavowed her republican friend Virginia Perez.

    1. We are all on public assistance of one sort or another. Whether it’s medical service, trash collection, policing, and so on.

      I would rather someone who is on “public assistance” than someone who steals from the public like Dennis Robertson.

      Dennis Robertson has been known to be lazy and fights for no one but his family.

      His family is employed by the City of Yonkers and Board of Education.

      Spano gave him a no-show contract for $40,000.

      So who is on public assistance now?

      Tasha Diaz is from the people for the people of Yonkers. Her candidacy is a pride for all of us in Yonkers. She will always fight for us.

      1. Don’t worry. She will not win. She can’t even figure out how to petition. She should keep getting her government cheese.

      2. Listen, I’m not for Robertson but not everyone is on public assistance of one form or another. I pay taxes for police, fire and medical services. Are you saying this woman does not?

  3. You have to take these announcements with a grain of salt-these candidates seem to exaggerate to a great degree their accomplishments-a little concerned bout your membership in the ACDY in that as it is well known Dominican’s come first and all other Hispanic groups can get in line and wait their turn.

    1. Right – much better to support someone who has REAL credentials
      Who did I miss?

      1. Agree, credentials to run or hold office are NOT a birthright! Every man or woman running should stand on their own record, talents, accomplishments and experience they bring to the table to make a substantive difference.

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