The Blue Truth Series Is Protected Speech

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The Blue Truth Hezitorial Continues

The Blue Truth

YONKERS, NY –– March 17, 2019 ––  Yonkers has its own sad cast of characters who simply don’t get it, then again, perhaps they really do, but strictly from one perspective, theirs, and theirs alone.  Despite their self-serving antics, legal and otherwise, although allegedly more of the latter than the former, their intent is seemingly engaged to undermine the Yonkers Tribune’s financial capacity in order to cleanse the online media outlet from divulging their alleged conduct. Conduct that is well known by the Yonkers Police Department, the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association (PBA), and the Yonkers  Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants Association (CLSA), as well as among the likes of Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner, and the Office of Westchester County District Attorney Anthony Scarpino, Jr. 

Reporting the conduct of public figures, whether members of administrative offices, individuals serving elected office, or departments under the aegis of its mayor have always been of public interest. This is so the Fourth Estate can check whether they cling to the tenets of their job description,  and conform in abidance to and by the law. It is the reporting, and telling of such conduct, in celebration of its forthright conduct, or the telling of its trashing the parameters exceeded by personal misconduct that is the purpose and intent of print and digital publications. Lest anyone be so aloof, or suggest that celebration of good conduct, and admonition, and warning of conduct that does not abide by expected and defined standards can be dismissed without impunity is sadly mistaken. Yet the wrath of those who intend to silence the public interest by espousing falsehoods, bearing false witness to circumstances that have been told, yet have been expressed to obfuscate facts, must recognize that their intent, can, is and will continue to be told whether it conforms to their personal agenda or not, with as much passion and insight than they are likely to bring to the table, whether by legal means, intimidation of the media, or for any purpose other than informing the truth, as opposed to those who are not averse to perjure themselves before a city that wants to believe those dressed in blue uniforms are meant to protect society-at-large. 

No government representative or public figure is immune from public scrutiny, and frivolous, self-serving lawsuits won’t scare any legitimate media outlets from reporting the news as it is expressed best by their substantiated and confirmed  knowledge, devoid of embellishments; simply the facts, and nothing more. Yet another aspect of reporting, often forgotten, but a corollary to stellar reporting is the editorial, descriptive of facts, and connecting the dots often not expressed from the outset, so as to give respected, even not respected government institutions and personnel a warning that they best consider choosing legal and rational conduct. In other words to retreat from the audacity of their ploy so that they may engage in a retreat without soiling their individual conduct so as not to besmirch the department, such as by the Yonkers Police Department, the Yonkers Fire Department, among others. To shrink from such warnings, so as to maintain a civilized sense of decorum, is to succumb and submit to abrogating one’s responsibility as a publisher / editor-at-large of the Fourth Estate, whether accomplished in print, digitally, on radio / podcast, or television.

Imagine the unbridled abuse of government where there is no watchdog. Imagine if egregious conduct was not noted, and thereby emboldened outliers to continue their extortionist behavior without The People being informed what was happening in their name,  by people entrusted to serve the City of Yonkers without bias or malice.

Over almost 6 years, the Blue Truth series of articles have accomplished just that, telling it like it is, no more, no less. The Yonkers Tribune has done so in a measured fashion so as to remind those who lost their way in conforming to departmental protocols by error, or purpose, that publications such as the Yonkers Tribune were aware, and that now known, before issues get out of hand, conformity to the tenets of employment or elected office best be met. 

A respectful approach to the alleged misbehavior of Yonkers Deputy Police Chief John Mueller, Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Det. Keith Olson, and the now retired Det. Brian Moran, previously dubbed the Three Amigos by the Yonkers Tribune, have each filed a lawsuit against the venerable Yonkers Tribune. 

The Yonkers Tribune is no gadfly diversion. It is a knowledgeable, erudite member of the Fourth Estate immersed in serving the public interest to the best of its capacity. It has done so unflinchingly, outing those public figures who erroneously believed they served themselves beyond their station and believed they were immune from public scrutiny or finding their conduct deliberated upon by the “acid-tongued bloggers” found within the digital pages of the Yonkers Tribune. 

A lack of attention by and from the Yonkers Tribune uncovered and revealed, that which was proven and valid, and thereby caused the likes of Mueller, Olson, and Moran to seek shelter from our knowing and capacity to report. Were the Yonkers Tribune conflicted in its honest telling, we would be superfluous to that of an honest broker of fact and we would have earned the ire of Yonkersites. Instead, the legal assaults against the Yonkers Tribune are seemingly intentioned to shut us down, sadly leaving Yonkersites bereft and unaware who and by whom they were being played. No one would be held accountable and the public would be kept in the dark. There would be no justice because the renegades would be the jury, judge and executioner. 

Without protected speech contempt of the public would run amok and public figures, such as Yonkers Deputy Police Chief John Mueller and his (BFF) Best Friend Forever Yonkers PBA President Detective Keith Olson would have gone undetected by public scrutiny for what has been occurring since 2010, albeit the Yonkers Tribune began its introspection some three years afterwards. We were in the dark as much as was the public. These three tough guys used their positions of power to intimidate and crush any police officer of every rank, or civilian, who dared to speak out over what was occurring within the Yonkers Police Department. 

Anyone who was thought to be “friendly” with, or were thought to be the whistle blowers that informed the Yonkers Tribune were regarded by Olson as cancerous to the well-being of the self-serving  members of those dressed in blue. While many have conjectured about possible insiders, none have been correctly identified. Further, were any in fact ever identified, even if they were, the Yonkers Tribune Publisher would not admit to even one such alleged source. That is because the individuals who did share what transpired to Yonkers Tribune were and remain part of the conglomeration of shared circumstances that have morphed into the telling known as The Blue Truth series. 

It was Olson who personally directed email to the Yonkers PBA membership advising them that he forbade “talk” at the water-cooler. It was these “civil” navigators that cast the first stones:  threats, lies, unauthorized investigations, and false writes-ups. When City Hall turned a blind eye they thought they were untouchable and started targeting civilians. Those who were conjectured to have shared information with the Yonkers Tribune were targeted, as were their family, colleagues, and friends. 

But these guys didn’t stop there. They went on to set up other cops to be thrown out of the Yonkers PBA (the union) while collecting their bi-monthly dues intentioned as payment for each member to be represented by legal counsel, that is, $50.00 every two weeks, equivalent to $1,200 per Police Officer, for legal representation when required by and from the Andrew Quinn Law Firm so as to protect any and all members of the Yonkers PBA. 

Without  United States Constitutional guarantees of protected free speech, and honest reporting by trustworthy media such as the Yonkers Tribune,  the City of Yonkers would have more rogue cops like Neil Vera who pleaded guilty to perjury. For some in the Yonkers PBA, perjury became the tool by which perjurers got away with targeting people internally and thus building, shaping and damaging THEIR own reputation. It seems Mueller and Olson conspired to engage their own internal plan where Mueller and Olson could run the entire Yonkers Police Department by their own debauched conduct, their quasi-law standards and alternative contrivances and deformities of so-called “justice”. 

It seems as though Olson simply intended his membership to pay biweekly dues and become mute and subservient to Olson’s latest incoming PBA board. The Yonkers PBA leadership has in hushed tones been defined as the worst PBA in New York State. Olson is the “Godfather who stripped away the Yonkers PBA members of their 207c medical benefits by deceiving his membership to the repercussions the dismissal of 207c would be. It would be recognized to be deleterious to the rank and file when they needed medical attention. The purpose of undermining the PBA membership was to cooperate with the Spano clan. That being the case, the Yonkers Tribune reported that intent, the only media outlet to report the circumstances was the Yonkers Tribune. The Yonkers Tribune was then  perhaps too timid  to report that former New York State Senator, turned lobbyist, Nick Spano, held and squeezed Olson his filthy jock strap so as to gain cash for promotions, transfers and get out of jail cards. 

As for John Mueller, he should have used another ruse rather than telling the Yonkers Tribune that he had photos of Keith Olson punching out another member in a bar. What reporter would turn that down? Mueller using that ruse to have Publisher Hezi Aris await the unidentified person with photos and proof of the conflagration; instead Publisher Aris was served with a lawsuit. That was followed by a second lawsuit filed by Keith Olson, and only this past Thursday, a third lawsuit, this one from Brian Moran, who is now employed as a part-time investigator for New York State Attorney General Trish James. The lawyer representing the Three Amigos is Andrew Quinn, Esq.

It seems these guys must have crawled out of the same sewer. Sources within the Yonkers Police Department are well aware of the underhanded actions of these two characters that brainstormed a frivolous lawsuit to get information on sources reporting incidents that the public had a right to know and perhaps other judicial agencies. John Mueller and Keith Olson are not happy campers, but they can blame no one other than themselves for the shady reputations they created for themselves.

Yonkers Deputy Chief John Mueller should be more concerned about his day to day duties, than chasing politicians around about a Police Commissionership he is NOT worthy of serving. Throwing a beer fest in your local police precinct and then denying a transfer is of public concern, just like when Keith Olson threatens civilians, viciously attacks them and then hides behind his union position. Yes, like it or not free speech is protected by the U.S. Constitution and by the State of New York. 

That was proven by Det. Raymond Montero in State and Federal Court. His case secured Protected Speech for every dues paying law enforcement officer in the United States. Perhaps Mueller, Olson, and Brian Moran should have put on their “big boy pants”  if they were going to bend the rules and target civilians and others with the same calls they express today, that is, crying foul. What about their reputations, families and futures? What about the officers that Keith Olson brutally punched? Why,  just this past October, the so-called Yonkers PBA Union leader savagely and brutally attacked another police employee while off-duty in a bar / restaurant in Bronxville, NY.  Is that not of public concern? It is so the Yonkers Tribune reported it. One has to wonder how competent the PBA Union President Det. Olson is that he stands erect at a union meeting claiming he has someone’s personnel file.

Sometimes you have to yank people like these back to reality. Police Officers take an oath to uphold State and Federal Laws. No one is permitted to abridge or bend these laws. No police officer, no matter his/her rank is permitted to target civilians, and other police officers as they choose. The law does not permit it. 

The Yonkers Tribune, and other media are eagerly awaiting to see what will be the outcome from Olson’s latest investigation; one at which Olson brutally and repeatedly punched another PBA member in a bar / restaurant in  Bronxville, NY. Since Olson’s best friend Police Chief John Mueller made the complaint on Olson’s behalf we are wondering if he is following the outcome with the Quinn Firm.

There is too much smoke within the Yonkers PBA, and one would have to say you cry babies did every bit of it and your tails got caught in the trap. So now you night crawlers attempt to hide from the lights of justice and engage the Andrew Quinn Law Firm to write up what is nothing more than legally frivolous smoke screens  ‘Dear John Hardship’ lawsuits. The last person that went to a Westchester Supreme Court hearing against Quinn and the Yonkers PBA didn’t get a hearing to see the real facts of Quinn’s two inch thick smoke screen backdrop for Olson.  Thankfully the New York State Court of Appeals of the Second Circuit saw very differently than the Westchester Supreme Court. It appears the Quinn Law Firm has a very close allegiance to Yonkers Deputy Police Chief John Mueller and Yonkers failed union leader Det. Keith Olson. 

Hold on a second, these two choir boys and now Brian Moran using Quinn again.

Then why not report if a PBA member has a legal dispute against Olson or any of his PBA board’s sheep, or gets punched out, or refuses to personally use Quinn. It seems the Three Amigos know that no one gets legal representation unless you personally hire your own legal counsel using your own money. And you definitely won’t get the Quinn stamp of approval unless authorized by Olson. Now if you’re thrown out of the union for a number of years, you still pay into the Yonkers PBA/ Quinn Law Firm but you have to hire your own legal defense team. Now that is why news reporting  needs to be told or it breeds corruption in its purist form. 

Now what of the reputation of public figures, including police officers, and Freedom of the Press? Simple, it is news for which the public clamors to know because it is their legitimate concern. After all, it is their taxes that pay their salaries and benefits and they have a right to know what these public servants are up to.



eHeziThe Blue Truth Series Is Protected Speech

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  1. The story printed in the Journal News was just police misconduct that made the news because some civilian died during a raid that we now know was based on all lies. The Yonkers PBA personnel and others should no doubt be investigated from 2010. The Yonkers Tribune as well as the victims await Olson’s recent brutal attack on another person (police officer) and his continuous threats to civilians. Now he and his two best friends that were no doubt THE issue for the Yonkers Police Department put together a frivolous lawsuit which will open the flood gates, statements and reports against the rotten dirty trio who targeted other cops and civilians using their positions.

    Rogue cops for certain.

  2. Keith Olson and Jonny I did not touch any alcohol in the precinct has been taking away votes and cash from the Mayor for several years now. Olson is currently awaiting for the outcome of an IAD investigation for his vicious cowardly attack on Santobello. All that is left of Olson is his cousin Frank McDonald who signed a petition against another “cop”. You other senior veterans and new personnel must not let the likes of a union rat President and his minions continue to shame the PBA and GIVE your benefits away and besides attacking and threatening civilians and politicians.

  3. The three losers are back with the same old lies. These losers set up other cops and targeted civilians and now they ALL use the same “ police “ Lawyer “ Andy Quinn”. It sure is very interesting how Andy Quinn is supposed to defend all dues paying members regardless of whether the large sliding broken down barn door Keith Olson gives the nod. So while a member was thrown out of the union based on All lies from these dirtbags , they continued to take his legal fees from his pay for over two years. Andy we are wondering what your colleagues on the ethics board would say. Not to mention that your so called flying sidekick union rat President Keith Olson refused to reimburse a dues paying member for his legal cost that was brought on from Olson’s friend and union trustee who was writing false search warrants which caused the death of another. So the public or other hard working police officers should not be informed about a union President and his legal team about NOT covering the member’s tab. Yet, the very same fat flying rat and his two BFFs , are lying, targeting and wanting to be Commissioner by ANY means the bald headed, chair rocking, precinct party animal seeks a leadership position of any department with two or more personel where he can make up his own laws. The other seal face, freelancing investigator, Snoop Brian Moran who investigates others without telling anyone in any police department about his unauthorized independent investigations against others within his own department. They are using Andy Quinn the “ so-called “ NYS wise police Union lawyer. Andy your first mistake is representing all three mutts that did every bit of what you’re crying about and more which may be unveiled by your need of money taken bi-weekly from police officers. One can assume why Mr Quinn. Andy, you sat there mute while your clients have picked their prey which included civilians. Maybe you really should revisit your client’s statements before others do. It is like the Tribune said, the “ public “ has a right to know what public figures do and especially misconduct to SAY the least Mr. Quinn.

    1. Keith are you or your tough guy thugs going to invite Monte and his friends into the woods at this year’s PBA picnic or are you going to pull the old Olson’s sucker punch over the shoulder of another person? The frivolous law suits states the Tribune hurt you and your two weirdo friends reputations. That long list of police misconduct went unreported and unanswered because big Nick was protecting his nest egg. To date we still don’t know who broke into the Narcotics office during the District Attorney’s Internal Investigation into Vera.
      Maybe this suit can shed some real life Serpico statements against you litigants.

    2. Heard they are going to send ESU to HQ to remove that nut job Jon the Joker who is acting Police Commissioner until Saturday. Heard he was at City Hall offering his best Pokémon cards to stay. Heard KO was standing over his shoulder. Moran was outside peeping in through the windows taking pictures or recording them.

  4. Yea Hezi, The City of Yonkers is the only place where some members of the Yonkers PBA truly think they are above the law and rules of the department. That’s because someone is controlling what is investigated and what is not from City Hall. Money and endorsements talk in Yonkers. Although the Yonkers PBA endorsement don’t mean sqat anymore since Keith Olson pulled out his chunk of rotten cheese.

  5. Keith any way the Association can pay back Mingy his legal fee that he needed during Vera’ s perjury investigation? He was entitled to representation right KO?
    Oh that’s right, only if you become a lying Olsonette will the bill be paid.

  6. Keith the fat union rat, Johnny ( I did not drink in the precinct), and Brian Snoop Moran, I did not investigate anyone, all should be worried as to what others will put on the record. Bring cheese guys the line will be long

  7. You think Jon the Joker told the PC he dared another officer to fire his weapon in his office. Jonny Walnut which part is damaging to you reputation?

    1. Ah, we know but the cry babies did not want the entire County to know about the misconduct. You guys didn’t have to sue all you had to do was STOP. Mueller also must have forgotten how he called Jimmy a rat from his beer festival at the precinct. You really should seek help boys.

      1. Hope you saved a copy of that parking summons you personally wrote to Khader. Oh that’s right Keith everything is not true. But the two times you attacked Mingy never took place either.

  8. Just heard Keith Olson the Woodsman decided to sue because his reputation was tarnished. These guys lawsuits are so laughable that Quinn must have written it up while they were all drinking.

  9. Yonkers career politicians should be ashamed of themselves for not calling for a criminal internal investigation and for not protecting those who were threatened, assaulted and set up. The Yonkers PBA Union President Keith Olson and others should have been disciplined long ago.
    Maybe the next Mayor and or fresh new politicians will address this internal misconduct. Maybe the outside investigators could request the Internal Affairs files and the City files on these litigants. To think Mayor Mike Spano and his brother Nick wants four more years of this.

  10. Just wondering if this law suit will find out who sent emails impersonating a police officer asking questions about Mueller’s pipe dream to be PC. The info is available upon request to the Yonkers Tribune.

  11. Ahhh poor babies, we feel so so bad for you guys after you conducted unauthorized investigations, read and removed personnel files, threatened civilians and their families, threatened and physically attacked “ other members “, targeted members who spoke out about their self centered grand plan to take over the department, and had so called suspected Blue Truthers transferred and denied opportunity for overtime besides having them brought in to see who they spoke to or who they were affiliated with.
    Mueller who refused a transfer sure would have a good old time launching frivolous investigations against political and PBA foes besides going along with Olson on which laws or rules should be enforced and when.
    These people have put their own officers and civilians at risk. Throwing out another member was a testament of these nuts. Not one Commander will come to their defenseless law suits but many former and current Yonkers Police Officers will NOT lie for them under oath.
    Ahhh poor babies complaining about their money just like Wayne and Jimmy. By the way Keith, a lot of your so called Blue Truthers are still waiting for their punch in their faces. Please stop attacking other cops with bats when they have their backs to you.
    Now have Quinn put down his once upon a time stories and give your members their money for the legal fees they spent defending themselves against the likes and lies of you sue-rats

  12. Andy can you write up a law suit for Rob? He is up to date with the Quinn Legal Fund. YOU just need to check with the flying round house, Keith-Keith the punching machine with the dart board legs, double chin, beer drinking sugar house union rat’s permission.
    Come Andy please cover his legal fee for the Vera case.
    Olson calls himself a union leader, more like a gangster.

  13. Dear City of Yonkers,
    Can Keith Olson investigate his latest assault on Mingy? He promises not to alter anyone’s statements and Chef Mueller will sign off on it and then sue the Tribune for reporting on it.

  14. Can’t wait when they start asking all their victims what happened. Spano and others have no choice than to dump them or run the risk of the Justice Department asking questions as to who, when and why. Run Humpy, run, let Moran investigate Mueller and Mueller investigate the Yonkers punching machine.

  15. Sounds like these rats tainted their own reputation. They fked with the bull and got the horns. The public has a right to know what bad cops do. The article just sucked the cheese out of the law suit.

  16. Seems like the Yonkers PBA President forgot that he is still under investigation for attacking another member during his drinking break. Keith are you not a public official?

    1. Thanks to Monte, all police officers can talk about politics at the water cooler in the precincts all over the State without fear of being set up or thrown out of the union. Hey, what about those petitions Keith had put up in the precincts. Now whos reputation was tainted?

  17. This was a hit job from the corrupt politicians and their puppets.

    No one will mute the truth. Hezi- we are all with you.

  18. Hezi, these mutts just poked the Hornets nest and now run a very serious risk of exposing all their misconduct and lies. These mutts are some bad hombres.

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