Very Good News For Disabled and Seniors: Hartsdale Train Station to Get Elevators At Inbound and Outbound Platforms
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor PAUL FEINER

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Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner

GREENBURGH, NY — March 24, 2019 — Greenburgh Residents Have for years asked  the town to encourage Metro North to install elevators at the Hartsdale train station. Many other train stations in Westchester have elevators but not Hartsdale. Many senior citizens, live in Hartsdale and find it very difficult to walk up and down the platform to take the train. And, there are a number of disabled residents who also have a difficult time using the station.  Our requests were rejected in the past. And commuters had to use other train stations if the Hartsdale train station was too difficult for them.

I am thrilled to report some good news. As you will note from the attached letter I received from Catherine Rinaldi, President of Metro North, we will finally get an elevator at the train station!!!! The construction contract award is anticipated for January 2020 with a duration of 20 months. The commencement of the project will begin in the spring of 2020. Metro North will be reaching out to the town to obtain the necessary easements for the locations.

Members of the Town Board and  I have been pushing for elevators at the Hartsdale Train station for many, many  years.  Numerous letters have been written over the past dozen years asking for elevators to be installed at the train station. And, we have brought up the matter many times when meeting with Metro North representatives.  We’re all very appreciative to Metro North for recognizing how important this is and for taking action!



Paul Feiner is Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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420 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10170

Metro-North Railroad

March 15, 2019


The Honorable Paul J. Feiner Town Supervisor

Town of Greenburgh 177 Hillside Avenue Greenburgh, NY


Dear Mr. Feiner:

Metro-North is in receipt of your letter dated January 8, 2019 regarding Hartsdale station.

Metro-North is currently completing the construction document for building two elevators at Hartsdale station, located at the inbound and outbound platforms. The replacement of the station platforms is deferred to a future capital program.

The construction contract award is anticipated for January 2020, with a duration of 20 months. However, the actual construction at the site will commence in the spring of 2020.

Metro-North will be reaching out to the Town to obtain the necessary easements for the locations of the proposed elevators in the near future.


Catherine A. Rinaldi


eHeziVery Good News For Disabled and Seniors: Hartsdale Train Station to Get Elevators At Inbound and Outbound Platforms
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor PAUL FEINER

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  1. Political correctness is bleeding us dry. The hard truth of the matter is that people who can’t climb stairs have no business being on a a train which is going to be traveling in a tunnel underground. If you can’t climb up emergency stairs or on the tracks who is going to carry you? These elevators cost money and lots of it. It would be cheaper to pay for Uber’s for all the people who can’t walk up and down a flight of stairs instead of spending millions of Dollars to install an elevator and hundred of thousands of Dolllars each year to maintain an elevator.

  2. The most important information left out both of these communications is the cost of this project. Metro North Projects are always insane in terms of cost. $45 million to install fibre cable from woodlawn to South east for 7500 (customers) which is over $6000 per person. Insane.

    Saw 2 guys painting a metro north station. It took them 15 months and their work ethic was non-existant. There was no supervision and you would think they were painting the Sistine Chapel. A private contractor would do it in a few weeks.

    Can’t wait for AI to take over all of these no show, no do, JOBS.

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