Villified Throughout History For Believing In G_d; End To Jewish Plight Nowhere In Sight

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The Hezitorial on Hatred

The historical perspective is unequivocal in its telling. Enslaved in Egypt, then returning to their homeland only to be forced from their land by one conqueror after another. Jews suffered and yet thrived. Defined as The Chosen People, they are one of the remaining ethnicities to have survived to the present day. They built their temple over and over again only to see it burned at the hands of disparate conquerors. They became a wandering diaspora never fully permitted to find salvation. They were threatened by haunting demons that yearned for their enslavement, wealth, and ultimate demise. It was the Jews who were demanded to cast their beliefs aside, to convert, and if not, to pay exorbitant taxes to sustain their lives, or be killed. some converted, others feigned conversion. 

Modernity proved to be one of the most lethal insults Jews ever endured. It was in the late 1930’s that Adolf Hitler’s message to demonize Jews was to suggest that Germans not concern themselves with the Jewish neighbor who resided in their immediate midst as they had conformed and adopted to the evolved civility of their Aryan neighbors, adapting to their sense of civility even though they still clung to their foreign dress, even passing off as a resident of another a German city or village whose dialect was unknown. The reality is most Jews in Europe  were speaking Yiddish, a language with Hebrew and Germanic language roots. Hitler informed Germans to be wary of the Jew who lives around the corner or in other parts of Germany for they could not be trusted. They were defined as the lowest of the low while Germans, relegated to the Aryan race, were at the top of the pecking order of the human existence, exalted to be at the top of the food chain for the next 1,000 years. They saw themseves as  Übermenschen (super human).

Yet before the modern era, the very existence of the Jews was undermined by “fake news”, such that Jews celebrated their deliverance from enslavement in Egypt by informing all people that Jews murdered Christian children so that they could add their blood as a necessary ingredient to make unleavened bread, better known as Matzo, eaten during Passover to commemorate their deliverance from the slavery and wrath of Egyptian Pharoahs. Passover, celebrated by Christians during Easter as The Last Supper knew Christian children’s blood was never an ingredient of making unleavened bread, matzoh. As ludicrous as it is today, the “fake news” was thought to be fact, but never was. 

The Jews arrived in Persia (Iran), India, and Babylon (Iraq). They were  forced to depart Spain / Portugal, yet were part of the renaissance known as the Golden Age of Spain, only to be cast out or forced to convert or were smitten by the sword. Some would convert, such as the ancestors of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who departed Spain and eventually found their to Puerto Rico, perhaps with the likes of Christopher Columbus. Others departed for the safety of Italy, invited to make their home in Gaul, present day France, and  Germany. Further into Poland at the invitation of the monarchy, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, then known as The Pale. Others found shelter in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, and Turkey, centered around Constantinople (Istanbul). Jews were cast throughout the  globe. Welcomed for a time, then forced into exile.

The Jewish Diaspora can be traced through the male gene throughout the Middle East into Africa and Asia. Some people, Ethiopians, for example, practice traditions that hearken back to yesteryear. They did not know why, but the traditions, devoid of modern Rabbinic studies, have been recognized to mimic Jewish tradition from centuries past. They are being repatriated to Israel to live without fear from the oppression they suffered under Ethiopian regimes. They were able to hide their Jewishness because they collectively had forgotten their religion, yet clung to the traditions of their ancestors, not knowing why they did what they did, yet reverent to their ancestors who did what they did to abide by the Torah.

Jews today number less than 1 percent of the world population. They are thought as white when in reality, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, defined today as a person of color, might easily be mistaken for a Portuguese, Spaniard, South American, Caribbean, and /or Arab. 

Jews are hated for being educated. In America, for example, Jews were denied entrance to Harvard, or Yale. Synagogues got together to recognizing its brightest progeny and collectively paid for the best education for which they were permitted to pay, despite the anti-Jewish sentiment that were never fully excised from the American mindset. Their cerebral competency was rewarded by their scholarship in institutes of higher learning. No subsidies whatsoever. Even one of my relatives graduated from Harvard; paid for by my uncle, who was a simple butcher.

Today, Jews and Gentiles, conflicted by the ignorance of their respective history, and those that forced suffering upon their ancestors, espouse the hatred of other Jews believing they will be welcome by those who have no interest in them other than to hear them parrot the vile diatribes they themselves express. It is such self-hating Jews that exhibit their insecurity among a nation that to this day does not accept them, and the prospects continue to be slim for any change soon.

Today, the migrants abhorred by Europeans has transformed from hating those of the Moslem faith to a hatred of Jews. Demographic changes are the catalysts that shelter those who place blame and espouse hatred of Jews. To learn that Anti-Semitic rhetoric has returned so vehemently is to recognize that it never receded but lay undisturbed until the world’s travail could be blamed once again upon the Jews. 

Too many people today forget that the United Nations voted to create the State of Israel. Transjordan was the other part of the partitioned land. The Land of Israel today is very different from the State of Israel in 1948. It was a land infested with malaria, smitten only after many years of planting Eucalyptus trees whose thirst drank the land of its water denying mosquitos a place to survive and thrive.

In more recent times, in 1948, Arab armies promised their people to return to their homes if they would at first flee to escape any harm from the Jews, with the knowledge that they could return to the partitioned land and gain dominion over all of it within a week’s time. Despite the Arab bravado, the collective Arab armies’ effort failed. The Jews began to resuscitate the promised land.

Arabs were placed in what amounts to concentration camps albeit devoid of the gas ovens that killed Jews in Europe during World War II. The riches earned by Middle Eastern oil explorations found no charity among those demanded to flee only to then and now find themselves in internment camps by their brethern, not by Jews. 

The Arabs sought sustenance, yet were instead fed a banquet of hatred of Jews and Israeli’s for their being undermined by their own people. It was under Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, who beseeched all those asked to flee to consider staying as they would not be harmed. Their collective existence has bequeathed them nothing but self-loathing, hatred of Jews, and being marginalized by their neighbors from Morocco to Iraq, except by so-called friends who use the Arab world they have learned to control from without these nations, and from without these disparate lands.

The Arab Spring shook the nations from Morocco to Iraq to the core and continues to this day. No matter where one looks, anger and frustration thrives. Blame and aspersions are cast against Jews, but Jews have not created the human travesty and travail that has become their lot.

The most egregious threat against Tel Aviv took place a few days ago. It was fortunately unsuccessful. It is telling that the outrage against this missile assault drew little rebuke from “civilized” nations. The venom espoused by France, England, Ireland, Sweden, Norway and Holland, among others throughout the world, are removed from the claimed civility by the lack of outrage. In fact, there is more applause than outrage. I can only hope whomever directed the missiles to Tel Aviv, will not succeed when they return to try again and again. 

Perhaps it is time for critics of Israel and the Jewish people wherever they reside, to recognize Jewish magnanimity toward all people, unaltered by sex, religion, ethnicity, or by any other gauge. Charity is part of Jewish DNA. When the need to save people from the dam that burst in Brazil, to dig and save lives in Nepal, what have you, when Israel has the capacity, and in that case it did,  their DNA informed them of the  need to donate, to give charitably all they could. And so they did. Let the critics of Israel show me otherwise. Many nations espouse that they have done for others, yet when the need is greatest, one of the first to lend a hand is Israel. The people fleeing the devastation of Syria have been and continue to be treated in hospitals in Israel.

When Jerusalem was captured years after the Independence war in 1948, it was as if Jews had lost the cunning of their right hand. The 1967 War did not wane until Jerusalem was rightfully returned under Jewish control. In 1956, Egyptian President Abdel Nasser told the United Nations that  no longer wanted the U.N. along its shared border with Israel. The United Nations quickly relented. A war was fought. Israel won. The takeaway was and still remains that Israel must maintain its superiority to sustain its life as a Jewish State.

When Israel returned to Jerusalem, one of the most outrageous finds was that Moslems chose to  piss and defecate on Jewish cemetery plots when Jerusalem was under their rule. For almost 20 years the silence of every religious order who oversaw parts of Jerusalem were silent to what had transpired. They had the means and the presence to tell it like it was but chose to maintain their silence. Yet criticism of Israel and Jews is quick to catch fire and it is the efforts by Hamas and Hezbollah to burn Israel’s trees to their death. Israel has not taken the example of the Arab world to teach its children to hate Arabs because of their efforts to kill Jews. Instead, we live by our scriptures as best we can, respectful of people in every way. 

Too many critics only know how to parrot that which they do not know believing their message of hatred and ignorance will be accepted as elite, despite its continuing  failure.

Don’t hate Jews because you would not allow them to build factories. When Jews did, it was confiscated. In time, Jews realized they lived a precarious existence. They eked out an existence as tailors because they could carry their sewing machine on their backs when escaping progroms. When Christian doctrine forbade money lending, and it was learned that Jews were permitted by their religious doctrine to do so, the likes of the House of Rothschilds came to prominence over many  generations. It was Jewish money that sustained many governments their capacity to endure to this day.  

The hatred of Jews and the anti-Israel sentiment serves only those who are weaned on hatred and bigotry and are ignorant of the facts and quick to cast aspersions among a society ignorant of facts and demeanor.

Lastly, considering Jews make up only  percent of the world populace, and recognizing that by the end of World War II six-million Jews were gassed to their death, shot, starved, and all their property stolen from them throughout Europe, and into the present in Arab lands, one must wonder how so few people could be running the world?

Perhaps people would prefer to forget the billionaires of today who are not Jewish because there is no reason to hate them because the only reason too many people hate is because they conveniently believe that Jews must be hated simply because they are Jews.

The hatred of Jews today, is  little different from years long forgotten. The difference then from now is that every Jew, no matter where they may presently reside, is assured that they will be welcome as Jews to The State of Israel, with citizenship awaiting them upon their arrival. This, juxtaposed to many Jews murdered throughout Europe, practically no Jews anywhere in the Middle East, cast from many lands. A relative from Baghdad was killed for her house because they could. 

The future of Jews is not assured, nor is any other people, whether in peace or not. What is assured is that Jews have the option to escape the bias, bigotry, trauma, assaults and threat of death wherever they may reside by their birthright, that of a Jew. They are welcome to arrive in Israel to claim their citizenship, and become part of a society free from the vacillating atrocities of the whim of too many nations around the world. 

Lest anyone forget, on the local scene in Yonkers, NY, and Westchester County, many Christians from lands throughout the Middle East escaped death, theft of their  property, enslavement, and rape because they practice Christianity and its doctrine. Yet the birthplace of Jesus Christ, some 2,000 years ago, are being killed as part of a  genocide that has blighted the entire Middle East, parts of Africa, and Asia. Even the Church is silent before the atrocities that take place on a daily basis. At issue is why? 

The salvation America has afforded its People, no matter their origin, is the capacity to escape the drama, and wars that was the existence of many from those lands, but not among the boundaries within the U.S.A.

Today, change may take place if discourse is begun without its full historical telling and perspective. And perhaps, before we collectively sink into sub-human beings, an apology is necessary by many, and probably from every conceivable perspective.

The elixir of life may be the apology so that we may collectively find a new beginning for each other respectively.

eHeziVillified Throughout History For Believing In G_d; End To Jewish Plight Nowhere In Sight

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  1. Antisemitisim is on the rise. What happened in New Zealand is tragic, but a regular occurrence in Israel. In Europe, anti-Semitic statements are made openly in legislative chamber. Now the same happens in the US Congress. Jews are denigrated for being success.

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