Yonkers Contrived and Succeeded In Fleecing Residents Their Constitutional Capacity to Maintain a Government By and For Its People

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The Hezitorial Regarding Governance

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Gunshots were not fired. Yonkersites did not flinch. The treasure and concept of freedom under a Democratic framework has been disemboweled from our consciousness. One would imagine it would be a painful ordeal, yet we felt nothing. It was as if we were unaware. Like sheep, we were led to the slaughter house. We were not taken at the point of a gun. We were moved ever so subtly from the yolk of colonial domination to the freedoms of governance “By and For The People”. In incremental steps however, we have been imperceptibly weaned from these freedoms by our abandonment to sustain the freedoms for which we we fought and lost immeasurable treasure of lives, life and limbs.

Societies experiment to find governance that serves some more than for others. America valiantly fought and endured the challenges of 243 years, engaging, evolving, and involving more and more of its people with freedoms they should have had when our original thirteen colonies gained our freedom from the English Crown. Concepts of economy fortified and enslaved some of our people and denied women and people of color the right to vote. Yet the fervor to right that which was blatantly espoused in words was not the American reality to which signatures were affixed on parchment. Yet men and women of conscience endured and evolved a nation more akin to its lofty prognostications. We were however on the right track, or so it seemed. 

Concepts toward greater inclusion and opportunity were being espoused, as fewer and fewer people relinquished their responsibility to stay engaged in its governance. Tell tale signs suggest that the nation is slowly losing the rights and freedoms for which it fought so valiantly over two centuries ago.

We now find that Yonkers, New York, is the Petri dish that has grown into a state of dysfunction and commensurate illegality to sustain its capacity to control political outcome for personal gain, no longer saddled by conforming to standards of law. Yonkersites’ fear of retribution has  become its very quiescence to losing whatever rights it may have believed it once held, but has now totally lost. This telling may be the last hope to correct the atrocities and connivance that has taken and continues to be sustained by our collective ignorance which includes both you and I.

We have collectively been moved along a continuum that has transformed the once sacrosanct freedoms of governance afforded America and more of its people to now be bereft of its soul and freedoms.

What follows in coming days will be the telling of the travesty that has befallen the City of Yonkers; it is so complex in its audaciousness and temerity it will take days to reveal it all.

eHeziYonkers Contrived and Succeeded In Fleecing Residents Their Constitutional Capacity to Maintain a Government By and For Its People

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  1. hey Hezi I know this is off topic but …

    hezi’s Response…

    No buts about it.

    Don’t you understand what I wrote yesterday. yesterday an insult and today you beseech me to write a story about the same concern as yesterday. You are days late and you are now in my spam box again. this is also my last response to you. I have a backlog of pertinent issue over which to report. As I have noted oftentimes before, if anyone wants coverage, and I am informed in advance, and can make it, I will. I will advise I; advance whether yes, or no. This is a single person operation. So there are limits. Further there is a backlog of issues that demand to be given notice. And I am weeks, even months in some cases behind. Your passive agresiva effort to cajole me to do something when I do not even know who you are is laughable. And that is where it remains because your game will not fly with me. call some else, anybody else. I am certain will give one hoot. All the best in your efforts. Your focus is the least of Yonkers concerns, then again, it is all about you and no one else. And it has come to the end of the line for me in discussing this issue for the reasons noted and the disrespect you have long shown me, in the collective since since I do not know the person who wrote this yesterday or today. You are done as far as I am concerned. In dase you didn’t”t know, there is the Journal News, Home News and Times, Yonkers Newsire, Yonkers Voice, Yonkers Tmes, and Yonkers Insider. And then there is your favorite haunt, Facebook. As I have advised you for years, what you post on Facebook is worthless. Facebook is for friends, not proselytizers. kindly, Hezi

    1. its all good as long as we all know your a biased reporter you bamg mpac in one story and when they do good your quiet clearly you have been bought off and you dont do your homework,as all of my comments are saved so that one day i will show all on what you pick and delete to go online,now go back and kiss ass to those that buy you off….lol

      Hezi’s Response…

      Here we go again. Why threaten me. What have you done that should compelle me to write anything about MPAC? You are insecure becUse no one is taking you seriously and no one has written about your “success” whatever that may be.

      Bought Off? really, by whom? If I was so easily bought off, that must make you the fool from not trying. anyone in Yonkers knows I do not get bought off, and never have been bought off. I will simply let you stew in your diatribes because no one hears you or cares what you do. And it shows.

      Have a wonderful day.

  2. Never hear too much from the COY talking-heads and political hacks when a factory moves from Yonkers and 400 jobs are lost.-never heard too much from the COY mouthpieces when Toys r Us closed and more jobs were lost-just ride around Yonkers and see all the small mom and pop stores closed-yet the COY continues to pay losers with political connections taxpayer monies despite the fact that every year we are in a budget crisis-this city SUCKS.

  3. Is Mike Spano the next Joe Crowley of Yonkers? LOL

    Does Mike Spano have elections in Paris and China? Because his two deputies have spent more time out of the country during petitioning than in Yonkers. LOL

    Jim Cavanaugh and Steve Levy can’t take the heat in Yonkers so they run away to a different country. LOL

    The Spano dynasty is an endangered species from laziness and stupidity.

    The Spano machine needs emergency surgery which means CLEAN HOUSE.

    Bye bye Spano. LOL

  4. Hezi, you are the voice of outrage, controversy, and the seeker of truth for Yonkers. For that, we love you. Keep it up man, don’t let us down. We need you and support you. If things are going wrong, tell us….we need you Hezi! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Hezi, you don’t seem ok? This commentary is NOT you. I hope you are not stressed by the frivolous and ludicrous lawsuits. Don’t let that get you down. Take some down time and rear. God bless.

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