An Open Letter to Empire City Casino President & CEO Uri Clinton
By TASHA DIAZ, Candidate for Yonkers City Council District 3

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Tasha Diaz

Open Letter

Uri Clinton

President & Chief Operating Officer

Empire City Casino

Yonkers, New York 10704


Dear Mr. Clinton:

I write as a concerned Yonkers citizen, and as a candidate for Yonkers City Council District 3.

You may be aware that Dennis Robertson, one of the people currently publicly vying for the District 3 seat, has a cleaning contract with Empire City.

As a lifelong resident of Yonkers, I am fully aware and appreciative of MGM Resorts International and MGM Growth Properties LLC’s considerable contributions to our community, and their ongoing interests in partnering and working with the Yonkers public. But I ask you to consider the implicit conflict in interest that Mr. Robertson’s candidacy for City Council presents for MGM.

First, MGM Resorts International works either directly or indirectly with the city, state, and county government, where decisions are made that can have significant impact the business conducted at Empire City. Mr. Robertson is currently a city hall employee which itself is a conflict of interest.

Second, Mr. Robertson, in the course of campaigning for City Council, would almost certainly be in the position of discussing these items. As Empire City is a lucrative pay check for Mr. Robertson, it’s highly unlikely he would be able and willing to have honest conversations with the public about these issues.

I therefore urge you to consider ways to avoid this implicit problem with the business of our city, and the very functions of our democratic system.


Thank you. 

Tasha Diaz

 Candidate for Yonkers City Council District 3

eHeziAn Open Letter to Empire City Casino President & CEO Uri Clinton
By TASHA DIAZ, Candidate for Yonkers City Council District 3

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  1. Since MGM took over this blighted property full of transients, beggars and alcoholics/ drug addicts it has gone downhill…fast.
    Management is pathetic and treats high level players like trash.
    If Uri Clinton thinks this is improvement,I question his mental stability because he is a very poor bs artist.
    Empire’s odds of winning there are beyond ridiculous now with MGM at the helm.Boarding on the fringes of legal.How they can get away with zero payments on bonus rounds????
    They need to be investigated…now.

  2. It’s simple- The reason this fat blowhard hack Meier removed all of the litter baskets is so that he can have the Councilmen kiss his ass to get some of them put back in their districts. Nothing makes this scum bag feel better than being made to think he has power. Please God let us be rid of this guy soon.

  3. Hezi , it’s sad that the Democratic Party under Spano , has not endorsed any females on the Yonkers City Council !
    Are there any Female Commissioners or top management positions that consist of Females ?

      1. Commissioner planning female
        Director of the IDA – female
        Both Dep Corp counsel female
        Dep comm of HR female
        Dep commissioner bld dept female
        Director office of aging female

        Police male
        Fire male
        Dpw male

        Not sure what the other departments are but the above is what I know anyway.

  4. Jennifer D. Michaels
    Senior Vice President, Public Relations
    3600 Las Vegas Blvd S
    Las Vegas, NV 89109-4303
    (702) 693-7120

    If you are a Yonkers resident and concerned about the conflict of interest of potentially having Dennis Robertson, an employee of MGM, on the Yonkers City Council, contact the person above and communicate your concern.

    Shouldn’t Robertson have requested permission from the new management of MGM to run?

    Will MGM control the fate of Yonkers by having one of its employees on the Council?

    Will MGM get deep tax breaks because of Robertson? Who is picking up the tab? All of us in Yonkers?

    These are serious questions that need to be answered by the management of MGM. We need a public statement now.

  5. When is the 30story hotel going up in the North West corner parking lot at casino?
    Will they have tax free pilot property tax?

    1. How do you figure? Are you going to ask all of the unions including the teachers to take zeros for the next 10 years? Pure fantasy land. What’s your plan?

  6. For all other general media inquiries, please contact:
    (702) 692-6800

    Above is the media contact information for MGM Resorts.

    Contact them and ask them about their Code of Conduct/ Ethics.

    Tell them about how the campaign of Dennis Robertson is bad for Yonkers and MGM.

    MGM is a publicly traded company and they should be transparent with the public and Yonkers.

    The combination of Robertson in the Yonkers City Council and one of the biggest taxpayers (MGM) in Yonkers just doesn’t work.

  7. Jereis doesn’t win in the courtroom, he wins on Election Day.

    Liam McLaughlin knows that.

    Jereis ended Liam’s political career in 2017, a Spano lackey and now Jereis will end Dennis’ political career in 2019

  8. There will be massive consequences for the mayor over this district 3.

    Andrea Stewart-Cousins said that the Spano dynasty was over after she defeated Nick. That wasn’t true.

    This year will be the true end to the SpAno dynasty. #beltrandiazslate #termlimits #anyonebutspano

  9. Does Charles Cola ex Yonkers Police Comm, still run the security at the MGM Grand ?
    This is such a disgrace to all citizens.
    Uncle Sam must come in and fix this fix.
    Remember his cameo in HBO Yonkers series show me a hero ?
    Rookie cop going in to see party boss Arred.
    That was priceless.

  10. Time for the Federals to grab Robertson.
    Obviously he is the Cities Bag-man for The MGM Grand Casino $$$$$$.
    How obvious this treachery is.
    Has this guy Robertson ever had a real job ?
    I’m hearing that he got plenty of family and friends high
    paying jobs within city hall.
    Mayor Spano you had better get a handle on this if you want another

    1. This is defamatory on so many levels. While fast and loose comments on this site have been a staple for 2 decades, dragging MGM into this with stupid comments like this “Obviously he is the Cities Bag-man for The MGM Grand Casino $$$$$$” without basis any ain’t too bright. Something tells me MGM doesn’t take BS lies like this lightly. This isn’t me trying to stifle free speech. This is me telling you publishing BS can have consequences. Knock yourself out.

        MGM will distance themselves from the Robertson baggage.
        What does he have to offer them.
        He is just a beggar boy.
        Spencer leech that can’t find another host’
        MGM will be wised up.

      1. Dennis Robertson wants to be mayor he won’t even become councilman.

        The Spano family including the Mayor and the Mayors cabinet can go f**k themselves.

  11. A non Entity how do you figure that? Seems to me she’s picking up traction and people are getting scared Face it she’s beautiful, the people like her and she’ll win she’s what the district needs a VOICE

  12. Is Z supporting the Mayor?

    If I was him I wouldn’t. Karen Beltran has a lot of supporters in her camp that like and respect Z unlike the Mayors people.

    1. Let me know when Beltran makes a mortgage payment and I will support her. Until then, any person who refuses to meet their fundamental responsibility of paying to keep a roof over their heads for 10 years is not qualified to run for dog catcher. She is a lawyer with a good government job. There is no excuse. It is a slap in the face to all of the Yonkers taxpayers who work hard and sacrifice every day to pay to keep a roof over their and their families’ heads. More free sh-t ey Beltran?

      1. Many Yonkers Families struggle to keep up with Spano’s Skyrocketing Taxes and Water Rates..I understand someone has to pay for all the Spano’s on the City , County and State Payrolls , so don’t beat up Karen Beltran , it’s hard to keep up with the Spano Tax..

  13. That’s a good point.

    Tom Meier and Spano only nominated males.

    I am voting for Karen Beltran.

    Robertson is racist and he is ruining MGM’s image in Yonkers.

    MGM’s name will be dragged in the campaign whether they like it or not.

    What corporation in its right mind would sacrifice its name and image for a local election!

    Very interesting. I will wait to hear about Robertson and MGM in this election cycle.

  14. Maybe MGM is behind him? They want to milk us more and more.
    Taxes go up and corporations like MGM get sweeter deals.

    Where is justice???

    1. Sure. MGM, an international company worth billions and billions of dollars is conspiring and in cahoots with Dennis because he owns a cleaning company. And how exactly is MGM “milking you”? They are offering good jobs with good pay, benefits and training.

  15. MGM is indirectly financing Robertson’s campaign.

    We don’t want a corporation’s nose in the politics of Yonkers.

    Corruption is already a problem in Yonkers.

    MGM- you either pull out your guy or come out publicly to explain your stance on the issue.

  16. Seriously!!! That’s crazy!
    The CEO of MGM doesn’t know what the hell is going on in Yonkers.

    Probably he is having a good time in Las Vegas and knows nothing about Yonkers!

  17. The Yonkers Democratic Party (Spano, Levy and Meier) endorse only Male Candidates!
    District 1 = Terrence Miller
    District 2= Wilson Terrero (failed 2x)
    District 3= Dennis Robertson
    District 4= John Rubbo
    District 5= Mike Breen
    District 6= Matt Orefice

    Can someone tell the Yonkers Democrats to consider endorsing females, it is 2019 !!!!

  18. N.Y.C. trash is also dumped all day in Waste Management on Yonkers ave cant miss those DSNY official white garbage trucks breaking the roads up traffic jams and diesel fumes.
    So glad they to know where to dump.

  19. Dennis has a history of NO SHOW jobs, it all began with John Spencer and hopefully it will end when Karen Beltran becomes Mayor.

  20. I am not sure MGM wants the bad publicity. Every deal ever made with the City of Yonkers will be tainted.

    Anything done by MGM will be viewed by the City of Yonkers residents as an insider job.

    We will call to boycott MGM if they keep this individual during the campaign or if he ever wins the District.

    Conflict of interest is a serious public issue and should be taken seriously by the management of MGM.

    Thank you

  21. We all know he who wrote this letter for her because he has a vendetta against Dennis. Dennis probably testified against him to put him away. Yonkers is the bottom of the swamp. Drain the swamp.

    1. At least Dennis doesn’t have a excon running his campaign,Dennis got subpoenaed testified and said the truth.Z.J is bitter and cant get over it.

      1. That’s precisely it Dennis didn’t say the truth. ZJ is the only stand up guy around and the Spano family knows that better than anyone else.

      2. Dennis doesn’t have ANYBODY running his campaign. His ego doesn’t allow him to see that he’s in trouble. What kind of serious candidate goes on a 10-day vacation at the start of petitioning season? He has zero campaign literature, no online presence. He thinks this position is his to lose, and someone oughta teach him and all of the other hacks who selected someone as vulnerable as him to be the party nominee that the undemocratic nature of the Democratic Party cannot stand. Judging from the number of signatures he came in with, the rank and file members of the Democratic Committee didn’t support him either. It’s time to put these recycled two-bit hacks away for good.

  22. Interesting letter, but you know this “demeaning term deleted by editor” did not write this…

    Editor’s Note: P.S. This could have been said without using that word. kindly, Hezi

    1. Tasha Diaz Yonkers lifelong Yonkers resident-where was your outrage when for years the former Yonkers Raceway was dumping human and animal waste and fluids into the Bronx River water system and even after being told of this problem still continued to do so-your letter is nothing more than political posturing and all of a sudden selective outrage-lifelong Yonkers resident -how does that make you special or more of an authority with anything Yonkers-it does not.

      1. Yonkers is known as a dumping ground..
        We have sewer plant south yonkers

        Tons of debris and furniture sit on city sidewalks

        Thanks to this mayor’s brilliant dpw commissioner, he removes trash receptacles to feed the rats

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