Council President Mike Khader Newsletter – April 20, 2019 By MICHAEL KHADER, Esq.

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YONKERS, NY — April 20, 2019 — This week Mayor Spano released his proposed $1.25 billion dollar budget for FY2020, and my initial review of the proposed budget is one of cautious optimism. While it proposes the largest increase in the City’s maintenance-of-effort for Yonkers Schools at $12.1 million dollars, the fact remains that the Board of Education still is facing a significant deficit of $17.6 million dollars.

In the coming weeks, the Board of Education will have tough choices to make and the Council will be doing everything in our power to make sure that City dollars reach the classrooms that so desperately need them. I look forward to working with Dr. Quezada and the Board of Trustees to make sure that our kids get the quality education that they deserve.

Some other key points from Mayor’s proposed budget include:

  • No proposed City of Yonkers layoffs or cuts to city services for the upcoming year;
  • A 3.93% tax rate increase and tax levy increase of 2.5%;
  • Added positions for the Department of Public Works and Housing and Buildings.

While I’m pleased to hear that there won’t be any layoffs or cuts to city service, I’m less pleased about the prospect of paying more taxes. We’ll be evaluating these requests for more staffing and more very closely, and will advocate on behalf of taxpayers for a lean, trim budget of fiscal responsibility.

As I stated in last week’s newsletter, with budget season right around the corner, the Council will be holding budget hearings with the various departments to hear how they will be spending your money in the upcoming year. I invite you to join us in the coming weeks so that you can stay in the know, sign up to speak at one of our public hearings to let your voice be heard. To see this year’s budget hearing schedule click here.

As always, feel free to reach out to my office with any suggestions or concerns about how we can help to improve the quality of life of those who call Yonkers home. My office can be reached by sending us an email at or by giving us a call at 914-377-6060.

eHeziCouncil President Mike Khader Newsletter – April 20, 2019 By MICHAEL KHADER, Esq.

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  1. Mr Khader as usual you put out one of your puff press releases with nothing behind it-you talk a good game but that is about it-the BOE has fat that can be trimmed like Quezada’s friends and family working at the BOE-but like last year you will ignore that-why does Rev Lopez need a $15,000 stipend but you will overlook that too-once again Khader you’re all talk and no action. Once again the taxpayers of COY will lose their Star Rebate which you cowardly failed to mention last year.

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