Fatima Viegas, Little Radical Theatrics Inc.’s Executive Producer, Announces Auditions for “Lerner and Lowe’s Brigadoon” for Summer 2019

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Directed by Michael Mirra, Choreographed by Erin Pryor, Musical Direction by Polina Senderova, Stage Managed by Ginny Baisi.


AUDITIONS: Held May 15th and 16th from 6-8:30 PM at The Grinton I. Will Library, located at 1500 Central Park Avenue, Yonkers, NY. On-site parking. Appointments are highly recommended and can be accomplished by e-mailing littleradicaltheatrics@gmail.com with one’s headshot and resume. Walk-ins will be seen in the order they arrive between appointments. Callbacks to take place on Saturday, May 18th, from 12-4 PM.  Preparation for auditions demand a 32 bar preparation of a song commensurate wit the style f the show, as well as bringing sheet music in the correct key. You are welcome to sing from the score if you wish.

REHEARSALS: Take place from Tuesday to Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons at the library and at the Goldensword Church in Bronxville, NY. Not every actor will be needed for every rehearsal and exact rehearsal schedule will be determined by the needs of the production and actors’ time conflicts.

PERFORMANCES: Four performances take place at the Joan R. Pincus Theater situated in the Grinton I. Will Library from July 26th- through 28th.

ALL ROLES OPEN! Actors, singers, and dancers of all ages (8 years of age to 75 years of age plus) and ethnic backgrounds sought.

TOMMY ALBRIGHT:   A dreamer caught in a practical man’s body. He seems to have everything, but still isn’t happy.  Strong singer and actor. 20s-30s. Baritenor.

FIONA MACLAREN: A lovely and frank young woman. Very intelligent. Strong singer and actor. 20s-30s. Soprano.

JEFF DOUGLAS: Tommy’s alcoholic, cynical and sarcastic best friend. Role for an amazing comedic actor that often steals the show. 30s – 40s .

MEG BROCKIE: Fiona’s best friend, a lusty milkmaid. Strong singer and actor with some movement ability with great comedic timing. 20s-30s. Mezzo.

JEAN MACLAREN: Fiona’s younger sister who is about to be married. Sensitive and shy. Strong dancer and good actor. Teens-20s.

CHARLIE DALRYMPLE:  Jean’s fiancé. Happy and vibrant. A lover of life and loved by all in the village. Strong singer and actor with some movement ability. Late Teens -20s.

HARRY BEATON: Rejected suitor of Jean. Educated, sensitive and moody; he is bitter and unhappy in the village. Strong actor and strong dancer. His Sword Dance at the end of Act 1 stops the show. Late Teens-30s.

MR. LUNDIE: The kind schoolmaster entrusted to guard the secrets and mysteries of the village. Strong actor. 50s-75+.

ANDREW MACLAREN: Fiona and Jean’s widower father. A little pompous and full of himself. Fun role for a great comedic actor. 40s-60s.

MAGGIE ANDERSON: A village girl in love with Harry Beaton. EXTREMELY strong dancer. Teens-20s.

ARCHIE BEATON:  Harry’s father who sells wool and plaid cloth. Tries his best to be patient and understanding with his son. Strong actor. 40s-60s

JANE ASHTON: Tommy’s fiancee in New York. Sophisticated and worldly. Role for a very strong actress. Will double in the ensemble. 20s-30s

SANDY DEAN:  The village’s candy seller. Strong comedic actor and singer with some movement ability *CAN BE PLAYED BY A MAN OR A WOMAN* 20s-75+

STUART DALRYMPLE: Charlie’s father who is just as happy and full of life as his son. Strong actor and singer.  40s-60s.

ANGUS MACGUFFE: Meg’s boss who sells dairy. Strong comedic actor and singer with some movement ability.  30s-75+

KATE: Jean’s best friend. Strong singer and actor, has solo lines through out. Teens-20s.

FRANK: A cynical bartender in New York. Strong actor. Will double with other roles. 20s-75+

ENSEMBLE:  Strong singers, actors and dancers of all ages to portray townsfolk, including market sellers, friends of Jean and Fiona, Clansmen, etc. This is not your typical ensemble show, the ensemble is used frequently and there are a MULTITUDE of opportunities for vocal solos, dance solos,  and standout moments!  AGES 8-75+

Any questions please e-mail littleradicaltheatrics@gmail.com. Please visit www.littleradicaltheatrics.com for more information on the company. 


eHeziFatima Viegas, Little Radical Theatrics Inc.’s Executive Producer, Announces Auditions for “Lerner and Lowe’s Brigadoon” for Summer 2019

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