Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Has Created a Separate Budget Line Allocation of $12 Million for the Yonkers Public School District By HEZI ARIS

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Governor Andrew Cuomo & Mayor Mike Spano at a June 14, 2015 press conference. An update almost 4 years later would be a natural outcome of the breaking news story of April 3, 2019.


ALBANY, NY and YONKERS, NY — April 3, 2019 — Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has created a separate budget Line allocation of $12 million in additional aid to the Yonkers Public School District. So advise people in the know. It seems Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano was aware of an effort on behalf of the City of Yonkers, but nothing more. Mayor Spano is expected to drive to Albany tomorrow to personally thank Governor Cuomo.

the New York State Legislator is engaged in meetings all day and none of the delegates representing Yonkers are reachable? More information as it is gleaned. 


eHeziGovernor Andrew M. Cuomo Has Created a Separate Budget Line Allocation of $12 Million for the Yonkers Public School District By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Is this $12 million in addition to the $21 million increase in Yonkers funding or inclusive? How big is the remaining BOE budget hole?

    1. Post

      It is in addition to that already allocated. I noticed a previous comment which states it is not yet a done deal. My sources inform me otherwise. It is $27.5 million plus $12 million. Kindly, Hezi.

      1. Hope these additional funds are committed. If so, the remaining hole is what? 20 million? How is that going to be handled? NOT on the backs of taxpayers or laying off teachers!! No way. Get rid of Supt Qs layers of admins that do absolutely nothing. As a taxpayer, Mr Mayor I demand you request a full audit and position assessment/inquest of BOE. Cut the waste, there’s plenty of it. And City Council must demand accountability and transparency for taxpayers. It’s your job, do it! Enough is enough!!!

        1. You mention outstanding points but you have to remember this is the COY and administrative corruption is at the root of everything that is done in Yonkers-many of the people who post on this site are benefactors of the political corruption that permeates Yonkers from top to bottom.

  2. Nothing has changed in Albany -still 3 people in the room one of whom is the master bully who does no wrong in his eyes, insults people left and right and is leading NYS to fiscal ruin .

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