Joe Spiezio III: Some Thought He Was Gone; It Turns Out He Never Really Left

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The Hezitorial Over Spiezio’s Deleterious Conduct


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Joseph Spiezio III

MOUNT VERNON, NY — April 6, 2019 — Joe Spiezio III was forced to step down from his role as Mount Vernon’s Deputy Police Commissioner in the first week of February. It was in fact Mount Vernon Police Commissioner Shawn Harris who “asked for and accepted the retirement of Joseph Spiezio.” Despite the understanding that he had indeed stepped down, Spiezio audaciously did not return the city owned 2017 Chevrolet Tahoe donned with emergency lights and sirens that he drove when he was apprehended in New Rochelle. At that time, Spiezio used those emergency lights and sirens. Upon the report of that incident, Commissioner Harris said, “Mr. Spiezio’s actions have caused irreparable damage to the department’s integrity, morale and reputation.” It can now be said months later that Commissioner Harris’ informing the public of Spiezio have caused irreparable damage to the Mount Vernon Police Department (MVPD) continues to this day.

Yonkers Tribune’s sources with knowledge have advised that Commissioner Harris’s description of Spiezio have  been proven prophetic. Insiders in the know advise that Spiezio is sending directives to individuals at the MVPD by email. His email account has not been expunged from the server and continues to be active. Various members of the MVPD continue to “take orders” from this one-time MVPD Deputy Commissioner who, when appointed some 3 years ago by Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas to the $1 a year appointment, continues to stir and foment havoc within the MVPD over whom he should have no influence but continues to tell members of the MVPD what to do. And sadly, they do. Even more sad and damning is that the City of Mount Vernon continues to accept correspondence from Spiezio via email. Perhaps with this telling the email address Spiezio has on the Mount Vernon web server will be deleted sooner rather than later.

When Spiezio was apprehended in New Rochelle, it was recognized that he was driving under a suspended license. The scuttlebutt after the incident was that Spiezio would depart for Florida after the Yonkers Tribune reported that he was living at a New Rochelle hotel.

The theatrics and drama that revolve about Spiezio remain in constant flux. Sources in the know now inform the Yonkers Tribune that Spiezio just purchased a new home In New Rochelle. the residence is situated at 10 Shore Club Road Drive. Spiezio allegedly paid $1.5 million in cash for his new residence. Which also puts into question if the IRS will get a report of the transaction since any transaction over $10,000 in cash must be reported to the IRS.

Spiezio became a campaign advisor to Richard Thomas when he was a Mount Vernon City Councilman. Spiezio’s effort on behalf of now Mayor Thomas proved successful. Thomas’ successful run for Mount Vernon mayor in 2015 begat Spiezio benefits. Thomas named Spiezio MVPD Deputy Police Commissioner as a thank you for his support. It was during the 2015 campaign effort that Spiezio is alleged to have paid  Thomas over $8,000 toward his personal credit card. Additionally, New York State prosecutors allege that another $65,000 was not disclosed on Mount Vernon’s Ethics Forms that were supposed to be divulged being paid to Thomas’s inaugural committee. 

It may be worth noting that those who are convicted of a felony will lose their pension. This is a recent addendum passed by the New York State Legislature!


eHeziJoe Spiezio III: Some Thought He Was Gone; It Turns Out He Never Really Left

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