Khata Ceremony On My Last Day in Nepal

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — April 15, 2019 — The tradition of Tibetan culture, influenced by Buddhism, is observed with reverence in Bhutan, parts of India, Mongolia, and Nepal. Khata is an indispensable and most visible article of the celebratory function practiced over centuries  in Tibetan culture. The traditional ceremonial scarf originated for religious purposes as a token of respect and faith. In time Khata found relevance in the celebration of social events, such as births, graduations, and weddings to symbolize a gesture of greetings and good wishes of the giver on those occasions. 

Lee Daniels welcomed by and among friends.

The white ceremonial scarf is reverently placed about the neck of people dear to you when they go away from home to some distant places, and similarly, also used to welcome near and dear ones when they return from other places.

Lee Daniels in Lukla, Nepal.

Note: Lee Daniels reached Everest Base Camp after a nine-day trek from Lukla at 2:00 p.m. local time on Monday, April 1. Two days later, after a punishing walk through snow down to Pheriche, he was medevaced back to Lukla with an ankle injury. Lukla is a tiny town of fewer than 500 people and a few hotels, yet is Nepal’s busiest domestic airport and for trekkers intent on seeing Mt. Everest. It’s a 40-minute flight from the village of Lukla to the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu.

Lee Daniels advises, “I am back home safe in NY now!” 


Lee Daniels, a former reporter for The Journal News, Reuters AmericaThe Westchester Guardian, and the Yonkers Tribune, is the author of two books, Poems From the Edge and To The Edge and Back: Selected Poems and Travel Essays. He is an MFA candidate at The University of the South.


eHeziKhata Ceremony On My Last Day in Nepal

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