Mount Vernon City Hall Copy Machine Repossessed for Non-Payment Today

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The “When Will This Nightmare End” Hezitorial

Charicature of a younger, better looking Yonkers Tribune Editor-at-Large / Westchester On the Level Radio Host Hezi Aris.

City Hall. Mount Vernon, NY.

MOUNT VERNON, NY — April 15, 2019 — Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas and Comptroller Deborah Reynolds point accusatory fingers at one another so as to deflect attention from their shared incompetence. Mayor Thomas accuses Comptroller Reynolds for not paying the bills. Comptroller Reynolds asserts Mayor Thomas has not substantiated the rationale for many bills that have languished unpaid for many months after payment was due. People with knowledge have today informed the Yonkers Tribune that a copy machine used by city hall was repossessed for non-payment.  

Mount Vernonites shake their heads in disgust and disbelieve at the audacity and temerity of the “he said, she said” theatrics playing out before their eyes. Both Mayor Thomas and Comptroller Reynolds are equally responsible to bring function to a city that is being undermined by their dysfunctional antics. They were expected to abide by the dictates and responsibility to which they both swore an oath on bible, no less. Their respective ineptitude proves that their swearing on a bible is a ruse, and meant nothing to either one of them, other than an obligatory photo op. How sad indeed; especially because Mount Vernon evokes a rich tradition of religious tradition and character. And even more so during Easter/ Passover Holy Week. Neither Thomas nor Reynolds should take comfort that their collaborative dance will win them merit for their denigrating and debauched conduct. Their lack of prudent governance has robbed many years that should have been engaged to resuscitate Mount Vernon. Instead, their conduct has robbed The People of Mount Vernon the hope and promise they each espoused to the electorate. Enough is enough. They may hold office now, but they must each be dismissed from elected office for their respective shenanigans evidently meant only to deceive the public into believing they are the righteous one. 

Their tandem unwillingness to resolve the crisis that has consumed Mount Vernon for almost two years should be grounds for removal from office for their respective lack of interest to find accommodations, though it would have been better they afforded Mount Vernonites with solutions.

Neither has been honest with The Public. It may be a game and a paycheck for them, but it is hurtful, dismissive, demeaning, disrespectful, and dishonest of them to coerce Mount Vernon to this dismal moment in history. Rejuvenating Memorial Field reverberates achingly throughout the city and even in Westchester County with fondness, reverence and dreams of hope. Yet they have each tarnished the vision they stole from Mount Vernonites hearts and minds. Can either of them own up to their responsibility for the quagmire and conundrum they have caused?

Mount Vernonites must decide if such misfits should be permitted to return to elected office. Today, it is the repossession of a copy machine, before that it was communication devices for which cell service was halted for non-payment for emergency service responders which made them and the public vulnerable their lives being extinguished or hurt. Delays for abiding to the NYS Environmental Protection Agency standards that go unheeded and to which non-compliance can earn fines could have been avoided. Compliance is still non-existant. A lest anyone forget, where our elders who attend The Dole Senior Center must bring their own toilet paper because payment for toilet paper has not been consummated. If it is not one thing, it is another. 

Neither Thomas nor Reynolds has found ability to ameliorate the very crisis they fomented while suggesting to Mount Vernonites that they were respectively in the “right”. If that were so, why is it that by any and every measure neither of them is “right”?

A shout out to those who have advised the Yonkers Tribune of this latest insult to Mount Vernon and Mount Vernonites.


eHeziMount Vernon City Hall Copy Machine Repossessed for Non-Payment Today

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  1. There’s no after-school programs there’s no recreational centers for these children out here Mount Vernon there not too many things going on in Mount Vernon right now and the government is corrupted it’s corrupted Mount Vernon is full of corruption I advise those citizens in Mount Vernon to get out while you can move to Connecticut that offers more resources

  2. And they got the nerve to not want to give children jobs that turn 18 when they come there to get a job they tell him no and they turn them around I got children who went there and they had the nerve to turn them around and told him no they couldn’t get a job that’s how you treat your citizens no I’m going in right now

  3. Everybody want to point the finger at somebody but once you become there it’s your decision in your power to do what you have to do to take care of everything he pointing a finger at everybody but yeah everybody’s guilty

  4. years Mount Vernon been in corruption they need to think about putting money with needs to be and stop putting money in their own pockets and taking care of family members cuz that’s exactly where the money is going

  5. Just STOP putting money in your own pockets and put money where it needs to be that is not your money it is for the people of Mount Vernon or whatever it is for Mount Vernon so stop wasting the money all they’re doing is putting money in their own pockets and taking care of their own family members that’s why Mount Vernon is full of crap

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