Mount Vernon Democratic Candidate for Mayor Shawyn Patterson Howard Statement: The Weekly Crisis

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Shawyn Patterson-Howard candidate for Mayor of the City of Mount Vernon, NY.

MOUNT VERNON, NY – Shawyn Patterson Howard, candidate for Mt. Vernon Mayor, today issued a statement with regards to the recent repossession of the City Hall Printers due to non-payment.

“Today’s crisis at City Hall is just another symptom of our broken city government. Almost every week we see another fight, another controversy and another crisis that incapacitates our city.  Garbage collection, broken equipment, repossessed copiers, broken sewers, Memorial Field, snow removal, bond rating,  and potholes everywhere. This all leads back to a lack of leadership, cooperation and competence.  It is just another episode in the sad reality show that is our Mt. Vernon elected leaders at work.

It’s one more week that proves that our system is broken. It will not be fixed by participants who have demonstrated that they cannot and will not work together.

As proud Mount Vernonites, we do not want to watch the dysfunction of our city government played out publicly on the news and social media.  This drama demoralizes the staff who work there, depresses all of us who live here and scares away businesses and investors who want to do business with the City of Mount Vernon.

I call on our Mayor, the City Council President and the Comptroller to set their egos aside and get to GOVERN THE CITY.

Mount Vernon deserves more and we expect more. On June 25th, we must usher in a new standard of leadership at City Hall. Mount Vernon must heal.  More importantly, we must aspire to collaborate and put the interests of the residents and welfare of Mount Vernon first.

We can no longer ignore the dysfunction.  We can no longer excuse the incompetence.  We must govern our City in a way that is responsive and responsible.  The time for change is NOW.

SOURCE: Shawyn Patterson-Howard Communications Director Sofia Quintanar.


eHeziMount Vernon Democratic Candidate for Mayor Shawyn Patterson Howard Statement: The Weekly Crisis

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  1. wasn’t the person listed as the “source”- Sofia booted from Yonkers for doing a terrible job on Assemblyman Nader’s campaign?

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