Mount Vernon Deputy Police Commissioner Fraida Hickson Pled Guilty to Credit Card Fraud

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MOUNT VERNON, NY — April 30, 2019 — The Yonkers Tribune today learned that Fraida Hickson on April 24, 2019 pled guilty to one count of credit card fraud before Judge Kenneth M. Karas. She admitted creating and using another person’s name to pay for plastic surgery.

The credit card fraud became evident back in 2017 to a woman who noticed that her credit score had dropped precipitously due to an unpaid balance of $20,465. The charges accrued showed charges to a New York City plastic surgeon. The woman, unidentified in court papers, informs that she had never applied for a CareCredit card that was applied for through Synchrony Bank, and online bank. 

Hickson will be sentenced on September 19th.

In the meanwhile, Hickson continues to be employed by the City of Mount Vernon and the issue is why?


eHeziMount Vernon Deputy Police Commissioner Fraida Hickson Pled Guilty to Credit Card Fraud

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  1. Is it true that there is a talk that if …

    HEZI’S Note: Your premise is way off the mark. If there is task as your suggest, someone is spinning BS. Should the person you mention can win in the race they have entered, there is no logic to them handing over such a win to someone else. It makes no sense as they would have four years ahead of them, possibly a 2nd term, even a third term.

    So, as you state, “I heard the powers struck this deal.”

    Ask the powers that struck this deal to validate their asssertion to you. I know they cannot and they are spinning a tale to undermine all those vying for the office you suggest has already been tampered with. It is all intende to undermine the various candidates for the office you suggest. It is a total falsehood.

    Please do not respond to this comment as any reference to the office they seek will not gain an additional response from me and will not be permitted to be posted.

    Kindly, Hezi

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