The City of Yonkers Releases the 2019 Budget Hearing Schedule

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YONKERS, NY — April 14, 2019 — The City of Yonkers 2019 Budget Hearing Schedule has been released!

This is your chance to let your voice be heard. As I said in last week’s newsletter, I will do my best to make this years budget process as transparent and accessible to you – the taxpayers – with live streams of the proceedings and multiple public hearings throughout Yonkers. If you can’t make it to one of the budget hearings, you can watch the proceedings by visiting our facebook page here.

Over the next few weeks, the Yonkers City Council will hold a number of meetings with the different departments and entities that make up the pieces of the puzzle of our great city – from Yonkers’ Fire and Police, to our Parks Department, and Yonkers Public Schools, among others – where they will present their budget requests for the upcoming fiscal year. We’re holding public hearings where you – the public – can tell your City Council Members what’s most important to you.

Please note that ALL hearings will be held in the City Council Chambers at City Hall unless otherwise noted.

As always, feel free to reach out to my office with any suggestions or concerns about how we can help to improve the quality of life of those who call Yonkers home. My office can be reached at 914-377-6060. You can also e-mail

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¡El calendario de audiencias del presupuesto de la Ciudad de Yonkers de 2019 ha sido publicado!

Esta es su oportunidad para que tu voz sea escuchada. Como dije en el boletín de la semana pasada, haré todo lo posible para que el proceso del presupuesto de este año sea transparente y accesible para ustedes, los contribuyentes, con transmisiones en vivo de las audiencias  y con varias audiencias públicas en todo Yonkers. Si no puede asistir a una de las audiencias de presupuesto, puede ver los procedimientos visitando nuestra página de Facebook aquí.

Durante las próximas semanas, el Ayuntamiento de la ciudad celebrará una serie de reuniones con los diferentes departamentos y entidades que conforman las piezas del rompecabezas de nuestra gran ciudad, desde Yonkers Bravest and Finest, hasta nuestro Departamento de Parques y escuelas públicas de Yonkers, entre otras, donde presentarán sus solicitudes de presupuesto. También celebraremos audiencias públicas en las que ustedes, el público, pueden decirles a los miembros del Consejo de la ciudad qué es lo más importante para ustedes.

Tenga en cuenta que TODAS las audiencias se llevarán a cabo en las oficinas del Ayuntamiento- “City Council Chambers” a menos que se indique lo contrario.

Como siempre, no dude en comunicarse a mi oficina con cualquier sugerencia o inquietud sobre cómo podemos ayudar a mejorar la calidad de vida de quienes llaman a Yonkers,  casa.

Puede comunicarse a mi oficina al 914-377-6060. También puede enviar un correo electrónico a



eHeziThe City of Yonkers Releases the 2019 Budget Hearing Schedule

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  1. Don’t forget the Democrats are all garbage also. Always pandering and always increasing our taxes with no responsibility but onto the city worker to work harder and have actual WORK practices. SpaNO is and has always been a republican. Do you remember when he stepped down as Assemblyman to look after the kids, when he was outed as working for Patricia Lynch and associates lobbying for Ridge Hill. Then guess who gets the biggest cut of the red light cameras? Bet you can never guess?

  2. It is wonderful the budget hearings are being publicized on FB live. In the spirit of full transparency, the relevant dept budget material should be shared as well. You can’t follow along without seeing the material that’s being discussed. Not having this material puts the public at a disadvantage to challenge and question.

  3. How can the public comment on all of the departments if all of the department presentations have not been had yet? Especially 2 big ticket items where there are HUGE room for cuts and questions about their spending, the police and DPW.

    This process is all a sham. Same nonsense every year with all dept, heads saying very little and the council pretending to ask HARD questions…NOT.

    Spano socked the public with the 6.8% tax increases last year as he could not get away with it in a year when he is illegally with the rubber stamping of the council breaking the will of the people by ignoring term limits

    1. Spano couldn’t have gotten his 6.8% increase without Breen, Merante, and Rubbo. This is theater. Shame on all of them. And Yonkers still has the highest municipal payroll in the state outside of NYC.

      1. All of City Council makes me sick, but especially the Republicans, because I believed in them.

        Breen, Mereante and Rubbo have NO backbone. They are totally fake, liars, and in politics to totally serve themselves. Breen has been sucking off City for years. Rubbo has IDA for his brewery and got his family jobs with the city and solicits business on city time. They are all welfare recipients of our tax dollars. $$$ Merante is a bumbling idiot, can’t believe he’s a CPA. Someone took the test for him!!! And then we have the Tubiolo’s! Father and son, what a deceptive self serving pair they are!

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