The Hezitorial Absurdity of Mount Vernon Corporation Counsel Porcari May Soon Be Forced to Step Down

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Mount Vernon NY Corporation Counsel Lawrence A. Porcari, Jr., Esq.

MOUNT VERNON, NY — April 9, 2019 — People with knowledge inform the Yonkers Tribune that Mount Vernon Corporation Counsel Lawrence A. Porcari, Jr.’s career may come to a grinding halt within days. Porcari’s legal capacity was never stellar, and worse, even when the likes of Hon. Justice Susan Cacace ruled that Comptroller Deborah Reynolds must turn over control of paying for services rendered to vendors supply the city, Reynolds continues to scoff at the court’s directive. Porcari’s conduct has been complacent as opposed to being pro-active in updating Justice Cacace of Reynold’s continuing recalcitrance. There was a time when the scuttlebutt was that Porcari was hired to protect Mayor Richard Thomas at the behest of Joesph Spiezio III. Porcari was at one time a Yonkers Corporation Counsel alleged to have have been conflicted because he was also a confidante / stooge of Joseph Spiezio, III.

Mount Vernonites will not soon forget that The Dole Senior Center ran out of toilet paper because the vendor was not paid. Similar concerns, both minimally intrusive as well as enormously intrusive may visit Mount Vernon’s capacity to function. If Porcari is incapable of returning to Justice Cacace’s Courtroom to update the Honorable Justice that her past ruling directing Comptroller Reynolds to turn over capacity to pay vendors to Mayor Richard Thomas has not been faithfully abided, then he must step down immediately. By not informing Justice Cacace proactively, Porcari has assisted in undermining Justice Cacace’s rule of law, and the capacity of the City of Mount Vernon’s capacity to function because vendors have yet to be paid. How much longer can Mount Vernon stall from paying its vendors before the vendors have no capacity to continue to supply Mount Vernon With services?

Porcari’s timid approach has only exacerbated the City of Mount Vernon’s travails. Mount Vernon Corporation Counsel Laurence A. Porcari, Jr., Esq., has undermined Mount Vernon’s capacity to function. Porcari must be forced to step down for his incompetence. 


eHeziThe Hezitorial Absurdity of Mount Vernon Corporation Counsel Porcari May Soon Be Forced to Step Down

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  1. Mayor Thomas is the worst and surrounded himself with liars and losers. His siblings have bogus companies, claim they’re native American, collect section 8 (while driving a benz) and are torturing the YPS. These people and their nepotism gotta go. More of the same corruption, claiming to help the people. They only care about lining their pockets. Indict them all

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