Three Contenders for Yonkers City Council District 3 Survive Court Challenges and Thereby Can Sustain Their Respective Campaign Efforts

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WHITE PLAINS, NY and YONKERS, NY — It was Wednesday, April 24, 2019th when three disparate contenders vying to represent Yonkers City Council District 3 were themselves or their legal counsel present at Hon. Supreme Court Justice William J. Giacomo’s Courtroom. 

Yonkers City Council District 3 aspirant AloSubomi MacCauley faced a challenge to the legitimacy of the petitions garnered on her behalf by fellow opponent Tasha Diaz.  Ms. MacCauley was represented by Legal Counsel. I did not hear his name. Legal Counsel Michael Calvi, Esq., represented Yonkers City Council District 3 contender Tasha Diaz.

Yonkers City Democratic Committee designee Dennis Robertson’s garnered petition signatures were also being challenged. Legal Counsel Larry Sykes, Esq., representing Yonkers City Council District 3 opponent Tasha Diaz questioned the legitimacy of some of the petition signatories that ascribed their respective names in support of Mr. Robertson. Mr. Robertson chose to “represent himself”.

Upon hearing the issues and concerns  offered by Mr. Calvi, Esq., and Mr. Larry Sykes, Esq., each were asked By Hon. Justice Giacomo if they could substantiate their allegations to the Court by Friday, April 26, 2019. Each lawyer advised they could abide by the Court’s request.

The proceedings on Wednesday were attended by Westchester County Board of Elections (WCBoE) Commissioner Reginald LaFayette (Democrat) and fellow Commissioner Douglas Colety (Republican), among WCBoE staff members.

Hon. Justice Giacomo advised Mr. Calvi to stand before him in readiness on Friday, April 26th at 10am. Mr. Sykes was to attend the Court in readiness at 2pm of the same day.

On Friday, at 10am, Mr. Calvi advised the Hon. Giacomo that of some 26 names ascribed to petitions on behalf of Ms. AloSubomi, alleged to be invalid for one reason or another, yet none of those persons alleging such conduct were able or willing to attend the Court at 10am Friday morning. And so Mr. Calvi withdrew his contention due to a lack of individuals coming forward with their respective allegations. Ms. AloSubomi survived the challenge. Her campaign effort will be judged by voters participating in the June 25, 2019th Democratic Primary.

The discourse engaged by Hon. Justice Giacomo and Mr. Calvi ended so quickly that the Hon. Justice Giacomo requested whether Mr. Sykes could attend the court in sufficient time for his allegations to be heard before Hon. Justice Giacomo was required to hear a case that was slated for 11am that morning. 

Mr. Sykes was located representing another client on another case in the White Plains Supreme Court building. This reporter was expecting to hear the issues against Mr. Robertson at 2:00pm but it was moved up to 1pm in light of Hon. Justice Giacomo concluding the case before him sooner than expected and Mr. Sykes also available to attend the Court at 1pm.

Limping back to Hon. Justice Giacomo’s Court I spied a figure from the back I could not help but recognize, still there was a possibility I was wrong. But he wore a full length Camel colored coat that matched his reddish hair. Not being able to step up my gait in order to catch up with this unknown man, I sensed I was right when I saw this man enter Hon. Judge Giacomo’s Court. It was Liam McLaughlin, Legal Counsel, and former Yonkers City Council President.

I was pleased to see him since he last served as Council President. Mr. McLaughlin revealed himself to Hon. Justice Giacomo that he was representing Mr. Robertson.

Redhead Liam McLaughlin, and Dennis Robertson with Black hair sitting to his right.

And so the Court beseeched Mr. Sykes to present his challenge. Within minutes Mr. McLaughlin noted that the allegations described by Mr. Sykes were not those originally presented as objections to the Westchester County Board of Elections and therefore could not now be admitted to disqualify those signatures as they were not initially so noted. In other words, the allegations had to stay as they were originally defined and could not be redefined after the initial time to note these issues. The case noted by Mr. McLaughlin was a 2017 decision which has since been upheld in six disparate cases. Hon. Justice Giacomo seemed unfamiliar with the case or simply wanted to review the law. Perhaps 15 minutes or so later Hon. Justice Giacomo concurred that the ruling was indeed applicable. One was not permitted to go back to redefine the original comprehension of what was assumed then from what may be judged thereafter.

It was that very ruling that undermined the issues that Mr. Sykes could bring forward since the initial appraisal of the names thought to be invalidated by additional deficiencies could not be entered. Mr. Robertson’s capacity to maintain his effort will therefore await the voters’ decision at the ballot box. It will likely be a cliffhangar.

The challenge now may be as simple and/or as complicated as getting out the vote. No other challengers will come before this contest from any other party line. The takeaway is that the winner in the June 25, 2019th primary is the next Yonkers City Council District 3 Councilmember.




eHeziThree Contenders for Yonkers City Council District 3 Survive Court Challenges and Thereby Can Sustain Their Respective Campaign Efforts

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  1. Wow, out of nowhere the redhead shows up! Dennis must have been running scared and called the Mayor for help. One hand washes the other. Is Liam lining up support for a run at becoming mayor or is he looking for a judgeship?

  2. I love how some in this site speak about a rift between khader and Spano but if you were in the know, you would know that they are working very closely and have developed a good working relationship working for the betterment of the city.

  3. “…garnered on her behalf by fellow opponent Tasha Diaz.”

    This is confusing – it reads as if Diaz was collecting petitions for MacCauley.

    1. Thanks for clearing it up for those who surmised that Diaz had collected signatures on behalf of MacCauley; that was not the case.

    2. I don’t doubt it , when she knocked she wasn’t only talking about her campaign. Maybe she only asked certain individuals close to her for that support. I can smell the corruption !

  4. Federal Government has now got to step in.
    It is obvious the collusion here.
    Can anyone explain how this is allowed to all play on and on ?
    Lock them Up !

  5. Spano’s need to understand that Khader will occupy the Office of the Mayor one day ! John defeated Nicky and Z defeated Liam.

    1. No, there was a young man, I suspect an intern of some kind who was helping Mr Sykes with the paperwork. I do not think he was a lawyer.

        1. Just ask Liam how it was to be beaten down by 2000 votes lol Then Mikey packed up fast at Liam’s camp and headed over to the Winner.

  6. Spano must of been absent from high school when they were teaching history, Spano , our founding fathers created 3 forms of government,
    It was designed as a check and balance!
    You want to control everything, besides it being a crime , it’s a dictatorship Mussolini, Hussein, Hitler
    that’s not what Yonkers wants..

  7. You couldn’t make this stuff up. McLaughlin is clearly not yet over his 2017 pummelling against Mike Khader. He isn’t only working in cahoots with Robertson because they are “birds of a feather” but because Robertson is just another taxpayer-subsidized vehicle for Liam back into City Hall.

    Check the most recent minor party registrations going back to last Spring and Liam is predictably the common denominator. It’s clear that McLaughlin is banking on Robertson to stonewall the rest of Khader’s first term. This will be possible if he gets on the Council and a once reliable Democratic vote which came in the form of Sabatino will go to the ideologically anodyne Robertson, who has historically espoused conservative views. Who are we kidding, Robertson is a Democrat in name only. McLaughlin is also preparing for another citywide run, it is not a matter of “if” rather than “when”. This race will have enormous ramifications for years to come if Tom and Justin have it their way. Not to mention the quid pro quo arranged with David Tubiolo, who has even gone as far as arranging town halls with Senator Biaggi in an attempt to play up his progressive politics before the switch (Nice try David, Biaggi is well aware of the little shell game going on here. Unlike you, she isn’t beholden to mommy and daddy. She will support your primary opponent).

    Robertson 100% will form a pseudo “IDC” at the municipal level in the City of Yonkers and use his swing vote to secure a more financially advantageous position for himself. Subomi is nothing but a spoiler in this election, who has spent more time regurgitating talking points about the President or posing with her female pilot in an attempt to appease local Indivisible groups than learning about where her district ends or begins.

    Mike Khader needs his coalition to come out hard in support of Tasha Diaz. His tenure as City Council President and his political future could very well depend on it.

    1. Lets just say even if Tasha wins what makes you think she will support khader? Lets go one further lets say terrence miller wins you think he will support khader? Maybe in the beginning khader will get some support and be able to garner tops 3 votes including himself,it will be a matter of time before they realize they can’t get anything done without mayors approval,they will all fall in line and kiss up to the mayor take that to the bank its been proven look at breen larkin and now merrante the mayor will prevail and khader will have his tail in between his legs.

      1. Ok Vinny and Tommy go back to bed now.

        And Rubbo let’s see what happens to you in 2 years. District 3 is just the beginning. After 2021 you will be pouring beer full time.

        If the mayor is against Khader maybe Khader should support Terrence to weaken the mayor.

  8. So tasha has a ex con running her campaign and a lawyer that did time for payoffs….tells you a lot about her character……

    1. Tasha Diaz is one of the most generous and benevolent people that I have the privilege of knowing. She is a true public servant helping all those in need. She doesn’t blow her own horn or advertise her good deeds. I admire her greatly for the character that she displays on a daily basis.

      Jeff Meyer
      Tuckahoe, NY

      1. Diaz will be the worst candidate only people from Yonkers who really know her will attest to that along with dealing with people who did payoffs and a ex con running her campaign she’s not a very truthful individual everything is for benefit in the worst way’s.

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