Town Hall Meeting on Fleetwood Issues – April 17, 2019th With County Board Legislator David Tubiolo and NYS Senator Alessandra Biaggi

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eHeziTown Hall Meeting on Fleetwood Issues – April 17, 2019th With County Board Legislator David Tubiolo and NYS Senator Alessandra Biaggi

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  1. As a lifelong Democrat I plan on working tirelessly to challenge David Tubiolo in two years, SHAME on Yonkers Democrats for giving Tubiolo a free ride. I will vote for Karen Beltran in June and hope for Regime change..
    Meier and his gang must go !!

  2. Tubiolo- you are a loser. Get out of your mothers basement and be a man and stand for something. You switch parties like a softy. I would call you a dog for your parents but I don’t want to give you that satisfaction. You are more of a stuffed puppet.

    Let’s see how you do a Democratic primAry next cycle

    1. Post

      You are on target. Justin Tubiolo, David’s father and Yonkers City Republican Chair worked out a non-aggression pact by affording one-time Republican, now chaining Democrat party leanings Dennis Robertson, running as the Yonkers City Democrat Party designee for Yonkers City Councilman vying to service District three gained the Republican line as well. By being in the Democrat and Republican lines on June 25th, with no Republican Primary challenger, but a few challengers on the Democratic line, Robertson believes his candidacy will sustain his viability even if he should lose the Democratic Primary challenge. that is the backdrop. Tubiolo, lacking creativity, admiring his predecessor Bernice Spreckman is following her example and will stand in the June 25th primary unopposed and thereby is expected to win and will go on to enter the November contest unopposed. Upon winning the November election Tubiolo will change party affiliation. The takeaway is elementary, it is all about Tubiolo, David and Justin, and nothing more. if anything may be said about politics, it is that those the inquisitive, knowing the backdrop will likewise conclude that the election is all about them and nothing o do with public service. If only a legitimate candidate would be revealed. I won’t go there because I am nit delusional. But the question remains why does Yonkers continue to elect those who have a legacy of doing nothing to serve the constituents they assert they do. If it is otherwise, who may educate us about County Legislator Tubiolo that has benefitted the constituents residing in this westchester County Legislative District. I want to hear all about his accomplishments to which I know of not one.

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