Will Yonkers City Hall Succeed in Guiding Yonkers’ Election Results in Their Favor in 2019?

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Yonkers Political Extortions and Analysis Hezitorial

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YONKERS, NY — April 28, 2019 — The uninformed Yonkersite would be apoplectic if they had even an inkling of what is taking place behind their backs. Last Yonkers heard, the City of Yonkers (CoY) was facing a deficit of some  $17-$18 million dollars they designated as specific to the Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE) whereas Yonkers City Hall asserted they were even or balanced of the City Hall side. Yet lest anyone forget, the CoY and the YBoE are tied at the hip. The YBoE is a dependent public school system and funds are funneled to the YBoE through the Office of Finance Commissioner John Liszewski. Recognizing that the Yonkers Board of Education Board of Trustees are appointed by Mayor Mike Spano, it is incongruous that Yonkers Public School Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada has yet to create a balanced budget that conforms to educational need, inclusive of teaching staff, and ancillary workers. Sadly, Mayor Mike Spano has not reigned in the excesses of the Department of the Yonkers Board of Education. 

When one recognizes that every $3 million shortfall requires a 1% tax increase or a commensurate number of staff being laid-off if one accepts the $18million shortfall that figure is equivalent to a 6 percent tax increase. But even the numbers are smoke screens. They are intentioned only to create a yearly drama that turns Yonkersites’ stomach sour. Insted, we learn that CoY has budgeted a tax increase of 3.5%. The discrepancy  is neither acknowledged or validated. Perhaps that is because there will be a 6% increase in the water bill.

Those are the con-games played to befuddle minds of people unfamiliar with budgets, as well as to not reveal the long list of nuisance taxes that exact a heavy and burdensome toll onto the taxpayer. This ploy has been proven effective for decades because the lone critics who reveal the salient figures, are challenged by City Hall employees and their sycophants in their employ by words only, never revealing the game plan afoot.

Let’s discover what most people don’t know about the State of the City.

This is complicated. If you are a taxpayer you best know what you are paying for and why.

Let’s speak truth to power … Yonkers City Councilmember Corazón Pineda-Isaac (D-2) gained employment with Westchester County government. She is permitted to maintain her City Council District seat as it has been judged there is no conflict of interest in working for Westchester County Government and representing  District 2 on the Yonkers City Council. The Yonkers Tribune has learned that Ms.Pineda-Isaacs’ sister has been hired to work in the Office of Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. Whether the sister is qualified or not is a moot issue. She did not need to take or pass an exam. She was simply appointed to the responsibilities she will be expected to undertake. It would seem simple enough, yet in reality, it is most complex.

Mayor Mike Spano can best be described as a Republican, who chose to become a Democrat when it seemed the political winds were changing. Some people were offended, but most accepted his political philosophy because changing party affiliation was a prudent move on his part. While the Spano name was always entrenched in the Republican landscape, becoming a Democrat was accepted after the initial shock value had subsided. It is well known that Yonkersites have in the past tended to be Democrats albeit Conservative/Republican in their leanings.

Politics has changed of late, perhaps more so than ever in the past 5 years, although the changes have been occurring for some 25 to 35 years. It is no longer political dogma that drives the equation, instead it is ethnicity. With respect to Yonkers, the Hispanic community has moved into Yonkers, made it their home, and are on a trajectory that has evolved from subsistence to prospering and achieving political clout in the process. And that is all well and good.

Were Mike Spano a businessman employing people in various capacity for his business, there would be no issue. But it is a major issue and concern when the Mayor of the City of Yonkers hires a relative of a sitting Councilmember, specifically the sister of Councilmember Corazón Pineda-Isaac with the taxpayer footing the bill. Mind you, this issue is not a one-off concern.

The incident took place a few years ago when Yonkers Councilmember Michael Sabatino, now the Majority Leader, who  demanded a job for his husband Robert Voorheis. Mr. Voorheis was working for then New York State Assemblymember Shelley Mayer, now New York State Senator, for a sum of $35,000 per annum. When Mayor Spano agreed to hire Mr. Voorheis for $70,000 per annum, that was not good enough for Councilman Sabatino; he demanded $80,000. The extortion worked. Mr. Voorheis now works for the Yonkers Department of Human Resources.

When now Yonkers Majority Leader Michael Sabatino decided not to run for re-election for a third term, for which he voted affirmatively, he knew, because he demanded it, that he would be employed by the Office of Mayor Mike Spano for a sum of at minimum $110,000 to $120,000 or even more.

There was a conflict to which Majority Leader Sabatino did not recuse himself when he voted to extend term limits. He knew he was already allegedly bought and paid for by way of a Mano- a-Mano agreement with Mayor Mike Spano.

In both the case of  Councilmember Corazón Pineda-Isaac and Majority Leader Michael Sabatino, they will each vote for Mayor Mike Spano’s proposed FY2019~2020 Budget. They should both recuse themselves because they are employed by Mayor Spano at the taxpayer’s expense, but as revealed herein, their allegiance and loyalty resides squarely with the Mayor who has employed Ms. Pineda’s sister, and Mr.Sabatino’s husband, Robert Voorheis.

But there is more. Councilmember Pineda-Isaac has been courted by the left-leaning Democrats, better known as the Indivisibles, toward which Ms. Pineda-Isaac was leaning. When Mayor Spano recognized or believed that the Hispanic vote may sway the election from him, he capitulated by offering Ms. Pineda-Isaac employment for her sister, believing it would sway the Hispanic voter to cast their votes in greater numbers for him rather than a Hispanic candidate by the name of a Karen Beltran.

The takeaway is simple. Councilmember Pineda-Isaac and Majority Leader Sabatino will do as they are told while maintaining their respective seats on the Yonkers City Council on behalf of Mayor Mike Spano; the voter be damned.

But there is still more, approximately 30 positions have been allocated in the upcoming Proposed  Mayor’s Budget for FY2019-2020. Contemplate $100,000 per employee position allocated. Multiply by 30. The total is equivalent to $3 million dollars which equals a burden of 1% more on the taxpayer’s back.

It does seem as though Yonkers City Hall has all the bases covered, except of course for the Yonkers Tribune, presuming of course that someone is reading the acid-tongued bloggers of the Yonkers Tribune. 

I wonder what Governor Cuomo would say if he knew what was going on in Yonkers?

# # #

Psst. Yonkers Tribune is informed by Yonkers City Hallers that the same 5 people maintain their presence on our webpages, no more. Sadly, I must admit when City Hall says it is so, it is so! Or is it?

In order to keep those 5 City Hallers entertained, I will delve into The Westchester County Legislative District 17 race in coming days.

# # #

Those in contention for LD17 are Lucy Casanova Moreno, José Alvarado, and London Reyes.

NOTE: It is recognizable that there is little creative input into the con games played. The people change at times, the circumstances, as well. When the curtain falls it is just like it was years ago, except more audacious in its execution.

eHeziWill Yonkers City Hall Succeed in Guiding Yonkers’ Election Results in Their Favor in 2019?

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  1. Maybe if they weren’t busy cheating on their wives l (Westchester School of special children) , (Spano fuel), etc. etc. etc. the Spano’s could focus on bettering the city.

  2. Hezi,
    Can you find out when the Mayor is planning to present the annual State of the City to Yonkers residents? It was suppose to happen in March, but was cancelled due to budget negotiations with Albany.

    Here we are now in May and haven’t heard even a whisper as to when, or if, it will happen. Taxpayers need to know, especially with primary coming up in June.

    Thank you!

  3. Oh that’s right!! It’s the mayor’s fault a young girl was shot!! U idiot!! Don’t you dare put politics into this tragedy!! Jerkoff!!

    Keep hating! It doesn’t work. Keep up the good work Mayor and ignore the selfish scum out there.

    1. More terrible tragedies and bad press on shootings in last few months!! Crime stats in Yonkers are a fraud. Great way to entice millenials to come to Yonkers. And what benefit is that anyway?! What a joke!!! The entire strategy is wrong.

      Yonkers is not the new Brooklyn. At this rate, Yonkers is the new Bed-Sty!!!!

      Mr Mayor you need to work on the city, improve quality of life issues, focus on schools and forget big developers, unless they pay their fair share with verifiable results. The people of this city deserve so much better.

      1. Sounded like they are targeting millennials that don’t shop, eat or work here. Therefore the residents of Yonkers just have to suck it up or move. No questions about the potential need of more fire, police, and school to accommodate the fast growing city.

  4. Eileen? Lol you really think Corazón is scared of Eileen? Who is she anyway? Where has she been all these years? She comes out of the woodwork at 65 years old. I blame the Mayor for appointing her to his committee in first place. She obviously has no loyalty.

    1. The mayor is making nice in the sandbox with Indivisible. Smart move to give her a Women’s History Month award and appoint her to his advisory board. Next thing he will be offering Eileen and Elizabeth a job, just like he bought off Michael Sabatino and his husband and join the swamp.

  5. I’m surprised at Corazón Pineda, She always stood up for the residents of Yonkers. It’s amazing how the politicians get bought off so easily.


    1. Getting rid of the City Council is best! No need for any of them. We the people should vote on any issue that effects our lives.

  6. The Definition of Spano = Cronyism is the practice of partiality in awarding jobs and other advantages to friends, family relatives or trusted colleagues, especially in politics and between politicians and supportive organizations.[1] For instance, this includes appointing “cronies” to positions of authority, regardless of their qualifications.[2]

    Cronyism exists when the appointer and the beneficiary such as an appointee are in social or business contact. Often, the appointer needs support in his or her own proposal, job or position of authority, and for this reason the appointer appoints individuals who will not try to weaken his or her proposals, vote against issues, or express views contrary to those of the appointer. Politically, “cronyism” is derogatorily used to imply buying and selling favors, such as: votes in legislative bodies, as doing favors to organizations, giving desirable ambassadorships to exotic places, etc.

  7. I went to the mayors birthday event. Hundreds of people were there including every union being except 628 who i didn’t happen to see.

    Mayor wins easily

  8. Corazon is about the money, Indivisible. She was your bright hope for Virginia’s seat. But she decided to keep the free car, her job with Latimer and get a job with for her sister. Never voted a day in her life when Virginia found her in the Bronx, told her to smile and repeat the same pat answer to every debate question against Wilson in order to win.

    1. Post
  9. The circus will begin this week at the city council.
    Khader is going to put on a good show, in the end he will vote for the budget and say how great Mayor Spano is lol.
    Shanae is Spano, enough for Miller to defeat her.
    Corazón a real disappointment.
    Sabatino is a waste, Yonkers can’t wait till his term ends.
    Rubbo is lost in the wilderness, he’s torn by his principles and the corrupt
    Breen, a Republican in name only, bought and paid by Spano.
    Merante, after his last budget vote, he should get his head examined

    1. Rubbo

      They are Spano sycophants. They will do whatever Spano wants.
      Khader is the anti-Spano. He is just as corrupt. Nick is pulling Spano’s strings and Johnie Limo is puller Khader’s strings.

      Sabatio is waiting for his $110K county job to pad his pension.
      Shanae is a party girl.

  10. What you fail to write is the entire City’s Council is comprised! Brought and paid for! Rubbo’s brother John was hired by the Mayor and has a job with the DPW. Breen has both his kids employed as YOnkers Police Officers. I believe his wife is also employed by COY. Shanae as we all know was the Mayors scheduler. Merante…. that one I am not sure of but he is very cocky with his win by 12 votes? I am sure he is lining up a job for his son or his daughters boyfriend who is in his first year of college. Ironically, that kids stepfather works for the Parks Dept. We can spend all day connecting the dots but bottom line is the checks and balance is broken and brought and paid for by our Mafia Mayor. Let’s see how the story unfolds in our upcoming election. Again, we have a chose between the lesser of two evils….. only time will tell!

    1. This is all sadly TRUE. The opportunity for a resident of Yonkers to work for the city of Yonkers is greatly minimized because of the mayor using both nepotism and cronyism. What’s even sadder is everyone knows!!!!! Take some advice and STOP HIRING YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY, ACQUAINTANCES, ETC. Give people who are MORE DESERVING the chance instead of creating the “Yonkers Cult of Idiots.” Half these people aren’t even fully qualified nor deserve the jobs given to them. The taxes continue to go up as so do these lousy people’s salaries. How about putting the money in the right places?… to the people of Yonkers who truly deserve it!! Must be nice to live in the lap of luxury with summer homes in Florida etc etc while the people who live in Yonkers, who they claim to care about and promise the world, empty their pockets, living bill to bill with horrible schools, gangs, and can I say a million potholes! I’ve never seen such a city that can’t fix their roads but can make a job opening for their family member… quite pathetic. May I also add, to change the charter for him to serve a 3rd term is INSANITY! Just because he is waiting for a state seat to open up doesn’t mean he is deserving to work another term. I hope someone else can be voted in to clean up the corruption that Spano created.

  11. Interesting… I think Vinny Spano delivered the job for her. He is the real mayor in Yonkers and Corazon knows that.

    Editor’s Note: The balance of the comment herein in unsubstantiated. thanks for understanding. Kindly, Hezi

  12. The Indivisibles and Unions are the reason Corazón won re-election. They are supporting Karen Beltran, I can’t imagine Corazón will sellout for a job.

    1. Post

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