1199SEIU Endorses Councilmember Shanae Williams for Re-election To Yonkers City Council District 1

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Yonkers City Councilmember Shanae V. Williams represents Council District 1.

YONKERS, NY – May 17, 2019 — Councilmember Shanae Williams yesterday earned the support of Local 1199 of the Service Employees International Union. With more than 300,000 members in the New York metropolitan area, the union represents a large portion of the working families in Yonkers’ City Council District 1. 1199SEIU and its members have an unmatched reputation in supporting candidates who advocate for workers and the issues important to them.

“I am honored to receive 1199SEIU’s endorsement,” said Councilmember Williams. “I have been a friend of labor throughout my tenure on the city council. I will continue to work with leaders like 1199SEIU to protect workers in Yonkers. It is a privilege to have the support of an organization whose values so closely align with mine.”

As a family member of 1199ers, Shanae has a connection with the union; she’s stood on picket lines and, with every opportunity, fought for the rights of workers.

“Our healthcare workers are looking for candidates who will work for their interests. Shanae Williams is one of those people. On the Yonkers City Council, she has been an asset to working families,” said Gabby Seay, 1199SEIU’s Political Director. “We look forward to continuing our work with her.”


eHezi1199SEIU Endorses Councilmember Shanae Williams for Re-election To Yonkers City Council District 1

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  1. I hope Miller wins. Shanae is too much of a Spano kiss ass. She listens to Spano and Spano’s people like a dog. She is basically a lap dog for the administration.

    1. Money makes the world go around. If the Black community had a PAC with money and Symra was an effective ward leader, Shanae wouldn’t have to do whatever her benefactor, Daddy Warbucks Spano says. Symra couldn’t even get Mark on the ballot.

  2. Rona needs to stop tossing back the bottles of booze. She completely out of control with no filter. No one had the balls to tell her to sit down, shut up and stop being obnoxious. Karen Schullere couldn’t take the mic away from Rona at the HRCA dinner. She is a public embarrassment. The other writer is correct, Rona is a politically irrelevant.

  3. Good for Shanae….I agree with a lot of what the Indivisible folks say but I’m not totally with them..and this is why. This young lady is learning…she is working at it. The Indivisible folks have the same problem as Trump. They are very good at telling us what is wrong…but I’m waiting for their solutions. I don’t see them.

    And why go against this young lady?

    1. You failed to mention that former two term loser of a President B. Obama who did absolutely nothing in 8 yrs in office.

    2. She is a puppet for Spano, that’s an indisputable fact! She was handpicked for the seat and her allegiance to Spano is steadfast. She proved that in her vote to extend term limits, while the vast majority of her constituents were against such a change. She chose to overturn the will of the people and by doing so conveyed her weak moral character. She does not deserve a seat on the Council as she is NOT a representative for the people!

  4. Rona has passed her prime, she’s unable to pick winner’s.
    After this election she’ll be working in the animal shelter.

    1. F–k the indivisibles! Where were they before Trump? Living in their ivory towers looking down at anyone who wasn’t as wealthy and/or educated as they were and doing nothing. F–king boomers. Everything that is wrong with this county is their fault. They ran around smoking dope and preaching about free love and the environment. Look at this country under their watch. It speaks for itself. They all should be ashamed. Now they want to get involved. Losers. All of them!

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